Restylane for Under Eye Hollowness

After suffering for a few years hearing that I...

After suffering for a few years hearing that I looked tired all the time I thought long and hard about getting this done. After reading alot of the reviews I was very nervous about the results with bruising and swelling. I shouldn't have been. It went great. He numbed me up with some cream for about 15 minutes before the injections. It seemed like he stuck me about 10-50 times under each eye! Some of them I felt but it was bearable like a pinch.

After I was iced, I was handed a mirror. I was shocked but not surprised by a few stick bruises. The ugly ditch under my eyes was gone! Yeah. Now we'll see how long it lasts. He used a full syringe on me so no left overs. It's been about 3 hours since I've had it done.

Looks great so far. He told me to use Arnica for the next week until I see him again and to use ice today as much as I can. I also took Quercetin with Bromelain caps on my own a few days before I went. I got up some Arnica gel to use too. I wanted to be prepared as much as I could. ")

I'll also be sleeping with my head abit elevated tonight. I'll be updating to give current results as I go.


Hi! I'm interested in getting Restylane for the hollows under my eyes and my laugh lines. How do I find a good doctor? The only local dr I found is a board certified family practice physician.
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Hi Capca, Welcome to RealSelf. A good place to start is the Boston Restylane doctor directory, which also has reviews from RealSelf members in Boston.
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Hi I'm new in this site. I would like some names of good doctors and affordable in Boston area. Thanks
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Update: August 2011 Well I'm amazed and still...

Update: August 2011
Well I'm amazed and still very happy with the results. So far I have not had anymore injections since the 1st time I went! That's 2 1/2 years! It's still holding up perfectly. I see no decrease at all. The area is still not hollow at all. If I pull down the skin I can see the Restylane under my skin still. I have noticed that if I do any crying sometimes the next day I have a good size bag under the eye that had some "extra" injected into on my recheck from my initial visit. He told me that it when he added more that sometimes it can create a bag instead of just filling in the area. He was right but it's not bad at all and doesn't bug me unless I do some crying and it swells up. Can't say enough how happy I am about doing this and I'm SO grateful to Dr Sandy Sule. Because of him I can breath (He did surgery on my sinuses) and don't look tired all the time from getting the Restylane injections.


Hi. No, my doctor did not charge "extra" for the touch up. I still would ask before setting up the appt just so there is no surprises for you ;) Not sure if he told you or not but I would at least wait a good week or more until getting anymore injected. Letting everything get settled in and all the swelling and or bruising be gone is wise before loading up on more. I too hope it lasts for you. Mine is still holding up and it's been 3 years and 3 months. And I'm sure surprised and happy about that!
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Hi and thanks for your review and updates! I just had my first treatment yesterday. I like it, so far. I was wondering if there was a charge for the "touch up" treatment? My doctor said that if I wasnt completely happy with it, he would fix it. I like it and I have some swelling, so its hard to tell, but I feel like I may need a little extra under one eye. Did your doctor charge you? Just wondering. Thanks and I hope mine lasts as long as yours!
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Wow! You look fantastic! :)
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