I am 42 years old, size 34A, really 34AA, athletic...

I am 42 years old, size 34A, really 34AA, athletic build - 5'4", 113 lbs. My surgery is scheduled for September 21st, and its getting hard to concentrate on anything else! I've chosen 234cc gel, under the muscle. I've been considering this for over two years, but still feeling nervous, mostly about the recovery.

I'm scheduled to travel with my family on post-op day 6 or 7 - a 7hr car trip....any advice on how I'll be feeling by then? I can always opt out and stay home, but trying to plan ahead.

Thanks, reading everyone's reviews here has been so helpful!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Wearing something that zips or buttons up the front would probably be helpful, but you may not need it by then. Check out Makenzie's review. She will give you a good idea of what to expect a week or two post op.

well i got my BA done 5 aways away from home and we drove home the day after surgery. it wasnt too bad except when we went over a bumpy part in the road... that hurt. but other than that, you should be fine. i was in a hummer so i was able to let the back seats down and make a bed.. i dont know what your driving situation is but just make sure you bring pillows and blankets to be comfortable. honestly.. the pain from surgery wasnt bad AT ALL, the worse part for me was waking up to a bitten tounge while i was being operated on.. i dont know how i did that but youll be fine.
Thanks Diana! That's helpful to know. I'm also concerned about what clothing I'll fit into or be comfortable in. There is a formal dinner (its my hubbies 20 yr college reunion) and I have no clue what I'll be wearing by then!

Tomorrow's the big day, can't wait! I'm scheduled...

Tomorrow's the big day, can't wait! I'm scheduled for 7am, so other than the logistics of getting my kids off to school, I'm happy with the early time. I'm going very modest, with 234cc and will have a pain pump, so I'm not too worried about the pain. I plan to take my last "before" pictures tonight, and I'll post some later.

Good luck with the surgery xxs! Look forward to seeing the post op piks and wish you a speedy recovery:-))

Surgery was this morning and I'm so relieved to...

Surgery was this morning and I'm so relieved to have it behind me! I was nauseous when getting out of the car when I returned home, and again after climbing the stairs to my bedroom, but I just kept still for a while, breathed deeply, and it passed, thankfully! I took my meds and went to sleep for 2 hours. Woke up feeling much better, less drunk and less pain, although my earlier pain was tolerable.

I've eaten a light lunch, watched tv, and sat on back deck for a while with hubby. It's a beautiful day here and I feel good!

I am able to slowly raise my arms over my head and lightly shrug my shoulders, and use bathroom independently. What more could I want?

By the way, I do have the pain pump, am taking a muscle relaxant and oxycodone. I am wearing a surgical bra as well as a strap. I go in tomorrow morning for my first checkup, and was told I could the. Take a shower. Yeah!

Thanks for your well wishes!
Welcome to the other side! Glad to hear you're doing well and look forward to your updates. :)

Thinking of you today! When you feel up to it, please report back and let us know how you're doing.

Off I go!!!

Day 1 Well, I'm more than 24 hours post-op and...

Day 1

Well, I'm more than 24 hours post-op and feel great! Had my post-op visit this am and he said everything looks great, I had minimal bleeding during the surgey and he felt that I have minimal swelling. I'd say that I'm tender, but if I'm careful to to do anything strenuous, I'm in no pain at all. For example, I couldn't open refrigerator door, but could pour my own coffee, and slowly put my hair back in a low ponytail.

No nausea since initially coming home yesterday, but occasional shivers, which tense me up and don't feel that good. Deep breaths help.

He has me in a surgical bra and strap, but I only have to wear strap 1/2 the time.

I slept great on and off yesterday and was able to sleep most of the night, elevated on a bed wedge covered with pillows, using a neck pillow to support head. It was fine, really, and no morning boob, at least not yet!

I'm so relieved the surgery is over, as I was pretty anxious and can now relex a bit. Gonna post some more before pics and my one post pic now.

How do I post more pictures? All I see is a link...

How do I post more pictures? All I see is a link to add a YouTube video....

Day 2 I've added more before photos, as well...

Day 2

I've added more before photos, as well as my first post-op pictures. I think I'm bigger than I look in the black bra, so I took one cleavage picture, hubby approved! Feeling great!

Evening update- a bit more sore, but manageable....

Evening update- a bit more sore, but manageable. I've heard that pain and swelling may go up on days two and three, so not surprised.

The incision sites hurt less than the pain pump sites. I'm surprised at how tender those are, but suspect they'll heal quickly.

I'm taking an assorted post-op vitamin packet from Make Me Heal in addition to Arnica Montana. Supposed to help with swelling and bruising, although I don't have much bruising.

More tomorrow!
XXS you look great. I don't see much swelling at all. I think you'll be fine for the 7 hour trip comi g up.
I wish I could help you but I don't know how either. :(
I am happy you ate doing well. I can't wait to see your pictures! This is the size I was considering.

It's now 48-hours post-op and things are going...

It's now 48-hours post-op and things are going well. Pressure is reducing a bit and still no real pain, just tenderness. I'm going to a six-hour cycle of pain meds instead of four today so we'll see how that goes. My only complaint is that I am quite itchy when trying to sleep. I don't have a rash, nor do I have any itchiness in throat, whichbwouldnsignalman allergic reaction. But I'm itchy n legs and arms, even my scalp. Much better when I'm awake than trying to sleep. Not sure what that's about.

More later!
Thanks! My ps is Dr. Poindexter. Love him!

Congrats on the new ta ta's XXS!! Sexxxy cleavage, you go girl:-))
Hey, hon. You live in my general area (I reside in Fairfax, VA)! I'm scheduled for an appointment for my own breast augmentation surgery on October 19th! Just out of curiousity, who is your doctor? I can't wait to see how mine is going to turn out. Your breasts look fantastic! :)

Slept very well last night, the itchiness is gone,...

Slept very well last night, the itchiness is gone, thank goodness! I've not gone fully off my oxycodone and muscle relaxant, and am just taking Advil every 4-6 hours. Still have a bit of medicine in the pain pump, but that will likely run out tonight or tomorrow morning. No further swelling or bruising has occurred. I've been up today getting some work done at the computer, and have been able to concentrate. However, I still feel out of it and weak - I thought that was from the meds, but I've been off them for about 24 hours and still feel fatigued and shaky. I was able to fix myself breakfast and pack my kids' lunches, but will continue to take it easy today and plan to nap later.

Will post day 3 pics a little later! All in all, doing well!

I meant to say that I've now gone off my meds...

I meant to say that I've now gone off my meds except for Advil...

Went for a 1/2 mile walk this afternoon, which...

Went for a 1/2 mile walk this afternoon, which felt great! I removed the pain pump this evening, which felt a little weird, but it didn't hurt, and now I feel more free! And...we took more pics! It was fun trying on some of my old clothes!

I think today is still considered day 3, if day one is the day AFTER surgery. I feel like its day 4, since I was home from my surgery by 10am on Friday, so this is the end of my 4th day. Whatever!
you look absolutely fantastic. I love to hear that you are recovering so quickly. I think you made a perfect choice.
Hope you're on the road to a speedy recovery! Do you think you can post up more pics of you post-op? :)
The pain meds are probably making you itchy! They always make me itchy!

So today was the best day yet, really feeling more...

So today was the best day yet, really feeling more like myself. I was able to sit and do work for several hours, unloaded the dishwasher (2 dishes at a time), and drove for the first time. Today was my first day without the pain pump, so I feel more muscle tightness, but no pain. I only took Advil once for some achiness in my back - that upright sleeping is starting to take its toll. . Driving felt different, as it uses those pec muscles more than you think! Was also able to blow dry my hair without pain, and I have long hair and a heavy dryer!

I am now looking forward to my trip on Thursday, now that I know what I look like and what clothes I can still wear (keeping the oh so beautiful post-op bra in mind!). Thanks for all the supportive comments!!
You doctor did a Great job. You look so natural but better. He gave you the perfect size for your body.
They look great. I'm glad your doing so well.
Thank you!! Am looking forward to the drop and fluff, though!!

So, I got out a bit more today, got my hair cut...

So, I got out a bit more today, got my hair cut and colored and did a little shopping. Definitely feeling tired from it, but still no pain. I haven't taken Advil since yesterday evening. I'm looking forward to my energy returning, that is for sure! I added one picture I took this morning, couldn't resist!! Tomorrow is my post-op visit to have stitches removed, then we are off on our trip north for a busy reunion weekend - hope I can keep up!
That is one of the reasons I decided to write my story here, as no one really talks about it much. What doctors have you consulted with in the area?
Wow, your breasts look great! I seriously LOVE reading your updates. Just knowing that someone else in the area has gone through this and is loving her result really makes me feel better. I'm sure MANY, MANY other women have gone through this sort of surgery in this area but no one really talks about it. East Coast are not as open and frank about it as the West Coast women. :/
Thanks! They don't seem so natural to me yet, but I know I have to be patient. They are very tight still and don't move at all, but time will tell!

Its been a while since I've updated, I've been...

Its been a while since I've updated, I've been busy! Last Thursday, at 6 days post-op, I had my stitches removed and given the ok to sleep however I want and wear whatever bra I want (except underwire). I was told to massage the girls four times a day.

We travelled on Thursday up to my hubbies' reunion - he drove, of course - car ride was a bit uncomfortable for my back, but boobs were fine!
I was able to start sleeping on my sides on Friday (7 days post-op), which is just plain awesome. It has been helping my energy level, which has slowly been coming back. The best way I can describe how I've been feeling is slightly dizzy, like lightheaded and, and shaky, like I'm hypoglycemic. Drinking gatorade and protein smoothies has helped a bit, but still trying not to overdo things is the best medicine.

Funny stories from the reunion - the first person I see from the past comes up and gives me what has to be the world's strongest hug. I nearly passed out from pain - I thought she popped a boob! The pain subsided, but I was very careful for all the remaining hugs! THe next night, I walk into the dinner and the first person I see is wearing the same dress as me! What are the odds? But, I have to say, I looked way better in it than she did! LOL

As for the girls, they seem to be softening up quite a bit, although no "dropping or fluffing" yet. My skin is no longer shiny, and I can move them up and down just a bit. The massaging doesn't hurt a bit - he has me making small circles deep into the tissue, all along the top half of my breast, like on the numbers of a clock. The incisions itch once in a while, and may ache late in the day, but otherwise, I don't feel them. Still have tape over the incisions and forgot to ask how long to leave the tape on, or if I should put oil on or massage the incisions.

I can wear just about all my old clothes again. I could start putting clothing over my head (rather than only button up or zipper front clothes) starting at day 5, I'd say. I can even put a regular sports bra on, without the open front, but my post-op bra is still the most comfortable.

Light exercising comes next week, but no running or upper body for another two weeks. I'm a runner, so I'm looking forward to that and will have to find a good supportive sports bra before then.

One more picture added from last night - I don't really see a difference yet, do you?

I can't think of anything else at this time. Stay tuned...

I'm freaking out a bit - I had a routine dental...

I'm freaking out a bit - I had a routine dental appointment scheduled this past Monday, which was 10 days post-op. I hadn't heard about many ps's prescribing antibiotics for dental work, until AFTER I went!! Now I'm completely freaking out that I'm going to get CC - there is some theory that dental work lets bacteria into your blood stream and the bacteria finds foreign bodies (replacement heart valves, knees, hips, stints, and breast implants) and creates a film which causes CC. I'm upset that this wasn't discussed in my pre-op with my ps, or I certainly would have waited! Anyone hear anything about this?

Otherwise, I must say, I'm feeling pretty good. Still tired, but sleeping really well (on sides!) and having no pain. Looking forward to energy coming back and doing some light exercise next week.
You look great! Can you tell me which size and type(anatomical or round) impant you got? I am thinking of having an operation my PS told me it would be better to use anatomicals but as they carry the risk of malrotation, I don't want to use them I quess, of course I came to this decision after reading so many PS answers.
Thanks! They are round, smooth, moderate profile, 234cc, under the muscle.
You look awesome xxs!! The ta ta's are super perky & there's no frankenboob either...Lol are you a fitness model??  wish I had abz like yours:-)

3 weeks post-op (23 days) New pictures added. ...

3 weeks post-op (23 days)

New pictures added. They have softened up a lot and seem to be looking more natural. I've been lucky to have had such a good recovery. I've had no morning boob, no "zingers", etc. I went for a 3 mile walk today and lightly jogged for about 1/4 mile. It felt great to be running again, and hopefully I'll get the ok at my next appointment this Friday. I haven't been back to see my ps since my 1 week post-op, but other than the scare with the dentist, I haven't had any concerns. The only strange feelings are when I do things like scrub the countertops, or clap, as my pecs do contract over my implants in a strange way. But that is getting less noticeable.

I'm very much enjoying my new additions. All my clothes look so much better! In fact, my husband compliments me each morning on my "new clothes." I've waited quite a long time for these "new clothes" and loving every minute!
You look great and very very natural! I'm in NoVa as well...in the process of going for consults.
false post - no new pictures yet, its not letting me update, but I'll try again later.

Four weeks post-op! There is thankfully not...

Four weeks post-op!

There is thankfully not much to report at this point. Things have been going very well. I saw my ps for a follow-up this morning and got the all-clear to essentially do or wear anything I want. The answer to the dental/antibiotics questions is, who knows? There is no scientific data to support using antibiotics during dental procedures. He does not routinely prescribe them, but will if it makes me more comfortable. Too many antibiotics in use these days, so I'll pass. I don't have to continue the massages either, although I don't mind doing them for a little longer, just to be sure!

I'll take more pictures tonight. I don't see any change, but they are very soft now. I'll report back once I've started running again - maybe this afternoon if I'm motivated enough!

Well, I guess my body remembers how to run! I had...

Well, I guess my body remembers how to run! I had on a good sports bra, and felt no bouncing at all. Of course, I'm still smaller than many of you are or will be ;) I ran a conservative 3.6 miles, but thats enough to know I can do the Turkey Trot next month! Happy healing everyone!
You look great!
What bra did you wear directly after the surgery? And how long did you wear it?

I finally got up the nerve to add unclothed pre-op...

I finally got up the nerve to add unclothed pre-op pictures. As my mom said, they were pretty pathetic. Thanks Mom!
Mom's can be so brutal sometimes but you did something about it and you look incredible!
Beautiful!! They dropped nicely!!! Congrats!! :)
You look amazing!!!!

Sooo.....went to Victoria's Secret today.....I'm...

Sooo.....went to Victoria's Secret today.....I'm now a 32D. I was stunned, as I went with a very moderate implant (234cc). Not to say that I'm upset, not in the least, but surprised! I left without buying anything, as I want to weight at least until the 6 week mark before investing in bras. However, I'm not sure ill drop or fluff much more, they look and feel good already. I'm going to wait another week before taking anymore pictures, so I can really see a difference. I did add one photo from my shopping experience today, though. Had to share!!

Things have been going very well still, although I did get a yeast infection last week, probably from the antibiotics, although that was 4 weeks prior. Be sure to eat your yogurt every day for a full month after the antibiotics. Otherwise, things are good I ran 3 times this week and have been doing sit-ups, dips, push-ups, etc. again. Slowly increasing the reps, and just added light hand weights. Starting to feel stronger again.

That's it for now. Wish me luck for the upcoming hurricane. Aiming north of us, but suppose to be bad either way...
You look awesome! Very natural!!! Congrats on your awesome results.
Looking real good, xxs. If you're wanting a bra to keep the girls reined in try a Bali microfiber bra. I've bought a couple because they will grow with me and I'm telling you these babies are comfortable! You can find them at Kohl's. Can't wait to see more pictures.
I will look for them. I'm sure they are way less than VS. I wonder if the sizing is the same.

10 weeks post-op Honestly, there is not much to...

10 weeks post-op

Honestly, there is not much to report. I love my new breasts! I finally have stopped touching them first thing in the morning, just to see if they are still there ;). I still wear the silicone strips on the scars. I'm not thrilled with the placement of my left incision, it is much higher than the crease, while the right one is just slightly above the crease. I don't really have a "crease" at all on either breast, since they are not overly large. The scars are nice and flat, but still red. My PS says the silicone only helps with them staying flat; only time with take care of the redness.

I haven't gotten up the nerve to go back to VS to try on bras, especially with the malls being crazy for the holidays. Last time I went, about 4 weeks ago, I measured as a 32D, but didn't buy any bras at that time. I know my hubby is dying for me to go back and get sized again (I don't think they've changed at all), so he can buy me some sexy stocking stuffers, LOL!

I did, however, buy the zip-up sexy sports bra from VS, and I returned it, as it chaffed my skin under my breasts by the very bottom of the zipper. I had two scabs there for a week after a short run in that bra. Awful! A regular sports bra is just fine, though, don't feel any movement when running at all.

Overall, I am very happy. I probably could have gone a little bigger, but I'm completely satisfied. I go for my 3 month post-op visit in 2 weeks, and they'll take my official "after" picture. Hopefully I'll get copies and post the official before and afters here.
Great results!!! About the dental thing ... I didn't know about taking antibiotics either for dental procedures either because of the implants until I developed cap con and stately end researching it more. My cap con started months after a skin infection (staph) on my right boob. I had 225 overs and took the revision as a chance to go larger, 350 unders with Strattice and I am happy. I was ok with225, but these 350s do not require my push-up bras. They are perfect. And I run also daily with no problems (just double up my sports bras). Yours look amazing!!!
Wow your whole experience sounds wonderful! I'm going in for my surgery next week. I am 5'1" 112 lbs (all muscle) so I choose a 234 mod + silicone implant. But my PS wanted me to go go 300cc high profile. I'm so nervous I choose to small of a size but your story and results gives me comfort it will look amazing. Thanks for the review!
You look awesome. I am also going for a very modest size. I am a 34A and want a 34B I am thinking 200-250? My PS suggested high profile silicone under muscle and he is also using a pain pump! :) Do you feel this helped a lot? My surgery is April 17th and I can't stop obsessing over the size! Are you still a D?? Do you love them? I can't wait to love mine ;)
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