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Ive always had pretty much NO upper lip...couldnt...

Ive always had pretty much NO upper lip...couldnt wear lipstick without brown lipliner to make it look bigger. I finally made the decision to get veneers (my teeth were a whole different story) and I had the temporary veneers applied today, so I figured now was as best a time as ever to do the restylane in my upper lip.

I was a little nervous because I didnt want anything really obvious, and I have read horror stories on here about duck lips, etc. I told the PA-C about what I wanted and what i didnt, and she suggested that I just get a teeny bit on my bottom lips so that it would pout out too. She used some numbing cream, but i had a dental block earlier in the day at my dentists office that hadnt completely worn off. The injections were just a bit uncomfortable. I only bought half of a syringe (not sure how much is in that), and we didnt use all of it this time; Im going to go back in a few weeks or a month maybe and use the rest. I just really really hope that it lasts awhile for me, even four months I would be happy with. I posted some pics, i dont know if you can tell the difference but i can. Wish me luck that this will last for me!

I've been doing injectables for over 8 years and the claims here, that some last up to 2 years has never happened to me. Apparently, I'm in a small minority of folks that eats through all this stuff quickly......I get 8 weeks out of botox and almost 4 months out of the rest....quite frankly its becoming cost prohibitive to continue this way.....I go to two different Dermatologists. Last month my son got married and prior to the wedding, I spent a total of almost 7,000.00 worth of injectables and I still didn't get the full effect of what I was looking for......Im frustrated as hell.
I've done these injectables time and again over a period of 8 years ( Im 61) and the claims here that some of these things last up 2 years NEVER happened to me......I eat through all this stuff way too quickly, or so I'm told, and end up paying a fortune for all of it...Botox, Voluma, Restalyne. Botox wears off in about 8 weeks and the rest, if I'm lucky, I'lI get 4 months out of..Its becoming quite cost prohibitive! IS this normal
Go to a different doctor. They didn't inject the restalyne correctly. I can see the restalyne above your natural lip line.If the doctor injected it underneath your natural lip the lips would plump up from behind and you wouldn't get that weird looking upper lip. GO TO A DIFFERENT DOCTOR!!! I have had collagen, juvederm and restalyne for many years. I've had many different doctors and many different results. Your lips still look better than before though. If you line your upper lips above your natural lip line than your lips will look more natural. Actually, what is a pa-C?? physicians assistant?? Go to the doctor. Go to a plastic surgeons office. I have the best results when I get a plastic surgeon (MD)to do the injections. You still look fantastic! I'm not trying to get down on you, I just want you to know that there are better results out there...especially for the money you have to spend on the procedure. PS. ALWAYS get a dental block. The numbing cream really doesn't work as well as a dental block. I love the dental blocks. Four tiny pricks and you can't feel the injections at all!!
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