New date and new surgeon

I have considered a nose job since I was in middle...

I have considered a nose job since I was in middle school! I never thought I would be able to do it, financially. Now, I feel like I can afford it and am realizing I'm not sure if I'm emotionally ready! I have finally done in-depth research and realize the extent of the surgery. But I think when I find the right doctor I will trust him and become more at ease.

I hate my nose more than anything in the world! I am a very conservative person and would describe myself being the opposite of materialistic and vain so it surprises me that I would want to change my appearance. But... I just feel like it has held me back in all aspects of LIFE!

I have gone on one consultation and did NOT feel comfortable with this man. I felt like he didn't really give me the time of day... when I asked questions he seemed to answer very short and then went out several times to take phone calls. He wasn't even the one to show me the digital before and after pictures. Speaking of... I HATED the morph pictures... I have researched another doctor who I think will be much better than this other guy! I will post when I meet with him!!!

So I am so excited to go on my second consultation...

So I am so excited to go on my second consultation. I literally CAN NOT wait to go... I have a good feeling about this. I also really want to schedule my surgery for Dec. 15, which is only 2 weeks after I will go for my consult. I don't know! I hope this can work out... I really can't stand looking at my nose anymore!

Also, today I told a few of my co-workers that I was thinking of doing it... nice! They would definitely notice anyway, so I would rather let them know ahead of time!

4 and a half more days until my consult!

Eww eww eww! I accidentally saw a video of a...

Eww eww eww! I accidentally saw a video of a septo-rhinoplasty being performed. Omg... Omg. I just don't know if I can do this.

So I finally scheduled it... it is earlier than I...

So I finally scheduled it... it is earlier than I would have hoped but if I didn't do it now, I don't think I would be able to do it for another year. I can't be as excited as I want to be because I still feel bad taking so much time off of work. I shouldn't though... I'm entitled to 8 sick days? I have accumulated 37 thus far? Ugh, I just don't like to let anyone down...

Anyway, today I got everything done, called the office to confirm, made my down payment, scheduled pre and post op appts, told my boss, applied and got approved for a personal loan... now just to make a million sub plans!

I posted two new pics as well... a before and simulation done by my fabulous to-be surgeon, Dr. Eric Joseph! Let the countdown begin...

So had to postpone my surgery because I have a...

So had to postpone my surgery because I have a sinus infection and the doc said he would rather not operate on me during that... It makes sense. In a way I'm relieved because I felt like everything was very rushed. But in a way I'm very very disappointed. Really wanted to do it sooner rather than later. I wonder everyday if I should even do it... And then I take a few pics of myself from the side and I'm reassured I should def get a new nose! I'm tired of ppl saying I'm beautiful with my nose... I am really not. I'm not being over critical either. I wish I could say ... How about u have my nose and would u like that? I bet they would change their tune. My mom and bf are very supportive. My bf is the only one that really is honest. I feel like everyone is like noooooo it's fine. But he says... Well yeh... It's big... I appreciate his honesty!

Going to try to do this surgery over my spring break. I have a week off of school... The only thing is 2 days after the break, I have to put on the spring musical ( I am an elementary music teacher). I'm worried that will be too much movement and stress after this surgery... Depressed today :( I'm very insecure. Today I saw a really gorgeous young girl who is subbing in my school. I'm jealous of her.... I hate that this one make teacher (who is married) always talks to me about the new hot sub or the new hot teacher in the building. Get a life. I hate men sometimes!!!!

Male teacher*

male teacher*

Also added one more picture!

Also added one more picture!

So today I finally had the nose job talk with my...

So today I finally had the nose job talk with my dad. I feel a lot better now that I have him on board. He doesn't want me to do it... but we talked about it at length and I just feel better knowing that he knows how I feel and that we've discussed it. He is being very supportive though, and asked me a lot of questions about when I would do it and the doctor and so on...

Another BAD thing is that I talked to my friend from HS... she got a nose job about 3 or 4 yrs ago and she tells me that she would NOT recommend me to doing it because now she has trouble breathing and has to position her head a certain way when she sleeps and that it's a major annoyance however she is more confident with her appearance... omg... however I have another friend who is 10 yrs post op and she is an actress and singer and she never mentioned to me breathing problems? ugh....!!!!

So... I scheduled my "nosie thing" (thats what i...

So... I scheduled my "nosie thing" (thats what i like to call it) for April 5th. It is the Friday before my spring break. I will only have to take off one day and then when I get back from break I will put on my spring musical? That's fine... I think i will be ok... There's just no other time. I could do at end of summer but I want to enjoy myself? And be able to go to the beach and stuff!!! So... I think this is best choice for me!

I scheduled another "consultation" with my dr in January... I've felt so rushed (my own fault) that I just want to talk to him again before my pre-op in march. I'm excited! I want to ask him questions... And put all my fears on the table. And hopefully have them go away!!!


All I want for Christmas... Is a new nose!!!!...

All I want for Christmas... Is a new nose!!!! (sung to the tune of Mariah Carey's "all I want for Christmas is you")

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm very troubled! I had a second consultation...

I'm very troubled! I had a second consultation with my PS on Saturday because I wanted to ask him my questions, voice my concerns, and feel on "the same page" before I go the long stretch and not see him until April.

I told him my biggest concern with the surgery was potential breathing complications. I know someone who is 4 years post op and she can't breathe when she goes to sleep so she has to position her head in such a way and she said its quite annoying. When I told this to my surgeon he said that "yes there is a chance that you would have breathing issues post op but as long as You have a cute nose, would it really bother you"

No... I expect a fully functioning nose and That should be IT. I just don't know any more... He evaded almost every question I asked and e suggested I go get a second opinion. Like... I appreciate his honesty but I'm just not feeling good about it.

So I have decided on a surgeon and a date... April...

So I have decided on a surgeon and a date... April 4 in the afternoon with a PS who did a rhinoplasty to my very good friend and co-worker. She had nothing but good things to say about him and her results are great. I felt very comfortable at my consult with him... the whole place has a great team and made things very easy for me.

I hope to have no complications and be able to breathe and sing normally afterwards. Wish me luck!
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Good for you for questioning your surgeon when you didnt feel absolutely comfortable with him! The date is getting closer! :)
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wow i literally had the same nose as you!! the bump bothered me so much, but i was fine with my tip. i just had my rhinoplasty and got my cast off today...happy with my results but weird to look at new self! big adjustment but i dont regret doing it. if you have a good doctor, you have no worries
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Congratulations on finding a new PS that you feel comfortable with and booking your date :) Are you excited now that you've actually set the date?
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Thank you! Yes... I am excited but worried because I have a busy schedule, for example a field trip/concert the day OF my surgery (morning concert, afternoon surgery) and then 10 days off of work. And then 2 concerts 13 days post op. I feel maybe I am crazy to do this but it is the only time I can be off of work for a week.
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I think it would be better if you searched for other surgeons too. That is always a risk, but try to look for one that will try and leave your nose functioning as best as he can even though he really can't promise anything. Like I'm 2 weeks post op and I still can't breathe very well, but my doctor says that it is mostly from the swelling and that it should get better gradually. Good luck! Don't have your surgery with someone that you don't feel comfortable with.
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I couldn't agree lots of research and go on a few consultations. A rhinoplasty is certainly one thing that you only want to do once. The right surgeon can make all the difference. I have to sleep with my mouth open now and I hate it. I've had the worst year of my life and it won't get better until I can find a very skilled and honest surgeon who can hopefully fix the damage the first one created.
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I would recommend you continue to search for the right surgeon for you. I think if you're going to trust someone to operate on you, you have to trust their ethics and priorities. There are a lot of fish in the surgeon sea. Don't despair, because thank goodness you got to see this side of your surgeon early enough to allow you to consult with others if you so wish.
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Ummm...what a ridiculous thing for your surgeon to say. If you feel uneasy about having this guy perform your surgery, you should look around for a new surgeon. Sure, it's going to be a hassle, and will probably push your surgery date out past April, but if you're going to be spending all that money to have this new nose for the rest of your life, you definitely should feel 100% confident about the decision.
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I really think it depends on the person. I know so many people who are a few years post op and they can breath so much better without any trouble. That was one of the main reasons 2 of my cousins had nose jobs. One is 6 years post op & the other one is two years post op neither one of them have any issues or difficulties at all. However, I also know someone (my grandmothers best friend) she had a nose job back in the 60's or 70's & her breathing is terrible. She begged me not to get mine done. I think a lot of the reason she has trouble is because ASIC surgery was nothing compared to back then like it is today. They have came such a long with rhinoplasty since the 70's. I'm 9 days post op today & can breath fully out of both nostrils. I hated my nose & I've always had trouble breathing that's why I got min done. I've been able to fully breath since 2 days post op & my breathing is sooo much better. I couldn't be happier :) Goodluck to you!! & remember everyone is different!! You just have to ask yourself if it's worth it or not ;)
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That would worry me too. You do have to realize he has to be honest but the comment about a 'cute nose' being the only thing that matters would make me very nervous too. Go with your gut, if you feel like he is not the right doctor for you keep looking! Good luck :)
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The biggest concern u should have is to make sure he is an ENT and is also a board certified plastic surgeon! Thats the docs that fix breathing problems and cosmetic apperance. I just had my nose done on 12/11 and i have been able to breathe since he took the internal splints out the day after surgery. Now i can breath so well that my eyeballs can feel it lol. Trust me ENT that is a board certified plastic surgeon!!
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Wow! Thanks so much... And woOooo my doc is ENT and board certified! Yayh! So glad to read your story... Best of luck!
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Ps... The girl who told me she now has breathing problems 3-4 yrs later went to an ENT :/
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Hmm I take that back.. He is a board certified ENT specializing in cosmetical nasal surgery. But not board certified in plastic surgery... Hmmm....
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I agree with coolzone. Well said.
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I had a nose like yours, and I questioned having surgery too. Once I found the right doctor though, those fears went away. Sometimes it takes time, and yes there were stories that I heard form people having it done. But, after learning more about them, I found out that they didn't research as much as I did. Things can go wrong, yes, but in the hands of the right doctor, those risks should be slim.
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Hi Jersey, Don't let the kids get to you. Part of the culture is thinking up names for the teachers. They just want to be funny in front of their peers. Yup, I'm a teacher too! My surgery is in 4 days. Most of my fellow teachers don't know about my surgery. I only told 4 (out of about 50). And if there's one thing that seems true about my school anyway, is that there's a new and different topic of conversation every time I go in the teacher's lounge! There's just no time to focus on one thing for very long, so even though I have a honker I doubt anyone will notice. Fingers crossed for you, for a spring surgery! Keep us posted!
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Thanks for sharing your story! Sorry to hear that the surgery had to be delayed but it's important to be healthy for the operation. I am now at Day 22 Post Op and I still have anxieties about my nose... I tend to dwell about every minor change in appearance (due to swelling, etc.). I am trying so hard to be patient and just not over think it. Keeping busy with work and other things is helpful so that time feels like it's moving fast and I don't obsess. Also, I am a teacher too! And I was concerned about returning to work after the operation (what would my students think/say? Would they notice anything different? What about my activity levels? etc.) Honestly, it turned out to be FINE. My students had no clue that anything changed about me (so strange, right?) and my fellow teachers were super considerate and respectful of the whole thing. I think your new nose will look great! If it's something you want and you think about a lot, then you should go for it. I am so happy I did it! and I have confidence you will too. Best of luck!
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Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear your students didn't say anything! I'm very nervous about that... I Have some nasty students... Some that I know for a fact have told their after school care counselor (who is my good friend) that I have a big nose. Also some kids have called me a rhinoceros under their breath! Omg... Hahahahahaha I Hope u continue To have a positive outlook on ur new nose, PM me some pictures if u don't mind!!!
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Sorry to hear about your sinus infection. I'm glad you didn't go to the first doctor though. You should definitely not let someone operate your face if you don't feel comfortable with them. 1 of the doctors that I had gone to see was like that with me too. He seemed to be in a rush and that gave me the impression that I didn't want him to be in a rush too while doing my surgery. I'm looking forward on seeing your after photos when your surgery is done in the future. Good luck!
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Thanks do much! Here's my other predicament. My good friend had rhinoplasty with the doc I didn't like... She raved and raved and raved about him. And I see her everyday and her results are amazing! He does surgery in his own facility so he is also cheaper cuz U don't pay facility fee... My doc that I am goin to go with would be 3,000 dollars more!!! But... I have to go with my gut feeling? Lol! Good luck... Can't wait to see pictures!!!!
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That is too bad you have sinus infection and needed to reschedule but you need to be healthy for surgery so it's best not to do it. You are not ugly!! I do know how you feel, though, because I had a very big nose and people always made comments (strangers did) and it was hurtful. I had my surgery last Tuesday and I'm still unsure whether I am happy or not. My nose still looks big but it looks like it's shaped differently. My doctors told me a small nose wouldn't look good on me. That might be the case for you also. They want to make sure the new nose they give you fits your face. Right now it's hard for me to see the positives because my nose is so swollen. Please be prepared for that. There are a lot of posts on here about how their nose looked great 7 days later and life was good. That is not the case for everyone. I also think you may need a little more time than one week. It's not only physically draining but also emotional. You may have an easy time with it but just want to be honest with you about my own experience. I am hoping that in time I will be thrilled with my new nose. It's a shame that one part on our bodies can make us feel so insecure. I hate that society does that to us. I tried to live with mine. I am 44 years old but just couldn't do it any longer. I am hoping I made the right decision. I think it's great you are going through with it and I hope you have a great outcome. :-)
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Hi there! I appreciate the kind and honest message... I've been following your story and hope that the swelling goes down!!! To be honest... That is a LOT of swelling, but I'm confident it will go down and refine. I can't wait to see more pictures as time goes by..
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Good morning! What a shame to have the sinus infection now! Can you take a few days off before the spring break starts to extend your time off? I guess your male colleague must feel very comfortable around you to speak so openly, though of course, he shouldn't make those types of comments to a female colleague. Probably all the males are thinking the same thing, but would never say it! I understood your frustration at hearing his comments, especially at a time when you're not feeling your own beauty. I think you are adorable, btw, but I also think a smaller nose would suit you better. Good luck to you.
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:) this message really cheered me up this morning. I re-read it about 10 times!! I appreciate your honesty and compassion... By the way, i think u are a natural beauty, hope your new nose gives you more confidence and refines your already pretty face. Best of luck to you!
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