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I had eye liner, eyebrows and lip color done. It...

I had eye liner, eyebrows and lip color done. It looks great. I always had very thin eyebrows and I had to draw them on every day. Sometimes one eyebrow would get partcially wiped off, how embarrassing. My certified tech has been doing permanent make-up tattooing for 10 yrs. I met several of her customers and they all looked great. Make sure that your tech is certified and that she does the proper shape eye brow and the right color for your lips to enhance you skin color. My tech used numbing cream and it was really not that uncomfortable at all. The eye liner was a little unnerving for me since my eyes are so sensitive, they just teared a lot. I wake up every morning looking like I just put my make-up on, it is wonderful.

I would recommend this procedure done for everyone.


Wow, I guess permanent isn't so permanent. Sorry to hear that it is fading already. I was briefly thinking about doing that with the lips verses plumping, which I think doesn't look natural but I quess I will stick to pencils. If you had it all to do over would still do the permanent makeup? If you get the right color lip liner and line more than the edges, it can look very natural. The key to the picking the right shade is to look at the color of your inner lower lip and match as closely as you can. Good luck and God Bless.
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well my lipliner that i got in thailand- i have no clue how it didn't stay permanent i guess i was really disgusted with it and was very determined that it must not stay on my face so i peeled and peeled. i guess it wasnt that deep although extremely painful. now the more recent lipliner i got like a month ago - it seems to be fading too! it doesnt seem permanent at all. i am not happy with this. i don't know if my eyeliner will go away completely, i think there will be some hint of color but not as dark as before when it fades.
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I got my eyeliner done and I LOVE it. It is black and she did it exactly the way i wanted it. I love the convenience and also waking up beautiful. Email me if you are curious for pics. I want to do lips but no lipliner cuz lipliner looks trashy/unnatural. I want to fill in my eyebrows too but it can wait. I hope it doesnt get out of hand and then I become addicted to permanent makeup haha. BUT you MUST choose the right technician for it, cuz I got my lips done years ago by some people in Bangkok Thailand and boy did I hate it, they made me look like a hooker with the darker lipliner. I peeled it off every day after I got it and managed to completely get it all off. Now my lips are natural pink but I want a more dramatic darker color.
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