Thread Lift Results Not a Good As Expected

Spent quite a lot of money on the thread lift...

Spent quite a lot of money on the thread lift procedure for just ok results. 

I would not recommend this to a friend

DO NOT DO THIS! Spend someextra and get a real lift. I chose a 'highly reputable' expensive PS in a big city for my lift. He decided, on his own(of all the nerve) to add 2 sets of threads. The first to keep the neck from sagging hasbeen fine. The second set a disaster. They run across my upper cheek to my ears. The problem,besides being a bit uneven, is that I you can feel them at the surface and I have developed a reddish brown line across both cheecks, right under my eyes along the threads. It cannot be covered-it looks like a second set up eyebags-it is horrendous. If I were litigious I would sue for not telling me he was using threads (now, I wonder if he even cut skin or just used threads-he charged a fortune) and second for the cost to repair. I would never let him touch me again, despite the fact that everything else looked ok. I will be savingmymoney and going to an honest and good PS who will do another lift and remove these threads-I just hope the skin discoloration along them is not permanent. If it is-I will hire the best atty I can find....don't do this type of lift-it is too new the bugs have not been worked out yet
I had contour threads in 2005, i have lumps under my skin where the threads have been knotted one of the threads has broken through the skin and is sticking out of my head I have contacted my surgeon who is going to cut off the knot under a local today .
I would NOT recommend anyone has this surgery the results are not worth the discomfort ,
Thank you for your comment for this treatment,J start to think this is not whath j prefer
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