Lip Lift in Reston, VA

I'm about to get a lip lift in Virginia. I am...

I'm about to get a lip lift in Virginia. I am posting two photos of me. One is me with lip injectibles in lips, and also above my upper lip (bad idea, looks horrible). I went last Thursday and had the filler taken out of my upper lip. (I left the filler in my lower lip, although I might get it taken out. I think it's pretty exaggerated.) There's still some in there however. I think I need the doctor to inject more Vitrase.

The second photo is after the Vitrase, in preparation for my lip lift this Friday.

I look really bad right now :( I had forgotten how long my upper lip was. I had the filler in for over 2 years. That didn't really look good either though. Very ducky-looking, very fake.

I should also mention that the price includes a...

I should also mention that the price includes a corner lift and the Vitrase injections.
I'm glad your out! That's a good sign if it's not much

Swelling. Is ViTrase a permanent filler? I've not
Heard of that. Get lots of rest!
Thanks I'm actually done and in my hotel waiting for the swelling to go down so I can get a better idea of how it's going to look. For some reason there's not nearly the swelling that I've seen in other people's photos. I'm wondering if it's because they didn't attach the sutures to the muscle? Anyway, when I get home tomorrow I'll post a photo!
Tomorrow is your surgery, Good Luck, I will say a little prayer for you! You look like a good candidate for this procedure. I can't wait to see your results.

So it's over. I was really super anxious leading...

So it's over. I was really super anxious leading up to this. I was afraid it was going to really hurt. Well, it didn't, surprisingly enough, and there's little pain, little bruising, and not that much swelling. Not at all what I expected. My biggest concern now is that I didn't get enough skin taken off, and that it might have to be modified, but the doctor did say that that is not a big deal. That it's better to err on the side of caution and come back later and just take a little off after. He said it's a minor procedure and nothing like what I just had done. I'm not sure how it works, and what effect another one would have scar-wise, so we'll see. I'm probably jumping the gun anyway. I know I need to be patient and let the swelling go down and see where I'm at. I'm just anxious and was hoping for more spectacular results sooner! Anyway, my post-op is on Thursday, so we'll see what the doc thinks and how I look. Either way, it's a huge improvement on my natural overly long upper lip!
Thanks, yeah, it's already looking pretty good, but I am worried that it's not going to lift up as much as I'd hoped, but we'll see. From other reviews I've read, people usually overreact when it doesn't happen right away, and I'm probably doing the same thing! Anyway, I'm posting a photo from yesterday and today, so you can see...
Oops sorry I missed your comment about the Vitrase. That's actually to take filler out of your lip. So I had a lot of Restylane and Juvederm in and above my upper lip, so in order to do an effective lip lift, the doctor had to inject Vitrase to remove that, so that when he went to do the lip lift, he was pulling up natural tissue, not the overplump filler. And fyi, the injection of Vitrase hurt, but the dissolving didn't hurt.

Today is day 3 after surgery and I'm still anxious...

Today is day 3 after surgery and I'm still anxious about how this will turn out. The corners of my mouth are so droopy. I look more mopey than I did before the surgery. I am praying that that changes soon :(
I'm on steriods and I've been icing my lips all day.
Thank you! Yes, it gets better everyday. I have good days and bad I can wake up one morning and look great or have more swelling than the week before. I'm practicing my patients too! Mine looks good ,but I'm still not completely back to normal. Week three is the worst FYI. Good luck!!
Thanks. I looked at your photos, you look incredible. And you're right, what a difference 4 weeks make. I guess I should just be patient! I'm going to wait a while before I post any more photos, since I don't think there will be much noticeable difference over the next week or so. I'm so glad how great yours turned out! You must be really happy :)
Wow!! It looks better already! Yeah, I was worried that he didn't lift my lip enough but, 4 weeks later I could finally see some teeth while my mouth was relaxed. I just posted some pics too!

I'm updating because I'm unsure of how I look! I...

I'm updating because I'm unsure of how I look! I think it looks okay, but I'm definitely missing all of the fullness that my filler gave my upper lip. Now there's absolutely NO filler in my upper lip, this is all natural, so now I feel like it looks too thin! It's like I had too many things done at once. I removed all filler from upper lip and then had the lip lift. Also, I have no idea how much swelling there still might be, so I don't know if my face looks heavy because I'm bloated or because of swelling or just plain weight! Aaargggh!
I think it looks lots better than the before pic. I also think your right your expecting too much too soon. My Dr. Said 3 months for all the swelling to go down,then if you feel you need more fullness add some filler.

Today is day 11, and I feel like my lip is...

Today is day 11, and I feel like my lip is dropping. I'm been comparing my pics for the last hour from the days after the surgery to today. I'm definitely obsessing. The doctor said that for 9 out of 10 people, as the swelling decreases, the lip moves upward. I'm afraid that I am the 10th out of 10. It seems like it's pretty much done. I mean, I don't see any more swelling, and I think now it's starting to drop a little. I don't know, but I do know that my doctor is very conservative, and now I'm afraid he didn't take off enough skin. He said it wouldn't be a big deal to come back and take off a little more, but I have no idea how that works. How could it be that simple?

I should also mention that I had the doctor put...

I should also mention that I had the doctor put more Vitrase in my upper lip, when I went to have the sutures out, because I felt like it looked like I still had filler in part of my upper lip, and that it was looking lopsided.

Okay, I'm going back for my revision on Thursday!...

Okay, I'm going back for my revision on Thursday! I am more scared this time, because I'm doing it under a local instead of general anesthesia :( Has anyone had it done under a local? I would prefer the general, but although the revision is free, to go under again would cost $800, which I can't afford. So instead I'm taking Valium and hoping that I feel out of it enough to not realize what's going on.
I think it looked much better even when you thought he hadn't done enough... it looks great!
We won't know what doctor not to go to since you don't list a name??
Happy New Year! Just wondering how things turned out with your revision? Hope all is well and that you will post some new photos soon.
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