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Botox Results Great, but Eyes Were Swollen for 2 Days

I put Botox in my crow's feet wrinkles about 2...

I put Botox in my crow's feet wrinkles about 2 weeks ago. 5 to 6 days after the injections, one eye swell and the other day the other one. The swelling went away within 2 days, but it scared me heaps.

My nurse says that maybe I shouldn't take it again. I can't find anyone else on the Internet who has the same experience.

Overall, the Botox results are great, but I am not sure whether I am going to continue with it.
I received botox over 5 months ago and my eyes are still swollen and horrific. I have seen a plastic surgeon and he said in many cases swelling stays a year, longer, or requires surgery. I am only 28 and have suffered this long... they said older women may take longer to recover. I have met several other women suffering over a year. The women here were so very lucky to only have puffing for a couple weeks. Please take a look at my pictures and think twice before you do botox.... I did it for 2 years with NO problems and then this happened. You are playing rushing roulette with your face.
I have been getting botox for almost 1 1/2 years now to forehead, between brows, along brows for eye lift and to crowsfeet area. I had my last botox treatment 2 weeks ago and awoke yesterday with severe swelling/puffiness around my eyes, mostly inner eyelids and area above eyelid and between brow bone-looks horrible, and still present today! Last year I had similar incident, but the swelling was isloated to between brows and corners of inner eyes, which completely resolved in 2-3 days. Other than these two occurances, no problems with botox injections. Is this an allergy to botox, should I be concerned about future treatments, development of anaphylaxis??? Sure hope not, I love the results!
I also have had botox on my forehead and between my brows 5 days ago. The results are good except my swollen puffy eyes....not a good look! I am getting married in a week's time...help!! Will the swellling go down in time?
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