Had My Re-Reduction April 20th!

Hello! My first reduction was my freshman year of...

Hello! My first reduction was my freshman year of high school, in 1989. It was a fantastic decision at the time! With 23 years, three pregnancies, three (mostly) breastfed babies and some weight gain, I'm sitting at a 38 DDD/G. A few weeks ago, I received a call that my PS had a cancellation and could see me the following week, instead of my original appointment date 6 months out. His office submitted it to insurance and the *very next day* I received the approval letter in the mail. They must have processed it immediately and put it the in mail that day (it's local, so 1 day delivery). Anyway, I'm nervous about having a repeat reduction. My PS is the best in the area, and he said that there is a risk of compromising the blood supply to the nipple, since pedicle has already been done and my old PS likely doesn't have the records. According to him, worst case scenario if blood supply is compromised, he does a reconstruction. (He didn't say it exactly like that... but that's my summary.) He didn't seem to think that the risk was great, but of course it is a possibility. I'm hoping my old PS (out of state from where I live now) has the records, but it's unlikely. If anyone has been through a repeat reduction, (I think - LOL) I would like to hear your story / advice.

I haven't heard of repeat but bet you will do fine. Keep us posted and Good Luck!
Welcome, Nice!
I've never heard of anyone getting approved so quickly! That is AWESOME! I will be anxious to hear how you are doing. Please keep us posted!

As suspected, my former PS doesn't have my records...

As suspected, my former PS doesn't have my records any longer, which is unfortunate. My pre-op appointment is a week from Wednesday, on March 28th. I'll be sure to ask my PS more about the risks of a repeat reduction. Obviously, the risks must be low or he wouldn't perform the surgery.

My pre-op mammogram is scheduled for a week from Tuesday, March 27th. It will be my first mammogram and I'm not sure what to expect.... I've heard everything from no discomfort to extremely painful.
If you are having a digital mammogram it really isn't too bad. Not anything like the old fashioned ones! Good luck with your consult. I hope it all goes well for you!
I had my first mammo before my surgery also. It was just fine. Even with the big breasts. I felt bad for the nurse. She was a little thing and had to try and lift and position my big ol boobies. lol

24 days to go... the count down is on! Today was...

24 days to go... the count down is on! Today was my pre-op mammogram. It was my first ever and went well. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. The best part is that the results were read quickly and all is well!

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment with my PS. I'm nervous and excited, but hope that my nerves will be calmed at the appointment.
Let us know how it goes and if you have any more questions. I am sure things changed a lot since your first one. Do you have scars from the first one?
Yes, I do have scars from the first reduction. They're the typical anchor pattern. Other than there being a perfect delineation between the areola and the breast skin (no fading from one color to the other), you'd be hard pressed to notice the scars. The vertical scar is completely invisible, although you could feel it if you touched it, if that makes sense. The scar under the breast is slightly more visible, but is hidden by the breast itself.

My PS today said that he'll remove all of the skin tissue with the previous scars, so I'll only have one set of scars.

My pre-op appointment was today and went great. ...

My pre-op appointment was today and went great. I'm feeling much more at ease. With having a RE-reduction, I've been worried about the possibility of blood supply being compromised. My PS said that in 15 years, he has had 3 re-reductions with complications. The first, he was able to tell during surgery that the nipple and areola were losing blood supply and he did a nipple graft during surgery on one side. The second, over the course of days, the patient lost blood supply to the nipple. He said that the scenario was much different, in that the patient was much older and was morbidly obese. He did nipple reconstruction and both he and the patient were satisfied with the outcome. The third, the patient began to have blood supply issues in one nipple. He and the patient decided to wait and monitor the progress. Eventually, the blood supply corrected itself. He was very thorough and went through each scenario.

I'll post the answers to my other questions, in case they help someone else:

-I may shower on day 2, or wait until after my drain tubes are removed on day 3. The nurse said that many patients wait until after their drain tubes are removed because they are afraid to remove the Ace bandage themselves and the drain tubes can be difficult to navigate. In any event, I can take a shallow bath whenever I feel like it... which I'll be doing!

-I'll have dissolvable stitches, so no stitch removal.

-The PS's office will send me home with a post-op bra, but I may wish to buy a few more to rotate through.

-He is planning to remove 600 grams from each breast. He said that 200 grams generally equals one cup size. I've lost a little weight and am currently a 38G / 38DDD, so that would take me down to approximately a C. He did ask if I would be happy with a B, if he was able to do that. My answer was that I'd do backflips! LOL
Congratulations on your re-reduction. Keep us posted on how it goes.
Glad your appointment went so well! It is wonderful when you are able to have that peace of mind!
Good luck! I can't help but ask, how do you like their appearance all these years (and kids) later (besides the size, of course). Shape, scars, etc? I always wonder about the satisfaction rate yrs down the road, and you're the perfect gal to ask! I wish you the best of luck!

The countdown is on!!!! Only 4 days to go! My...

The countdown is on!!!! Only 4 days to go! My concern with complications is lifting. I realized that a complication of a re-reduction is small and even if something happens, I'll still have the physical burden relieved.

My prescriptions are all filled: nausea patch to start wearing the night before, Zofran if nausea persists after surgery (I have a history of nausea and vomiting from general anesthesia), and Vicodin (which I hope to not have to use much). I bought the pillow with arms from WalMart for sleeping on my back and a bolster from TJ Maxx to put under my knees when sleeping.

Now if I could just find a one-cup-size, front close sports bra! Any suggestions?! (Kohl's and WalMart didn't have them....)
Good luck my surgery sister! Today is the day! Wishing you all the best!
JcPenny has the sports bra that zip in the front. They are very comfy.
Thanks! I'll head up to the mall today.

My repeat reduction was yesterday! So glad to be...

My repeat reduction was yesterday! So glad to be onto the recovery phase. The surgery went well and my biggest fear... blood supply issues... seems to not have happened!!!!

I'm feeling remarkably well and taking pain meds every few hours. There relatively no pain, just soreness. They have my chest bound up very tight with a wrap that will come off at my post-op appointment on Monday. There's be relatively little drainage.

The reading pillow with arms made it much easier to sleep last night. I actually slept pretty well.
You look fantastic!!! So happy for you :-)

Wow! They look really great! I don't think you should worry about your husband's reaction! Super excited for you!

How wonderful that you are so happy! I'm sure your husband will be too, especially when you are struting around all confident and sexy with your high firm breasts! Congratulations!!

5 Days Post-Op: Recovery is going amazingly well! ...

5 Days Post-Op: Recovery is going amazingly well! I'm basically back to normal, except for not lifting more than 10 pounds. My mom left today, so we'll see how it goes with putting our 2 year old into her crib tonight. We put a chair next to the crib, so hopefully I can coax her into it. :o)

My breasts look good, but feel even better! I'm pleased with the size and shape, but I'm surprised that I could have gone smaller. There's some swelling, I would imagine, and I'd still like to lose 30 pounds more, so it would be totally fine if they ended up even smaller. I was originally thinking that I'm a large B / small C, but I'm thinking maybe I'm a medium C / small D (possibly from swelling since the bandages were removed on Day 2). Can't wait to find out for sure in a few weeks when I can go bra shopping!

I have two areas of slight concern. My right breast (and right in the picture, thanks to the mirror) is larger. (It was larger before surgery as well.) When my drains were in, the right barely drained. BUT when I took of the binding, it drained quite a lot one time, then went back to almost nothing. I'm hoping it is just retaining more fluid and will even out eventually. The second concern is on my left breast. There's a "wrinkle" towards the middle. I can't tell if it's from the steri-strip or not. If not, hopefully it will relax over time.

All and all, I'm very, very please. Even if my two concerns don't resolve themselves, I'm still extremely pleased! And this was a repeat reduction... my PS had additional challenges... maintaining blood supply was BY FAR my main objective. He did that flawlessly and maintained sensation on both sides. Thumps up to him! (Sorry for rambling on....)
Congrats and happy recovering to you! Glad that you were able to get past the obstacle of getting your sweet one into her bed!
Tonight's bedtime was even better. She was *excited* to climb on the chair and even insisted that I not help her. LOL My husband will be back from his business trip tonight, so she might be disappointed tomorrow when the chair returns to the dining room. :o)
I was more swollen on one side. It took a while for them to even out. You look pretty even from the pix though. I think the wrinkle will even out with time. I have a couple of hard areas in my scars that they say will soften also. I just keep massaging my Bio oil on them. You are looking great!

I was at the store solo this afternoon and decided...

I was at the store solo this afternoon and decided to grab an underwire-free bra to try on for fun. The 38C was too big!!!! I'm guessing the 38B or 36C would have fit. This is one happy girl! I still have about 30 pounds to lose and would be tickled to end up even smaller.

On a related note, my right side (and right in my pictures) is still considerably larger. While it may end up being a little larger than the left (as it was pre-re-reduction LOL), I'm now believing that the size difference may be mostly attributable to swelling. The right seems to have more "going on"... tingling, pulling, etc. It all seems like normal sensations in the healing process, but there's definitely more activity on the right. Can anyone give an opinion as to how long significant swelling can last? I remember reading that some swelling can last longer than 6 months, but I would imagine that the bulk of it is gone long before that, no? Thanks!
Your results look great! The swelling can definitely last months. I am 7 weeks out and for the longest time the right one was a tad bigger. Now that I'm back to the gym, my left one swells significantly after a workout but they are both back to the same size by morning. The also seem to have gotten smaller over the last couple of weeks and I am inching towards fitting into that C comfortably. You have months before you can really determine your size.
My PS's nurse forewarned me about exertion and swelling. I've noticed that just with my activity level that the swelling will increase. I'm going to be patient and I'm sure 6 months will be here before I know it! :o)

How exciting it must have been to have that bra be too big! What an amazing feeling, I'm sure! I did not change much in size at all even after the swelling went down. Rather than decreasing in size they more just settled into place as the swelling left. I think I reached my final shape and size by 6 months.

Was you husband surprised by how well you were doing when he got home last night? Hope you don't have trouble getting your daughter to bed tonight!

I'm freaked out at the moment. My PS said that...

I'm freaked out at the moment. My PS said that the steri-strips should stay on for 2 weeks. Seeing as tomorrow is 2 weeks, I peeled up the corner of one to see how easily it would come off. There was a little dried blood on the incision. I *immediately* got light headed and tried in vain to call for my husband who was asleep in the next room. The next thing I remember I was looking sideways at the shower door and didn't know where I was. I passed out cold and landed on the laundry basket. I was able to barely remember and get out my husband's name. It took me a few minutes to completely recover. I'm sitting here shaking.
So sorry! I thought I was woozy. You really are! Glad you are ok. You will look back on this and giggle someday!
OH NO! The nurse in me wants to give you medical advice but the friend in me just wants to give you a hug. I'm so sorry that happened - how scary it must've been. Are you eating enough? Eat something and drink a whole bunch of water. Hopefully you'll feel better. ((Hug))
Kate - I'm still freaked out! It was very, very scary. Nothing like that has ever happened to me... I'm strong when it comes to blood and whatnot. I'm eating enough and had eaten some Greek yogurt and asparagus just about 30 minutes beforehand. I drink lots of water, as well. :( Tomorrow I'll call my PS and ask him to remove the strips. NO WAY will I peel any loose ends. Still can't believe that happened.....

After a restless sleep, I'm doing fine today. My...

After a restless sleep, I'm doing fine today. My hip hurts a bit where I fell onto the laundry basket. You should see the laundry basket! It's a sturdy one and it looks like a crumpled mess. I'm so thankful that it was there to break my fall! If I would have fallen the other direction, I would have gone into the countertop.

In any event, I spoke with a doctor this morning (not PS) and she was certain it was from pulling up the steri-strip, and not anything else. Thereafter, I called my PS's office. The nurse said that I can come in today and they'll remove the strips for me. So I'm going to do that. There's no chance in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that I'm going to attempt to remove them myself. LOL

Look for a steri-strip-free picture soon!!!! Here's hoping they looks as good in the buff as they do with the strips!
Hi Twice! So very sorry to hear about your scare. Hope that was an isolated incident and was just a reaction to the shock. On a much more superficial note, I have to say your new girls are gorgeous! Absolutely perfect! You must be thrilled. Your before and afters say it all. And the fact that it was a repeat!! WOW. Just don't overdo things too soon and next time you have to do ANYTHING to your incisions, SIT DOWN first (duh!) Congrats on a beautiful outcome!
Glad you're okay!
Twice, congrats on a successful surgery. You look amazing, and I know I would be thrilled if I were you. Listen to your body; when you are woozy or tired, that means you need to REST, REST, REST! Keep eating well and drinking lots of water and you'll do just fine!

FOUR WEEKS post op, as of today! First to the...

FOUR WEEKS post op, as of today! First to the scary part. As you may recall, I fainted while taking off my steri-strips at 2 weeks post-op. A couple of days later, I started feeling "off." I felt fuzzy in the brain, sensitivity to light and sound, my vision was off and I had spells of dizziness. I thought at first that I had a migraine coming on, but after days nothing else happened. Then I started to become worried and thought that I had a sinus infection and it was messing with my optic nerve. After 10 days, I went to the doctor and it turned out that I had a concussion! I didn't know that symptoms could have delayed onset. At the time of the appointment, I was feeling much better, so he didn't order a CT scan to check for brain bleed. (YIKES!) I'm feeling 90% back to normal now. The bruise on my hip hasn't fully healed, so I suppose it's normal that my head hasn't either. :o| Doctor said to take it easy (mentally and physically).

Now on to the reduction.... I feel fine physically and have for a while. I'm VERY pleased with my tiny size! The areola look beautiful. I have full sensitivity. The scars around the areola are perfect and the incision down the front of the breast are perfect. BUT, I'm not totally pleased with the incisions that run underneath the breast. Towards the center, they fold back in on themselves and it's bugging me. I'm also worried that it could invite yeast. Does anyone have experience with having a scar re-done?

Also, on the outside of my right breast, almost under my arm, there is more bulk. I'm going to ask about having that reduced.... maybe with lipo? It's not a huge issue, but he seemed to contour the outside of my left breast more than the right. This is FAR less of an issue than the scar and I might not end up even mentioning it.
Wow a concussion so sorry! Glad you are ok. Your pix look great! Scars under the breasts are kinda ugly for me. I think they will heal but it while take a while. I have some hard spots. Doc says they will get softer. Time will tell.
Thanks, Vivalv! I guess if there are going to be ugly scars, the bottoms ones are the best. :o)

You really look great, Nice! So sorry to hear about the concussion, you really cracked your head that night! I have had some lipo on the sides of my breasts and under my arms as well to get rid of some of that bulge. My PS couldn't do it at the time of the BR or else my insurance company wouldn't pay for the BR. It did make a difference in the contour of my breast.

Hope you continue to feel better!

A remarkable thing has happened in the past few...

A remarkable thing has happened in the past few days. The funky scars in the center are flattening out! It's almost like there were internal stitches pulled overly tight and as they're dissolving, the skin is able to go into it's intended position. (Not sure if that makes sense!) In any event, I'm thinking I might not need a revision. When am I going to lean to have faith in my PS! He's fantastic! A friend said last week that he's seen all of the boobies in town. You have to be good to do work on that many people!
This is so helpful to me, I am having a second reduction 37 years after my first, happening 3rd Jan 2014. have the same blood supply worries and also hope I can be made as small as you! Great result.
WOW! you look greast. I was excited to see your pictures and read how well things have gone for you. So, what size did you finally end up? Your experience has given me encouragement and eased my worries. My PS is female and specializes in women's PS, even reconstruction so I figure that she knows just about everything there is to know about breasts, She said that she uses mostly staples and a few sutures. She also said that she has only had one case of nipple necrosis- ever! I hope I'm not the second but if I am, I'm prepared to deal with additional surgery/care. I have venous congestion in both breasts and hopefully that will not cause healing problems. I've seen pics of her work and she does a greast job. She was able to tell me how she would do my repeat reduction to avoid cutting blood flow by maintaining a mound (pedicle) completely around the areola area.. She explained that many PS pull the skin from top and bottom - she pulls from the sides to give better aesthtetic effect - and especially in my case as I have such a wide base. She plans to remove min. of 500g per breast and expects that I will be a B cup, however, the most important plan is to help me avoid ever needing a support bra again since I have very painful rib inflammation and cannot have any pressure against my ribcage. I told her I already have several good spandex camisoles in sm -med- lg. She's okay with that. I'm looking forward to this coming week - to see if approval comes and I get a date set for surgery. Thanks for being willing to share your experiences. Not too many women have 2nd reductions and are willing to tell their story. :-)

Wow...the picture in your old bra is IMPRESSIVE!
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