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I work in an Ophthalmology practice which promotes...

I work in an Ophthalmology practice which promotes Latisse. I recently stopped using Latisse and noticed my eyelashes looking considerably less full and lengthy then BEFORE I began using the product. They did not go back to what they were before, they were sparse and stubby looking! I've since restated using the product but I'm very disappointed in the side effect once you stop using it. I never would have used it had I known this would be a lifelong commitment.

It is called Care Prost from the Indian pharmacy called "All Day Chemist." Go to:
Shipping is $25 but you still save a fortune. Purchase other stuff like generic Trentinoin (Retin A) for $4 instead of $85+. Get several tubbes / bottles of products and stock up or order with your friends and split the shipping costs.
I had a similar experience. When my lashes got AMAZING, they got brittle and started falling out and my eyes were itching like crazy (this was with the name-brand product, too).

What I learned was, once you get the great result, only use it twice a week after that to maintain result. Sometimes I only use it once a week but I use the GENERIC only now for $10.

Where can you get a generic brand? What is it called? Thanks!!


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