Rhinoplasty Nightmare

Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to get...

Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to get a nose job. I never liked my nose, it was too big, too wide and I always knew I could look better. I was always teased as a kid cause of my nose and that brought a lot of insecurities. Every day I wished I could get a rhinoplasty to fix my nose, because I knew I could get a nose that suits my face better. All I wanted was my tip refined, my nostrils to look smaller and maybe an implant for my nose. Well I finally got my wish, when my mother decided to make my longtime wish come true and it actually became a nightmare.

After three rhinoplasty, my nose still looks the same as I came in the doctors door 2 years ago. I don't know If I should get another revision with the same doctor, another doctor or just accept that my nose won't get better. I've seen better nose jobs on african americans which I love the results, but mine seems to keep getting worse and worse, what should I do? I know my nose can look better.

Hi, how did you know your goretex implant got infected? I feel like my got bigger, is that a sign? I want mine taken out but i'm just too scared to get a more botched nose:( i kind of miss my natural nose.... Btw i like the way your nose looks now:)
I noticed because it started getting bigger and a little bit red around the tip area. My surgeon checked me and agreed that indeed it was infected. It has passed atleast 2 years since my implant was removed and I do agree that it has gotten a lot better. I still would get it done again because the tip got a little bit scarred because of the implant and it is still big.
All hope is not lost yet! You really need to look at the brighter side of life just like me.This is my 7th week after my rhinoplasty in india and i' ve never felt this way my intire life but thank GOD,i've already found a great surgeon who will make my dreams come true.pls do check out his website(www.kofi boahene .com)i stongly believe that he's a gift to all AFRICANS.My revision rhinoplasty is in december in ghana since he comes home once every year.it is a blessings to us since african nose job is said to be more complicated than that of the white folks.contact me through this ******@*****.com.pls dont ever give up on you nose!
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