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I've wanted a prettier nose for most of my...

I've wanted a prettier nose for most of my life. I'm 27 now. I've known a few people that have had rhinoplasty but they were not very good (scooped out look, saddle nose) which turned me off to getting one. I wanted subtle changes, I had a very slight hump and a bulbous tip.

On Monday the 17th I went in for surgery. Today I am post op 4 days. My eyes are VERY bruised and my face is VERY swollen. The doctors office said this was on the worse end of the spectrum for swelling and bruising which is disheartening because I wouldn't mind going out in public if my face didn't look so scary. Anyone else experience this? I hope it will resolve when I get my cast off Tues. as I've been avoiding everyone...

Other than that being stuffed up and sleeping propped up is the other worse part.

will update

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10/26/11 Had my cast off yesterday. Was a...


Had my cast off yesterday. Was a pretty intense whirlwind of emotions. I'm trying to not jump to conclusions because I know I'm very swollen (in the face as well). I'm trying to be patient. I don't love it yet but I can see all the structure is there and I think once the swelling goes down a bit it will be great. I don't understand how some people look great after a week, I still look like a semi hit me! I hope this is helpful for anywhere else going through rhinoplasty recovery. I woke up this morning depressed and freaked out. I haven't told many people because I thought I would recover after a week and go out in public and be fine (naive). I've been hiding from friends because I was hoping I would look normal. Today I told about 4 good friends I was avoiding. They have all been very supportive and want to come over and visit. I'm not sure when I will be ready to "go out"(I usually go out 3+ times a week). It may be another two weeks. I did see two friends last night and they asked my boyfriend if I had gotten something done. So they DID notice. But I think it was more that my face looked strange and puffy than my actual nose.

Physically my nose is pretty stuffy, my bones ache a little bit and the skin on my nose looks so strange. I have a lot of bruising even in my cheeks. I am of greek/syrian jewish/eastern european descent fyi. My nose has a little bit of feeling but not much. I think in a month or two or hopefully even a few weeks I will be very happy for now I'm just trying to be patient. I would love to hear people's comments and similar experiences and to find out when most of their swelling went down and they were able to feel comfortable in public.

Also if anyone was interested in what was done- I had the hump shaved down (you can't even tell the bridge was brought down yet probably from the swelling), the bones were fractured, the cartilage was trimmed, i have spreader grafts and a graft in my tip, the tip was rotated, and the muscle that pulls the tip down was snipped.

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I forgot to add, I also had my septum straightened!

I forgot to add, I also had my septum straightened!


i think your nose looks great already! again, like you said above, if you're european and have "thick oily skin" (like me..blahhh!)..the results take longer :( my doc said for me it could be up to 15 months for me to see my final results. I'm 3 months post-op. majority of the swelling has gone down..my tip is still really swollen and my crazy oily, thick skin deffinetely isnt helping in this situation lol. Patience Patience Patience!!
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oh how nice! i live 9 years in the netherlands but i was born in Peru and lived in california thirty years!!
i will see if i can put my picture here..
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And D newyork, I think youi looked so ITALIAN before, now you look like 'another beautiful italian' still! Do you have italian ascend? time to have dinner now. waiting for more pictures of the beautiful results!
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12 days post op, nose is still looking very...

12 days post op, nose is still looking very strange but I think the swelling is going down slowly, I can see the progress most when I look at my nostrils. I started taking arnica montana tabs just to see if it will help. I still have uneven swelling. I'm trying to keep myself busy and to not stare in the mirror! I will update with pictures at 3 weeks.


Its Looking great, and will continue to get better!
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i think your nose looked nice in the first place but it looks even better now! what surgeon did you use?
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Jennifer walden. She is moving her practice to Austin in January. And thank you!

I had my 3 weeks post op yesterday. Everything...

I had my 3 weeks post op yesterday. Everything seems to be healing well. I can pretty much breath although it does get clogged with snot pretty often and I can't blow my nose until 4 weeks. The swelling as gone down a lot, I still have a ways to go though. Overall I'm becoming more and more happy with the results. My doc showed me my nose was actually crooked pre op I had no idea! My right nostril is slowly becoming the same size as my left. Smile isn't normal yet but getting better. the soreness and stiffness gets better everyday too. I have dark brown circles under my eyes that apparently go away gradually up to 6 months or so. Also my skin has broken out horribly from surgery but I'm getting it under control with aha, benzoyl peroxide, and a clarisonic brush. The things they don't tell you about surgery! Also my ears are swollen from being repaired and will also take months to settle.


Hi, I'm 3wks post op too and the skin on my nose seems different right now as well. It looks oily, has enlarged pores and breakouts. What exactly are you doing to help yours? Your nose looks beautiful!
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I'm one month out, and had the same issue with the skin on my nose. Since I can't do any extractions yet I tried cleaning my face with my clarsonic before bed and then I made a toner of half applecider vinegar and water and applied with a cotton ball...no lotion after. Incredibly it really helped clear up my nose. The smell goes away afterit dries.
I will try that. My doctor told me oiliness is part of the swelling.

I had my one month, or rather 5 week post op this...

I had my one month, or rather 5 week post op this tues. I did a lot of flying and traveling the past two weeks and felt like my nose was swollen the whole time. I have some asymmetry with swelling but tonight all of a sudden a lot of the swelling went down and my nostrils look a little more even. I also had a lymphatic drainage massage on tues and it could be due to that (which would be helpful to know). Two weeks ago I went to dinner with my best friend I've known since 2nd grade and my other friend and neither noticed or said anything. I'm liking the new nose a lot as it continues to improve.


Was it scary when you still had two black eyes? My biggest concern is that my nose will be weaker afterwards. Lets say a year has passed since the operation. Will your nose be just as strong? If you get it young (i'm 21) will there be complications when you're older (45-60)?
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Ha it wasn't scary it was just annoying not being able to go out in public, my healing process has been pretty slow. If done by an experienced surgeon you should have no complications when you're older. Your nose will not be as strong, but I've had no problems. You should be fine unless you are playing contact sports.

I just had my 6 month post op check up. I'm very...

I just had my 6 month post op check up. I'm very happy now with the way things are healing/settling. I was pretty worried for months, my nose looked really strange and I had dark circles under my eyes that took a very long time to go away. I feel GREAT and more importantly I feel like I look great. There is slight asymmetry but I think it may have been there before and is just more noticeable to me now. The more the swelling subsides the more everything looks balanced. The initial healing phase- first few months are not fun and I didn't feel like being seen in public, but once you get past that you barely remember how horrible it was, kind of like having the flu. Overall I'm very pleased and wish I had done it sooner but feel I chose the right surgeon.


Wow, what an amazing transformation. You were beautiful before but now you are stunning!!!!!! Your nose is sooo cute. it's perfect!
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I didn't have a bump after rhinoplasty and don't 7 months later. It seems that when someone does have one after its due to swelling or inadequate removal of the bump. Either way you have to wait a year before doing anything about it.
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I don't understand why we cannot contacct member profiles that have posted problems similar to ours to communicate results or outcomes. For example I SEARCHED: "bump after rhinoplasty on nasal bone" and I found many people members with the same issue after rhinoplasty. Doctors repeating the same answers, but no one has posted folow up on weather the bump goes away or not.
Does the bump go away eventually? Coulld anyway who had this problem please post their outcome?
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It's been over a year since my surgery. In...

It's been over a year since my surgery. In retrospect it went by very fast but I would NOT want to go through the healing again (unless I'm deserted tropical island for 3 months). I have slight asymmetry which maybe only be noticeable to me and it's not enough to want fix it, if it even is fixable. Overall I'm still very happy with the result. I feel like me, but a much better version of me.


This looks amazing. I wish I could come up with 11gs for the same procedure!
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Great pics! You look so pretty. I like your retro/classic look. Thinking of getting my tip done. Thank you for sharing:)
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Hey Again! How long would you say it took for your tip to resolve? more or less.... I'm 4 weeks post op and freaking. OUT!
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In need of Revision!

So after mouth breathing at night probably since I had my rhinoplasty I went to an ENT. My septum is badly deviated on both sides and left side is nearly shut. After all the swelling went down I have some pinching in the tip, basically because too much cartilage was removed. I also have a bump on the bridge. My nostrils are very asymmetric. I am mainly going in for surgery again so I can breath but will be addressing the aesthetics as well which will also help my breathing. I'm not sure if I can totally blame my original surgery but my septum is a mess. Hopefully this time around won't be so bad because it doesn't involve bone work.


Beautiful pictures. Sounds like the little big of work you need in revision will hopefully mean quicker recovery. How long would you say it took for your smile to return? More like 3 months or more like 6 months?
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Honestly it's hard to remember but I know my smile wasn't 100% after 3 months. It took a longggg time.
you nose is beautiful - looks like Dr. Walden did a great job after all... any chance of you updating your overall rating? Seeing Dr Walden for consultation in the near future. ;-)
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