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I'm a 32 mommy of 2 boys 10 and 3. My second son...

I'm a 32 mommy of 2 boys 10 and 3. My second son definitely did a number on my tummy, I think he was a pro karate kid since he knew he could move, so he stretched out my muscles. In 2010 after i lost weight from my pregnancy (went from 150lbs to 126lbs) I had a mini tummy tuck that my gyno did. It definitely got rid of a lot of skin, but the pooch from the stretched muscles were still there.

I tried working out and even though it helped a bit I am still not happy with my tummy. I went to my consult on 7/12/12 with a PS that did my breast augmentation in 2004 (amazing doc). I am now scheduled for a full TT next Wednesday and a but scared and anxious.

I was told that since I don't have a lot of loose skin I may end up having a small vertical scar from my belly button being pulled down to where the hip to hip scar will be. I wish I would have gone straight to having the full tummy tuck instead of the mini first, I would have saved a LOT of time and money :(

That's awesome! Glad you're happy :) a week from today I'll be recouping from my TT too, I'm excited... I know it's going to make me feel better about myself, I'll definitely have to update with pics :)
I am a 52 yo male that wasn't pregnant but had a huge beer belly for 30 plus years. I had all sorts of doubts and apprehensions doing this. This is not a typical older male activity but my thinking is: I will probably live at least another 20years and by golly I am going to have the flat abs I haven't had since I was 12. I never married, don't date, and have spent most of my life taking care of others. I did some lifestyle changes and 6months ago the TT idea popped in my head. Well, I am 3 days post op and last night I took off my binder to have a peek. "thank you Lord". I have just started the long roller coaster recovery process and I am already elated.

My first piece of advice: GO FOR IT.

And when you go in be in the best physical and mental shape you can be.

One more day to go!!! I got the call from my PS...

One more day to go!!! I got the call from my PS office to confirm my surgery and time, I got all my meds ready but can't find one of them :( I think the pharmacy forgot to give it to me... I'm glad I have a 12hr work day ahead of me to get my mind off things.
So tomorrow I will be on a liquid diet, I'm nervous and tired. I will update again tomorrow. Hopefully I can upload some pictures, I wish they had the capability to do it through my phone.
Good night!
You are going to appreciate the entire experience. Seize the moment.

Liquid diet today! I have a bag full of different...

Liquid diet today! I have a bag full of different drinks... yum.

At home and have been sleeping, I will be able to...

At home and have been sleeping, I will be able to see my belly tomorrow at my post up. The doc as always is awesome, called my hubby this eve to make sure I was doing ok. Pain level with meds is pretty low. I'm excited though and can't wait to see.

2days post-op and I think I did too much, it's...

2days post-op and I think I did too much, it's hard when you have a 3 yr old who has a fever and needs a lot of attention, at one point I had to sort of pick him up to change him and my swelling went up since. I was laying in bet and felt a pop on my pubic area and Ive been having a burning sensation since and hoping it will go away, I'm having such a hard time feeling comfortable.

6 days post-op, I get stitches out tomorrow. Pain...

6 days post-op, I get stitches out tomorrow. Pain is pretty much subsided, bruising is still there and swelling definitely not going anywhere for a while. I had to sneeze today and it hurt pretty badly.
Also constipation is no fun, it really adds to the pressure I already feel, I've been taking stool softness and milk of magnesia which don't seem to have helped me much yet. I was told to use a laxative, I used the laxative suppository which wasn't a good time. By chance I also tried my son's fleet Pedia Lax which is a glycerine suppository and it definitely helped me without the pain.
Sorry for the TMI but I hope it helps someone.
Hope you're feeling better today!
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