Retinol A Nightmare

I tried Retinol A as per my derm's recommendation...

I tried Retinol A as per my derm's recommendation - I did it at night off and on for about two weeks. I went for a run (about 8K) at around 6pm - it was sunny but not hot and although my run lasted only 40 minutes I am now living a nightmare with my face! I have aged myself about 20 yrs as my eyes are extremely wrinkly and crepey and I have red leathery patches along my cheeks! I (like most people on this forum) have spent thousands of dollars on a mid-lift face lift, bleph surgery, fillers and Botox, but I've ruined all this with a $100 tube of skinceauticals retinol ointment - please people - if you value your skin DO NOT USE RETIN A for anything!! it is not worth it - no matter what others say. I hate looking in the mirror now, I used to be blessed with a pretty face that has a much younger look - now these deep retin wrinkles make me look like I'm a hundred years old - I cannot even disguise them with make up! I've been moisturizing my face like mad trying to erase the damage. I'm currently using Vitamin E oil from the caplets right on my face, as well as pro-derm light moisturizer for sensitive skin and flower fairy herbal healing balm - hopefully I can return my skin to normal again *sigh - I'm so depressed over this :(

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this. :(  I'm assuming you didn't know to have sunblock on when you went for your run?

I so appreciate you warning others of how important avoiding sun exposure, especially during the at the start of using a retinol. Here is a Q&A that might be helpful for those using Retin-A and considering sun exposure:

If I MUST Go into the Sun, How Long Should One Stop Using Retin-A Beforehand?

Have you visited your dermatologist since this happened? I would love to hear what they have advised. 

I went back to my PS to ask if anything could be done - and he just wants to put me under a laser to remove the wrinkles, which I'm skeptical about lasers. I wish I had never heard of Retin A - those wrinkles will never resolve I'm afraid.

It's been a month since the retinal disaster and...

it's been a month since the retinal disaster and those hideous wrinkles caused by the retin A cream are still there - looks like I permanently ruined my face with retin a - so depressed.

Wrinkles after Retin A still haven't resolved -...

Wrinkles after Retin A still haven't resolved - looks like permanent damage :(

Keep using the Vitamin E - it will help - skin is meant to re-store itself after 36 days. I had major Chicken Pox when I was 30 and my skin was destroyed, it got better after 3 months of VItamin E liquid pills. All will be better.

Hang in there...My plastic surgeon told me something which put things in proper perspective when I was at the end of my rope, "You're right at the point where most people give up." Retin-A isn't like getting fillers and surgery where you have instant results, it takes time. I began using it about 7 years ago when by Nov. my face wasn't its winter color yet. i thought I needed laser and the ps w/ whom i consulted said it would be shooting an ant with an elephant gun and that Retin-A with Obagi Blender would do the trick. Believe me, I suffered until I peeled. While the new school of thought is that it's better to start a lower dose and work up, it's also true in dermatology "the harsher the treatment, the better the result." That's because it accelerates the healing process at the deeper levels of the skin. Every doctor I know uses Retin-A on their own skin, what does that tell you? Retin-A, with continued, regular use fools the skin into producing more collagen. For all the care you've taken to reflect youth and beauty, it can be very jarring to have a case of the uglies, but it's TEMPORARY. Retin-A is not a totally benign drug, it is very powerful and extreme care must be taken when outdoors. Wear a hat, sunblock and sunglasses. Have another discussion with the doctor about how to get the best results from Retin-A therapy for your condition. BTW, I'm surprised you applied it to your eye area, was that recommended by the doctor??? Please post back and let us know how you're faring. I wish you all the best.

The retinol has completely ruined my face - even...

the retinol has completely ruined my face - even with a very good moisturizing routine along with vitamin E and rosehip oil and top of the line moisturizers from y dermatologist, I cannot erase the wrinkled and damaged skin caused by the retinol - the stuff is garbage and belongs in the trash can.
Retinol and retin a aren't the same thing at all. Retin a is tretinoin, a much more potent form of vitamin a. Could you perhaps clarify: were you damaged by Retin A or by a Retinol product (if so, which one?). Retinol is meant to be far milder and I've been considering using it.
Same thing happened to me. Luckily, I'm in my 20ties, so I still don't look like I'm 100 - more like in my 30ies :)
any change ? r u ok ?
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