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Brow Lift - Reston, VA

As a social worker, we communicate with our eyes....

As a social worker, we communicate with our eyes. In my case, my upper lids were so swollen that I looked mean. Dr Weston corrected that problem and I was very pleased. Recovery was 2 weeks or so...and 6 months later, I continue to heal and get more and more compliments from how "rested" and "younger" I look.
Reston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Weston is a perfectionist and a pro. He knows exactly what he is doing and does it well. I went to several ophthalmologists who just wanted to remove the skin but I believed Dr Weston when he said a brow lift is the only way to go for me. Healing time was about right - went on a cruise in late April and everyone kept mentioning how rested I looked...no one guessed anything more than that. Now, six months later, I continue to see small changes as the botox wears off and my brows lower slightly. But I am very pleased overall and would highly recommend this doctor

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I had my face lift August 2013 and had a brow lift. It is four months later and for the past two months, I have had non-stop itching of the scalp. I have lost almost half of the hair on my head because I can't stop scratching. The worst itching is in the area of where the endotine fixation post were placed. I have lumps and bumps on my head from these fixation posts. I am so miserable that I have to take Benadryl, a muscle relaxer, and zanex in the evening after I get off of work just to calm down. My scalp stays sore from scratching. I have sores on my head and it burns when I wash my hair. I have tried everything for the itching and nothing works. I put ice packs on my head and it helps some, but I can't wear ice on my head at work. I am driving my co-workers crazy from scratching my head all day at work. My plastic surgeon did not tell me that I would have these side effects when we discussed my surgery. I am somewhat happy with how I look from the face lift, but I thought I would look much younger and some people have not noticed a change at all. I am very depressed and miserable all the time. I sometimes think about suicide because I don't want to live with the severe itching. I would not recommend anyone to have a brow lift, It is not worth it!!
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Brow lifts are barbaric! 4 months later I can't do any sports. I have burning on my forehead! I feel like I have a very tight hay on my head! I have CONSTANT head aches! Never encourage people to have a Brow lift! It's a GAMBLE!!!! Be responsible of what you tell people !!!!!!!!
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Honey,it took me 6 months to recover,I was in so much pain I almost felt like dieing.Now I am so glad I had it down,It took years off my age.
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I used Doctor Jay Burns in Dallas,He did a great job,I have heard that Doctor Ken Smart JR.In Frisco Texas is also a great PS,Women who have used him say they were very pleased with him,If I ever have more PS I am going to use him.
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You are very Lucky you had such an easy recovery! Most people aren't so lucky. I would never recommend a brow lift to anyone! I am still having strong side effects 3 months later. I can't run, jog or doing any sports. The top of my head feels skin tight numb. And hurts like heck. It feels like little bugs are under my skin. I lost a lot of hair. My face lift turned out great. I eye lift turned out great but DID effect my Vision! The brow lift is horrible! You took a big gamble. I'm happy for you but I don't think people like you know what could have happened to you... It has been horrible !!!!!
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You look great!!! You had an upper eye lift done too, right?
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Wow, wow, wow! Great results. You look so refreshed. Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! Were there parts of your recovery that were particularly challenging?

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I tried to sleep upright for at least a week to keep the blood draining...and wore frozen plastic eye glass things to keep the swelling down...it was tough to watch TV or sleep much of the day as I tried to keep from working. But no pain...I just looked like a monster for a while and kept myself home. I'd do it again for sure (but I hope not to)
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