Can Revision Surgery Help My Bad Rhinoplasty? - Lots of Pictures

I had rhino/septo-plasty over 1.5 years ago and am...

I had rhino/septo-plasty over 1.5 years ago and am unhappy with the results: (1) Pointy/Pinched tip of the nose that is droopy, and hooks down when smiling. (2) Hanging and scarred columella with a prominent scar line. Skin is bulgy and still looks swollen after scar line. (3) Uneven nostrils. (4) Persistent breathing problems. Nostrils collapse in when I breathe in, restricting air flow.

Can revision surgery help any of these issues? Will I need open or closed revision? Can hanging columella be due to persistent swelling, even after 1.5 years? Can steroids be used to correct that issue?

I am worried any further surgery is just going to make things worse.


Hi there- something similar happened to me - and I had a revision, however my case was a lot worse. I think yours looks okay.
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Sorry this happened. Who did your surgery?
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I think it looks good an natural I like the little bit of roundness its really nice and if your a man you don't want an upturned nose
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