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I always disliked my nose because of a small bump...

I always disliked my nose because of a small bump and my tip was too bulbous. It also had a "hanging" appearance. Finally, after years of thinking about it, I actually went to a few consultations. This plastic surgeon immediately stood out among the other ones I had seen. He was very friendly, nice and down to earth and most importantly knowledgable and confident. He made me feel beautiful even without the surgery and pointed out what he could change about my nose. I immediately knew I would have the surgery done by him. Then, because of my busy work and school schedule, I had to put the surgery off for a few months. I had another consult to see the doctor and show him pictures of noses I really liked.

Finally, the day had come! I was soooooo nervous but the nurses and the doctor were so nice and put me at ease. They made me feel comfortable and before I knew it, I was out of surgery. The week of recovery was long because I did not go out and stayed home all day. However, the pain was minimal and before I knew it, the cast/splints were off. This was probably the worst part of the procedure but it was done in split seconds so nothing to worry about. Although my nose was really swollen and even the doctor was like "its going to be really weird/swollen looking" I still loved it!!!! My profile was dramatically improved without looking fake, the tip was swollen but I could see a slight difference. My nose looked great even though it was 1 week post op. I was able to go out in public after 10 days because of bruises around my eyes.

I saw my mom and sister about 2 weeks post op and they couldnt tell what had changed on my face, but said I looked very pretty. I loved that it looked good and didnt look fake. I am now 5 weeks post op and sooooo happy with the results thus far. My tip is becoming more defined and I love the profile. I feel so much more confident! I cant wait to see it after a few more months. This doctor is definitely one of the best in Los Angeles and I have recommended him to my friends who are looking into rhinoplasty.

I will post pictures ASAP.

Can't wait to see the pictures!!

Photo Update

Amazing amazing amazing absolutely amazing! I'm so happy for you, your nose looks sooo said that the doctors price range stays about $7,000-8,500?if you don't mind me do you know that? Do you know that because of other people? My nose would be thinning of just my tip and also making my profile a little prbably not a tool complicated procedure....I am from Ny, so does the doctor have a good reputation?the pictures on his website look really much did he charge you just for the nose, minus the blood work and all that?
PleAse let me know....I would appreciate any information ...I'm in love with your nose, you hav the best nose here on this website!
wow your nose looks great!!! you totally have a cute kim kardashian nose :))) Your nose before wasn't bad at all.. but you can definitely tell a difference in your after pictures. I am 8 days Cast removal Post-OP and my nose is still so swollen. I feel like It still looks the same in the front. I had my bump shaved down as well and it is obvious that it is gone. I had him narrow the bridge of my nose too...but I'm just getting discouraged because I hope it is still just swollen when you look at me from the front view...

How long did it take for you to start seeing the results that you wanted? I'm guessing a couple of months?

Thanks!! :)
Hi there!

Don't worry!!! It took about 2-3 months for me to finally see the results I wanted. Are you taping your nose at night? I found that helped w the swelling. Do not be discouraged! Everyone heals differently. Give it time and be patient. Your doctor should also teach you how to massage it at about 1 month post op. That helps a lot w shaping. Feel free to ask anything else.


I am about 7 months post op (wow how time flies!)...

I am about 7 months post op (wow how time flies!) and I couldn't be happier with the results. I am so happy I went through with the surgery. Thank you Dr. Ghavami!
OMG! Dr. Ghavami did a fantastic job! I'm looking for a revision rhinoplasty surgeon and because of your pics, I'm going to schedule a consult. I know this is off the subject, but I can't help but notice how AMAZing your skin looks as well. Any recommendations for doctors for fillers and or botox (if you use them, I'm not saying you do, you just look amazing!)If you do you can email me, ( Thanks and congrats on your beautiful new nose. Sincerely, Lucia1016
Your nose looks amazing, it fits your face perfectly! Dr. Ghavami did a wonderful job with the surgery.
can you post a pic that shows straight on from the front?
Reply has been about 20 months since my surgery... has been about 20 months since my surgery and as scared as I was to do it, I am so glad I did. One thing that I hope people realize going into surgery is that you should have a realistic goal and expectations. I feel that many people expect "perfect" results and that is just not realistic. Don't let photoshopped magazine pictures or ads be your "ideal" nose.
Hi could you send me photo as i am going to him in may
Hi how is ur nose now may u send pic plzz
very pretty.

Update with some pictures

It has been a little over 3 years since my rhinoplasty and I continue to love my results :) I have not logged in for a while so I apologize if anyone has contacted me for pictures and I have not replied. I had full size pictures on this website some time ago but for privacy reasons I decided to take them down. I am going to add a few "before" and "after" photos but they are cropped to just show my nose...hope that is okay.

more pictures

Its more like 14k! Now!
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