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Anyone Have a Crooked Nose to Begin with AND a Crooked Nose Still Afterwards?

My nose has always bothered me since I can...

My nose has always bothered me since I can remember - maybe like 10 years old, and now I am 33. I always have had a curve to my nose that I thought looked terrible. But, I liked the way I looked from the front. When I went to a few consults, the docs pointed out that my nose was also crooked to my right side (which I guess I always new, but it never bothereed me that much). I finally decided on a doctor, based some research, the fact that he was a facial plastic surgeon, and a gut feeling.

I had my surgery (rhinoplasty with septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and repair of vestibular stenosis) on June 21st, and my cast came off yesterday (the 28th). It was weird, but my nose is actually straight instead of bumped now, which is really cool and was my main objective. But, my nose is still crooked. I don't feel it is any more crooked than it was per se, but it almost seems more obvious that it is crooked now. I think maybe because the doctor raised the tip of my nose slightly and my nostril are more exposed in view combined with the tip swelling that makes it seem more exaggerated.

I am hoping it is just the tip swelling, and will get less noticable over time. I wasn't looking for perfection, I just am worried it looks more obvious now than it did before and also wondering why the doctor didn't fix it? So, I got the cast off at 10am yesterday and was back in the doctor's office complaining at 3:30pm. He said he thinks it looks better than it did, and seemed to think it isn't anything that would require revisional surgery. He did, however, tape my nose up again (I'm guess just to quiet me up?)

I will try to post pics when I get a minute, but I am one of those folks that take a lot of pics and it takes me forever to upload them to my computer.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Nice photos! Your new nose looks really pretty. My nose started out crooked and after two rhinoplasties still is... :( Not ideal, but I live with it fine. I still think my nose is a million times better than before surgery.

According to these doctors, rhinoplasty healing doesn't necessarily happen symmetrically. So you might still be more swollen on one side than the other.

Rhinoplasties are super intricate and difficult, so I always tell people to look for improvement, but not perfection.

Hope this helps!


Some updated pics, trying to illustrate my point...

Some updated pics, trying to illustrate my point...

To me, it looks like it's more (a little) crooked AFTER the surgery, but from profile it looks really good :) Maybe after the swelling it will improve a little bit ?
Great results!
Those weren't pictures of my new nose :( But thanks for the compliment anyway.

Cost partially offset by insurance.

Cost partially offset by insurance.

Some more pics below... I think my nose looked...

Some more pics below... I think my nose looked worse the 2 days after the cast was removed. Still pretty swollen from what I can tell, and my nose still appears crooked at the tip, but a little less so? So, I am praying it is just some assymetrical swelling that will correct with time.

Thanks, Luna! I am still a little numb and VERY swollen, but I can tell you that my nose looks a little higher, and the you can definitely see more of my upper lip. The tip is just SO swollen, it's probably too early to tell much. I go back to the doctor for a check-up on Wednesday, and plan on asking a LOT of questions then about the swelling.

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Sorry, that was meant to be "overseas" assignment... and that I don't get to "practice" it much...
You look great, Way better now !! It's improving :) Be patient !!

Went back to the doctor yesterday for 2-week...

Went back to the doctor yesterday for 2-week post-op checkup. He still didn't seem worried about anything. I do have a tremendous amount of swelling, though, so he injected the tip of my nose to help the swelling go down. The tip is very hard and puffy. He also advised that I apply a little pressure to one side of my nose for 5 minutes at a time daily to help the swelling go down. We'll see. I will try to remain optimistic! 

Hello !! :) How do you feel now ? How is your nose ? Hope everything is alright !!
Hi there !!!Hope you are doing well !! How was your meeting with the surgeon ? Are you ok with your results ? Let me know everything !
Im from the south of France actually, from Marseille :) But going very often to Paris !! If you need any advices about places etc email me (your email is not correct) al7 AROBAS hotmail.fr

It's {Email address removed. Please send email addresses via RealSelf's personal messaging system}, but if you see four astericks, the website might be blocking it. If that happens this time, I will try to figure out a different way to type it.


I saw my doctor for my 6-week check-up on July...

I saw my doctor for my 6-week check-up on July 21st. He said there is still quite a bit of swelling, but he also acknowledged that my nose appears crooked at teh to between my eyes (it never appeared crooked before... He noticed that one side of my nasal bridge looks more "hollow" and the other side has a bump. He attributed this to the nasal bones and their "memory" of where they used to be. He said they must have moved a bit, and instructed me to press for 5 minutes, 3 times a day, on the side that seems to have more of a bump. He says to push hard enough that it is "uncomfortable". Also, it appears that I am developing a small bump on my profile now. =(

Additionally, he addressed that we may need to use some filler for the "hollow" side and shave some of the bony bump off the other side (in an "in-office" procedure, with just local anesthetic). I got upset at this news. First of all, this was the first time the doc has acknowledged there is some asymmetry. Second of all, I don't want more surgery, and now he's talking about these other procudures to fix his original procedure. I am not sure I want him to touch my nose again, especially if he screwed it up the first time. On the downside, I don't have the money to go to a revision specialist, or anyone else for that matter at this time.

Does anyone know IF I let him inject filler and/or shave some bone in an in-office precedure, what that will entail (pain, result, recovery time, etc.), and whether or not it would be more difficult for a revision afterward?

I am still unhappy with the results 2-1/2 months...

I am still unhappy with the results 2-1/2 months after, and am seeking out revision specialists. I've read too many reviews where people go back to teh original doctor for a revision, and it doesn't work out the 2nd time either. I am not going to make that mistake, although I can see why it is tempting - the doctor doesn't charge you for it! Even though I don't have money for the revision as of yet (I am still paying off this bad nose job), I will find a way hopefully! Because I am not doing this more than twice (In fact, I never wanted to do it more than once! Shame on me for being lazy and picking a local doctor because of convenience!) =(

I had my nose done with great results to the profile but ended up with a small bump on one side. Had another doctor fix it, but it is still there. My nose curves to one side, but I think that has more to do with having allergies and pushing my nose ore to one side than the other when wiping my nose. My mother has the same thing, she has allergies and she has never had surgery. I would go with the doctor's suggest to press on the area with the bump. This is what I do when my nose begins curving too much to the side and it does help.
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The doctor seems more worried about making himself look good than his patients. I always feel rushed, and don't think he explained things to me very clearly. Plus, I am not sure of results yet. But definitely not loving what I see as of now.

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