New Nose Soon! (I hope)

Okey So I've always wanted to beta nose job, but...

Okey So I've always wanted to beta nose job, but decide last year that I wanted to actually go through with it. So I started searching for a good doctor but I still haven't found the "perfect" doctor yet, well I've contacted doctor Grigoryants. His before and after pictures looks so good and that's actually just what I want.

I want a new nose noooow!! :)


Good luck with your search. You're so beautiful already.
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Aww thank u so much! :D
Thanks for starting your story here! Do you have any profile photos you can post so we can visualize what you're describing. The two photos you posted are really pretty and flattering. :)

Please keep us posted on your journey!
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Okey, so some of u wanted to see my nose from the side.


Thank u! I just posted a photo! :)

consultation tomorrow

I know i'm posting a lot of photos of myself, but I want u to see my nose and how ugly it is. Lol

Btw i'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, what should I ask him about? :)

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consultation today

So I went to see a surgeon today, but I wasn't very happy with the how my nose would look after the surgery.. Sooo now i have to look for another doctor!

I've emailed dr grigoryants like 2-3 times but he never replied!!


Sorry to hear about your disappointment with the consult. I hope Dr. G will respond to your email soon. I heard he's a very busy surgeon.
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I know he is really busy, but I want him to look at my nose u know :/ I've seen so many good results on hear by him!

Closed vs open

What is the difference between closed and open rhino? Which is the best, lol


You are so pretty! Best of luck!
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Aww thank u so much! Means a lot!!
Email him at that is his personal email. Don't go with anyone else, he is the best. Only do a closed rhino.
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Just wanted to upload a picture of what I want my nose to look like


you are still pretty though :) good luck with the decision you make!
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Aww thank you! Means a lot :D
Have you heard from Dr. Grigoryants yet? I know you said you had emailed him.
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You are really pretty! I don´t think your nose is ugly, but I know how it feels to hate your own nose. I have got a real iranian-nose from my father. I am thinking about Dr. G, but i´m not sure yet. Have you talked to Dr. G? :-)
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