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I had a horrible experience with Restylane. I had...

I had a horrible experience with Restylane. I had injections under each eye. Days later the product appeared lumpy. I went back to the doctor. I expressed my concerns of the lumpy appearance.

Weeks later the doctor did ultrasound under my eyes to "break" the product down. Later Frasel Laser was performed under my eyes. The product seemed to go down at that time.

Six months later, a mass producted under right eye. I went to regular doctor and then eye doctor. They treated it for a eye infection. The mass was still there after treatment for infection. I later went to a specialist. I later had to have both eyes biopsied. The biopsied result "foreign material-Restylane. I now have scars under both eyes.

Horrible experience.

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Later discover there is a simple injection to dissolve Restylane. Doctor didn't have that injection therefore did not use on me. Could have possibly save me scars under each eye.

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I will never have an injection near my eyes I would be scared to death ! I think the doctor make it seem harmless so do the advertisement giving people a false sense of security
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i agree, rystelane is great if the dr. is great. your dr had no business doing that, too close to your vision, and absolutely did not know what she was doing. i smell a lawsuit, which i would never say, but i am sick of drs. and others saying they can do all these procedures just to cash in without dealing with insurance companies. you could have been blinded.. go back, and also see an attorney if you have anything permanent. i did notice your price of procedure listed as $150. I have never ever heard of anything in that ballpark. the cheapest ever, on sale, was about 450. per syringe. ask your dr. how many times she injected people's eyes, you may be surprised at her answer. i just hope the liability doesnt lie with you for not doing your homework.. sorry for you, but go back.
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all the MD's and the TV ads and magazine ads make it sound so simple! My gosh, can't these MD's be held accountable for all of the "botched" jobs that they do!? I feel so badly for you! Good luck!
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Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately, I will have to live with the physical scars under my eyes for the rest of life. The doctor on the other hand doesn't. Big life lesson. Thanks again.
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you did not have a horrible experience with resylane you had a horrible experience with the injector. when placed correctly with an experienced injector restylane is a wonderful product.
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After speaking with a specialist, some people's body do not accept this product. This "rejection" can be offset by an another injection. Some doctors do not have those on hand. Unfortnately the product is only as good as the injector. The other unfortnate thing is lack of controls with the administration of these products. I just wish I would have known to ask if the doctor had this rejection injections prior to allow this product to be use on me. Now I have have two physical scars under my eyes from surgery not considering the emotional scars of that and the scare of possible "cancer" we went through. Thanks for the comment.
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