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So this Friday I'm getting a nose job i've...

So this Friday I'm getting a nose job i've wanted for years. The whole process has been going by very fast, I had my consultation in January and scheduled the surgery over my March break. I was on this website last night and y'all definitely gave me a much needed reality check! I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, but after reading some people's reviews I realize that it can be a long road to go down.

The problem I have with my nose is just the tip, it's slightly uneven and a little bulbous at the end. I'm nervous and excited all at once! I will be sure to update this as I am recovering and the months to come telling whether it is worth it or not.. I'm sure it will be!

How exciting! I will be thinking about you tomorrow and looking forward to hearing all about it. Mine is 2 weeks from today :) I am reminded that it is a brave decision to make changes like these. I am sure it will go beautifully.
Keep us posted...
I'm hoping that by eating healthy, taking B vitamins and following all the rules pre-surgery, I'll have minimal swelling and bruising. Hoping! I've done extremely well after dental procedures in the past, so maybe my body has a high tolerance for pain or something. Good luck!

Good luck with your surgery! Please keep us updated on your progress.


So as you can see I'm still a little indecisive as...

So as you can see I'm still a little indecisive as to if it was worth it or not.. it's been two days so obviously I still have my cast on. To my surprise I'm not swollen at all! The first day I could not believe how well I felt, this caught up to me on the second day though. Saturday I was feeling very nauseous but I woke up today feeling so much better. The tip looks a little more pointed than I had hoped, but I will have to decide if I like it or not when the cast comes off this Thursday. The only other complaint I have is not being able to breathe through my nose!! I feel so stuffed up I cannot wait until next week when I will actually have a functioning nose.. that will look good as well!! :)

I'm just wondering, would the cast on my nose make...

I'm just wondering, would the cast on my nose make it more pointed than it would normally look after the months to come? I heard about noses being upturned for the first few months but I'm not sure if the same concept apples to this. It's still hard to see what it will look like, I'm just praying and hoping and hopin and praying it will look as good as I hoped!

Hi there,

Don't be too surprised if your nose swells more once the splint comes off. It'll go back down again, though. Keep us posted. How are you feeling now?

Much better! I feel pretty much back to normal except the chapped lips and not being able to breathe out of my nose. And thanks for the heads up!

One thing I regret is not doing much research...

One thing I regret is not doing much research before my surgery. I'm still looking at a lot of people's reviews and it seems like a lot of you guys were willing to travel across the country to get the doctor you wanted. My doctor was recommended by my dermatologist,bbut I'm sure he really had no idea on how well he did with rhinoplasty.. I kind of just jumped into it. All I have to now is keep hoping that when my cast comes off tomorrow I will love my new nose.

So I guess my advice to anyone looking to have this surgery is to do lots and lots of research before making a decision! Another piece of advice.. chapstick and bendy straws are key.

P.S. I will be posting after photos soon!
Hi Ann
Good luck with cast off. I had a revision on Monday and my tip looks upturned too. I think that is normal due to swelling and cast being on. Let us know how you heal. May
My tip actually isn't upturned I thought it just looked narrow from the cast.. but yeah I heard that's normal! I'm healing very well, a little discoloration and swelling. The doc said I will be able to breathe normally through my nose within two weeks. Nothing to complain about so far! :)

I got my cast off yesterday and was SO SO relieved...

I got my cast off yesterday and was SO SO relieved when I looked in the mirror. My nose is perfect, exactly what I wanted. I seriously could not be happier with my results, and now that I think about it, it was so silly for me to stress out about the whole thing! Everything feels back to normal again now.. my nose is still a little swollen so I still can't exactly breathe through it yet. When he took the cast off there was just a little discoloration but nothing makeup couldn't cover up. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to do all this, and am very glad I went through with it!! I can finally say it was worth it in my review now!
I am very excited to see my nose to continue to heal for the next 6 months now!
hiii :) i am happy all went well! i was wondering wheres the location of where u got it done because the price sounds really good!
it was.. i was expecting it to be double! It might've just been because I only wanted a slight change though. I got mine done in Nebraska by Dr. Sam Bryant. Highly recommend him!!
can't wait to see pics! congrats!
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