April 12th, 2012

I haven't always hated my nose and I was never...

I haven't always hated my nose and I was never teased about it, but I was a late bloomer. I got taller and my nose got bigger through my early 20s. I really started to notice how out of balance it was with the rest of my features when I was about 27 years old - I'm now 34. I found myself wishing I'd accidentally break my nose or something so I could justify a rhinoplasty. The turning point came last St. Patrick's day when I was out with friends. That night I decided I was sick and tired of not liking my face. I texted a friend who was about to schedule her surgery (deviated septum and major dorsal hump) and she was encouraging. I went on 4 consultations, then decided to pay off my credit cards and save some money first. Now I've chosen my doctor, my financing is approved and on Monday I'm calling to schedule my surgery! The doctor is going to fix my slight hump, deproject my nose tip and do a bit of tip refinement.

I'm so glad you get to do this! It sounds like you went about it very responsibly. Make sure your chosen surgeon specializes in rhinoplasty and has done a LOT of them.

Please let us know when your surgery will be. Go girl, go!


Update: surgery scheduled for April 12th, pre-op...

Update: surgery scheduled for April 12th, pre-op appt March 26th. I could use advice on how/when to tell my family, as well as whether I should tell my coworkers. I'd love to hear how everyone else handled it!

I'm most worried about telling my mom. I pretty much have her nose, she's controlling and a worrier/over thinker, and she's said in the past that she always thought her nose was too big. I'm seriously considering telling her after the surgery is done. Of course all my family lives about 10 minutes away so the "broken nose" story wouldn't work. I'm also a really bad liar. :)
You could tell her something along the lines of "I have difficulties breathing because of a deviated septum" and add you're going for a slight cosmetic improvement as well? Hope all goes well! :-)
I've told work it's a septorhinoplasty with undertones of breathing problems... The truth to a handful of my closest peeps... And told my parents that I've broken my nose, as sadly I know there is no other option and a cosmetic procedure would open a can of worms and I'd never live it down (yes, as a 30 yr old with a husband and a mortgage!) Is there an issue with you telling anyone in particular? Good luck!!

I'll add "real" pics once my family...

I'll add "real" pics once my family knows. :)
I've never had issues so she wouldn't buy that, but I might say I have "structural issues" (which is true) that I'm going to have corrected.

No, I told everyone. But I'm an oversharer with supportive parents, so I'm lucky that way. :)

You never know, you may have broken your nose at some point. My surgeon told me that sometimes people get childhood injuries and break their nose without realizing it.


Unflattering photos of my nose were hard to find....

Unflattering photos of my nose were hard to find. Like most of us here, I've learned how to pose so it looks the cutest.

5 weeks till surgery! I haven't been too anxious lately - mostly excited.
You are beautiful. We are are own worst critics. I too was always self conscious about my nose. It had a hump and I felt it was large. I recently had a septorhinoplasty. I do not like the results at all. I was prettier before. I researched my doctor very well. He has performed over 7,000 rhinoplasties. I wish I had not done it. Now, I am more self conscious. I cannot do anything to fix it for at least a year. I am only 3 months post op. I am so embarrassed. Use your money for something else. There are a lot of risks involved in the surgery. And, a lot of the results depend on the atanomy of your face. You may have deviation under bone that might be removed as part of your procedure that you were not even aware of before. I do not know your experience, but the plastic surgeons I have consulted with have never had elective plastic surgery themselves. What does that tell us? Again you are beautiful in the pictures above. You do not need surgery.
Thanks for your comments and concern. One more reason I chose Dr. Kramer is because he has an ENT present during surgery in order to prevent the creation of any structural or breathing issues.

One month to go!
Wow, I'm surprised you want a nose job. You have an attractive nose and face!

Question for everyone: how did you look/feel 9...

Question for everyone: how did you look/feel 9 days post-op? Do you think I'd be okay doing a yard sale?
My doc recommended two weeks since I'll have a cast on for 1 week and after that a splint . Also cause a chance of bruising is more likely to happen. Is that a close or open rhino?
You don't have to worry about others being judgemental. I too had the same issues telling my coworkers cause of course they are gonna wonder why you are taking two weeks off; well, I just told them I have breathing issues and since I'll be in the operating room the doc is gonna remove the hump as well. I know the feeling of being considered shallow that's why noone besides my close friends and family knows knows the truth. And as far as your mother, just tell her the truth, that you don't like yourself and not to worry about a thing; I was surprised to find out my family was actually very supportive, they always knew I hated my nose. I wouldn't personally hide it to my family because after surgery you may feel tired and emotionally weak and the last thing you want is deal with family drama. Remember you are doing this for yourself. As far as pre op instructions make sure 2 weeks prior surgery you are off any type of ibuprofen ,aspirin , vitamin e, fish oil, ginko biloba, don't eat garlic . google pre-op rhino instructions, you will find tons if info. Good luck
I've actually only asked for 5 days off work (plus a weekend will be in there), and I can work from home if needed for a couple more days, if I don't look good enough to go back. Hopefully it won't be super obvious right away.

17 days till surgery! My pre-op was today and it...

17 days till surgery! My pre-op was today and it went great. Now I can't stall anymore and I really need to tell my family. I might start with my sisters-in-law and get their input on how to tell everyone else. Saying I broke my nose or have a deviated septum won't work - they live close by and know me too well.
Breathe. Remember you are doing this for you. If you're happy hopefully they will be happy with you. Good luck. I am sorry it doesn't seem like an ideal situation.
Mine will be open with no packing and a cast for 1 week. I told my first family members tonight and it didn't go well at all. I'm extremely stressed right now.

The assaults aren't stopping. I've been...

The assaults aren't stopping. I've been called vain, insecure, superficial, told I need therapy and more. And I haven't even told my parents yet.

Thanks for the positive comments. Even though I...

Thanks for the positive comments. Even though I stopped responding to my most negative family member, she continues to email me mean emails. My other sister-in-law and the guy I'm seeing are being very supportive, thankfully. They understand that it's my money, my choice and my body, and they don't fault me one bit for wanting to go for it.

Tomorrow morning is my check-in appt. at the hospital's surgical center, so I'll be one step closer to having it done!

Hay hun, i read your comments regarding some people not being supportive and being horrible, i think that is very selfish of them surely seeing you happy should be the main thing!! If this is what you want then you should go for it after all you only live once so live it how you want not how anyone else thinks you should!!!! xx
That sucks that some people aren't being supportive. Ive told my boyfriend, co-workers and some of my friends. Haven't told a single family member because I feel like they would give me a hard time or make me feel silly for getting it done. I also don't live close to family so its not a problem. My sis is visiting me next month and I don't even know if she'll notice as my results are looking quite natural. If she does I am just going to be very cavalier about it and show a lack of concern :) anyways.. you may not have family support but you have support from everyone on this site! Hopefully we can get you through this.. good luck :) and post some pics!!
Thanks, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one not telling family. I'll add pics in a few weeks when things have blown over. Right now I know I have at least one nasty family member frantically Googling rhinoplasty to see if she can figure out how much I'm going to pay.

I had a nice relaxing weekend with my supportive...

I had a nice relaxing weekend with my supportive friends and distanced myself from those who are not. The guy I'm seeing offered to take the day off work when I have my surgery, so that's a big relief considering I won't be tellin my parents until afterwards.

I'm getting a new hairstyle the night before my surgery too, so now we just refer to the whole thing as my "new haircut". As in, "I'll probably wait about a week before I show my parents my new haircut." :)

Here's a unique twist to my story. I've been...

Here's a unique twist to my story. I've been hoping to adopt a child since October and against all odds, was chosen by a birth mom who is due at the end of May! Now I'm full of irrational fears like "what if the baby comes early?" etc. I was told it would take 2 - 3 years to adopt, so I thought I had plenty of time!

My surgery is next Thursday and I SO wish I has scheduled it sooner! Still excited though.

You'll be fine by the end of May, I think. And congrats to you! How exciting.

Wow! Wonderful changes in your life. A "new" you AND a new mom! You sound like a very caring person so I bet you are going to be a wonderful mother. Although some are family distance yourself from the negative especially the "googler". In fact, you might consider redirecting that person's emails to your spam box so you don't have to even see it to delete it. You can always go to the spam box to read it later if you want. Given that persons initial reaction makes me wonder about his/her insecurities. No matter. Super good luck to you. It's you - so be happy!
How exciting! Adoption! I bet you are healed up enough before the baby and then you will have an amazing distraction from your healing process :))) Best of luck with both xoxo

Today I did my shopping - straws, qtips, pudding...

Today I did my shopping - straws, qtips, pudding cups, etc. - and spent a lot of time talking to my supportive family member. I'm back to feeling excited about this Thursday!

And someone posted a picture of me coloring eggs on FB and the profile of my nose looks SO unattractive, it really confirmed I am 100% sure I want to do this.
I'm so sorry you're having a difficult time with your family. I know if I told my in-laws it would be the same thing. Most people say no one even noticed when they had it done, so maybe you don't need to tell. The family I did tell I just said I need to do this for me, I know you wont understand. Everyone has something or multiple things they don't like about themselves, but it's the same thing as if I was very over weight and was doing one of those stupid diets.
con't In the "4 hour work week", the author states that if you want to make a decision that you know people wont support (and you don't want their input), do it and tell them after its done.

Also, I am in your boat - I don't HATE my nose but there are definitely things I would like to change about it. For now, Ive decided to leave it be as I think the risk of a bad nose job would outweigh the benefits of minor improvement. I may change my mind. I do recommend you look at every single before and after pic your doc has, speak to a former patient of his, be sure this is his specialty (since its the most complicated procedure) and communicate EXACTLY what you want from results. (and I hope you've consulted with a few prior to making your decision)

I wish the best of luck!!!! Please let us know how it went! ...And sorry for lecture! (being your surrogate mom) : )
Yep, I went on multiple consultations, saw his before/after pics and I personally know another one of his rhino patients. I've wanted this since about 2006 so I'm pretty sure I have considered every pro and con 100 times over. :)

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm getting my hair cut...

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm getting my hair cut after work and my boyfriend is coming over tonight to spend the night and take me there first thing in the morning. He's really good at keeping me sane...he's been amazing throughout this process.

I just got back from my pre-surgery haircut and it...

I just got back from my pre-surgery haircut and it looks really cute! When my stylist finished, he said "Wow, this really changes your whole look!" Haha, exactly the point!
So excited for you! Good luck tomorrow!!
Good luck! You already look beautiful, I hope you will be get the improvement you are after.

I hope it's a breeze. Update us when you can!


I'm out of surgery, feeling great and headed home!...

I'm out of surgery, feeling great and headed home! Pics to come soon.

I'm having trouble using my iPhone as a hotspot to...

I'm having trouble using my iPhone as a hotspot to upload pics, but I'm doing okay so far. No nausea and no pain meds yet, I've been eating okay and not much bleeding. I do have some bruising creeping in from between my eyes, so we'll see how I look in the morning!
So happy you're home and doing well! Can't wait to see how amazing you look!
Yay!!! Happy recovery to you :)))
Thinking of you! Hope all goes smoothly :-)

Day 2 - wow, so excited! No black eyes, almost no...

Day 2 - wow, so excited! No black eyes, almost no bruising or swelling, and I haven't needed anything but a couple of regular Tylenol or the pain. I also got to remove the little packings this morning and I can breathe! If my profile didn't look different I might wonder if my doctor actually did anything yesterday. :) Hoping the rest of recovery goes this well!

Day 2 evening - i dont have "black eyes", but some...

Day 2 evening - i dont have "black eyes", but some bruising has moved in under each eye. Swelling is still minimal, I can smile and I have my sense of smell. So it's not too bad!
Just take it easy =) Hope you're not in pain.
Thanks, I couldn't be happier with my recovery so far. Even with swelling and the cast, the overall size and shape looks very nice. Turns out my computer is too old to handle the "tethering" plan with my iPhone, so it may be a while before I can upload pics.

It seems like the bruising has stopped "growing",...

It seems like the bruising has stopped "growing", so that's good. The areas under my eyes were raised, shiny and purple yesterday but today they're duller and flatter.

I've been using arnica gel on the area above my cast/between my eyes, and it's working amazingly well in getting rid of the swelling there. Otherwise my face isn't really swollen at all.

I'm telling my parents this afternoon or tomorrow morning - wish me luck! I hope to upload pics later this morning.

Whew, told my parents! My dad is happy for me and...

Whew, told my parents! My dad is happy for me and fully supportive, my mom is a bit harder to read. I guess it needs to sink in...

Day 3 evening - bruising is the same and swelling...

Day 3 evening - bruising is the same and swelling is very minimal. One thing I didn't plan for - the calorie burn! I have an insane appetite and I've lost 2 pounds since surgery. Trying to stick to high-protein, low-sodium foods like tuna, peanut butter and eggs, but I already had to ask my boyfriend to make a grocery run. I guess my body is hard at work healing itself.
My appetite was just the same!!! Hungry!!! And also lost about 3 lbs ;))))
You remind me of myself. I actually had my surgery and then came home to see my parents after a week of hiding out at my bf's house. My mom was mad at first, but after giving me bad looks for a while she was fine. Took maybe a month til she didn't mention it, or made me feel guilty =)
Glad to hear your Dad is on board :) Your mom will come around I am sure. I am going this evening to have dinner with my mom and show her my nose for the first time. She has been supportive but honestly a bit luke warm about the whole...we'll see what she thinks...
Hope your healing is going great! I feel terrific at 9 days post op just wish I didn't have these bruises! I even have make up on today and if the bruises weren't there i would look like a better version of myself hahahah

Day 4 - feeling pretty good! Haven't taken any...

Day 4 - feeling pretty good! Haven't taken any Tylenol yet today. I was able to wash my hair and put on a little makeup, so I'm feeling a little closer to myself. The bruising hasn't gotten any worse since day 2, so I'm happy about that. Still virtually no swelling!
So happy you're Dad is behind you on this. Mom's take a little more time especially if you guys look like twins like my mom and I do. I'm sure once she sees you are feeling better she will be happy for you. Mothers are always so nurturing I think it's hard for them to see you uncomfortable. Happy your recovery is going so well!

Day 5 - I'm in the home stretch to getting the...

Day 5 - I'm in the home stretch to getting the cast removed! No swelling, bruises are starting to dissipate and I'm only needing a couple of Tylenol when the occasional headache sets in. So ready to see the results!

My cast feels like it's getting loose, and I...

My cast feels like it's getting loose, and I wonder if it will hang on a few more days. Did this happen to anyone else?
Look at you! Imagine this is the worst part, having that ugly cast on. You will feel much better in few days. I'm currently 2 weeks post op today and i am so glad i did it. The first 2 days after the cast came off i felt awful thinking i should have asked for a more drastic look cause it looked HUGE! but now the ''new'' nose has shrinked and is becoming part of me again. It looks so natural, people would never guess i had rhinoplasty. Just be patient ESPECIALLY THE FIRST FEW DAYS THE CAST COMES OFF. It's part of the healing. I went back to work today and the people that asked me why i was away had no clue. Only after I said it they were like : oh wow i like it, it looks so natural! Good luck and rest, don't stress too much, enjoy the beginning of your new beautiful life!
You look great!! Can't believe how little bruising you have!! I can already tell how beautiful you look!

Day 6 - Nothing new to report. Just waiting for...

Day 6 - Nothing new to report. Just waiting for these bruises to go away and waiting to hear when I'll get my cast off.

I'm not too pleased with my doctor's post-surgery...

I'm not too pleased with my doctor's post-surgery communication so far. I called the day after surgery to schedule my follow-up, as instructed, but they work half-day Fridays so they were closed.

Someone called me Monday but was unable to schedule me, and they were supposed to call back but didn't. I called back today and was told I'd been scheduled for a Day 9 cast removal - no one even checked with me on the time - even though they said I'd need the cast for just a week.

So, yeah. Not too impressed with the follow-up. Thankfully recovery has been easy.
Wow! It looks great already! My post-op is coming up Thursday, and I cannot wait to get my splint off!
I can't wait for your cast to come off!!

Day 7 - as the swelling in my nose continues to go...

Day 7 - as the swelling in my nose continues to go down, I can see the tip has a really cute shape. Otherwise there's nothing to report until I get the cast off Friday.
I am so glad for your post, thank you for sharing as my septorhinoplast was the exact same day as yours!! I did not and have not told told my family and only two close coworkers that I had surgery for breathing problems. I didn't need the criticism..I am 40 years old so recovery seemed to knock me off my but! About 5 days before I felt okay. But anyways got my cast off yesterday results are looking great but was NOT prepared for the condition of my skin under that cast! So Fair warning.....I think I was shocked at all the whitheads and blackheads than the shape of my new nose when i was at the doctors office...Lol.... can't wait to see the after photos!!
When does your cast come off? So excited to see your new cute nose =)
Friday at 8:45 am, I can't wait!

Day 9 - Cast off! So cute! I could tell the...

Day 9 - Cast off! So cute! I could tell the difference immediately even thought I'm swollen.

I'm annoyed that my doctor wants me to tape my nose 24/7 for the next few weeks - I hadn't planned on telling anyone else so I'm not sure if I'm going to comply. I also have a trade show for work next week. He said the tape is a new technique he wants to try that "might" improve my already great result. I asked about only taping at night, like some doctors allow, but he said it should be an all-or-nothing thing.

Did anyone else tape after the cast came off?

I'm trying to upload a photo, but this site won't...

I'm trying to upload a photo, but this site won't recognize that I've rotated the photo. Grr.
WOW - You look amazing.
You look amazing! =)

Day 10 - Get this: no one in my immediate family...

Day 10 - Get this: no one in my immediate family can tell a difference unless I hold a "before" picture next to my face! But it looks so much smaller to me. It feels smaller when I wash my face, it obstructs my vision less and it doesn't reach my boyfriend's face anymore when we kiss.

The tape Dr. Kramer applied yesterday was supposed to last a week, but it had lifted up and the adhesive sort of ran down my nostrils by this afternoon. I really think I'd be better off taping at night, so I'll bring it up with him again.
Wow what a change!
Wow, you are healing beautifully!
very nice! feminine and lovely profile xoxo

Day 22 - Back at work! Bruising is light enough to...

Day 22 - Back at work! Bruising is light enough to cover with some carefully-applied concealer. My tip is looking pointier than I would like, but I'm hoping that's just swelling. Random lumps and bumps as expected, but nothing noticeable to anyone else.
Wow love the update!! I can't believe how cute the tip is getting what a change in such a short period of time! So beautiful!!
How was your first day back to work? Hope you're feeling ok =)
Everything went well and I'm feeling great! I love my nose and it gets cuter every day. :)

I got back to waking, abs and light weights over the weekend with no swelling, pain or throbbing, so I'm happy about that too.

Tomorrow I'm traveling cross-country for work, so I have to be extra careful no one smacks me in the face.

Day 19 - Last night a clump of "dissolvable"...

Day 19 - Last night a clump of "dissolvable" stitches came out when I was cleaning with a q-tip. It freaked me out for a second, but I guess it's okay because everything's healing nicely.

My only complaint is about the post-op appointments with my doctor. He's so booked all the time, the only available slots are very inconvenient and I didn't know he'd want to see me once a week for a while. If they'd been more clear about that, I would have booked my appts in advance to get good times and make sure they work with my schedule.

Also, he taped my nose a second time but it only lasted a couple of days like before - not a week. I had to leave town for work for wasn't able to get it redone.
hi there, thanks for the information you have posted from time to time, can you please tell us who was your doctor and how much it cost you, as i am thinking of rhinoplasty but cant decide because of negative feed backs, thanks
what a different between the pic of the "cast removal" and the recent pic you just uploaded!! You must be thrilled!!! :)
WOW! You look amazing! WHat did you do to stop the bruising?

1 month post-op: My family is just now saying they...

1 month post-op: My family is just now saying they can see the difference as my nose continues to heal and take on its new shape. The tip is a bit pointier than I'd like, and the area above the tip is fuller than I'd like, but I can feel lots of swelling still, so I'm hopeful it will look even better in a few months.
Looks great in a couple of months it will be even thinner.
You look great! What a beautiful job your PS did! So happy for you!!

My nose still feels a bit strange and there's a...

My nose still feels a bit strange and there's a fullness above the tip that's coming back...apparently scar tissue can fill in if swelling doesn't go away fast enough. We have talked about a steroid injection to fix this, and hopefully at my appointment next week my doctor will go ahead and do it. Otherwise I'm happy with my nose - from every angle. :)
Looks great, congrats!
So happy to hear it's turning out well! Have you had any injections yet? I had one the day of cast removal and it did not feel good. Such a cute profile I hope mine looks as good when I'm as far along as you!

I had my 2-month post-op yesterday and I'm about...

I had my 2-month post-op yesterday and I'm about 70% happy with my nose so far. The area above the tip, instead of being flat or slightly scooped, it still round due to my thicker skin and swelling. My doctor finally told me he hasn't done steroid injections on patients before, so he's going to share my photos with some of his colleagues before deciding how to move forward.

I really want the injections if they're going to help, but I'm concerned my doc hasn't done them before! What are everyone else's experience with steroid injections?
I had one injection the day the splint came off and it brought tears to my eyes lol. Not horrible but it stings a little. It was so worth it mine was so swollen the day of cast removal that i looked like someone punched me. The next day it looked great it was worth it. I wouldn't worry about him never doing it before he is a surgeon and they let medical assistants give shots so he'll be fine =)
Oh my goodness I just got 2 injections today! As my Dr recommended. I was not expecting it at all but with what I had explained, that the area above my tip was puffy, he just whipped out the syringe and did it! Yikes...now another waiting game. I guess the effects are gradual too. I am suppose to check back in 4-6 weeks to see if my results are desired or if one more shot is needed. I will keep you posted. There is a little residual swelling from being poked today :)

3 months post-op. I had steroid shots 3 weeks ago...

3 months post-op. I had steroid shots 3 weeks ago and possibly more tomorrow, and they're helping the fullness in the tip of my nose go down nicely. I will post more pics later this week.

I had my second (and probably last) steroid...

I had my second (and probably last) steroid injection today. They're really helping reduce the swelling and scarring caused by my thick skin.
Oh wow, besides your nose looking great, is that your new addition to your family?
Congrats he is a cutie pie xoxo
Congratulations, he is gorgeous!

10 months post-op and no need for further...

10 months post-op and no need for further appointments. So glad I had it done, would do it again in a heartbeat!
I'm very happy for you! Your results are spectacular, and it seems like everything has been falling into place for you :)
I really enjoyed reading your review. Good on you for pushing through all of the negativity to have it done. Congrats for a new nose and baby :-)
Congrats on your surgery! You look great! Can you post some updated photos? Thanks!
Meridian Plastic Surgeon

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