10 week post-op update

I'm 46 and haven't had a flat tummy since I...

I'm 46 and haven't had a flat tummy since I started puberty. I have the body of my mother and grandmother...an apple with an emphasis in the belly. In the last couple of years since nearing menopause, I have slowly added fat in my upper abs. Most of my 20s and 30s, I was very physically active, worked with a trainer. Still, a belly. So, as a mid-life gift to myself, I'm going to experience a flat tummy for the first time in my life. I can barely wrap my mind around it.

My hubby thinks I look just fine but is supportive of my decision. I'm looking forward to having different kinds of clothing options and not trying to hide or disguise my mid section in everything.

I'm a little nervous but am very organized and have started making an items needed list from all the wonderful suggestions from this site. I WILL be prepared.

Thought I'd add my beautiful pre-op pics (ha, ha)....

Thought I'd add my beautiful pre-op pics (ha, ha). Six-weeks pre-op and wish I was having surgery tomorrow. Not nervous, as I feel prepared because of the great info on this site plus great reputation of my PS. Although I know it will be a journey, I'm looking forward to being on the flat side.

7 days left before I go to the flat side!!

Had my pre-op today. Having TT w/ MR and just found out today, a little complementary flank lipo to enhance that hour glass look (that is, after the swelling goes down in a few months :)) Not nervous at all, just really ready for this adventure. Just hoping my husband remembers everything he needs to do to help me the first few post-op days. I get him for 2 weeks thanks to FMLA (he has 800 hours of sick, so he can spare a few). The count down begins!!!

On the flat side -po day1

Post-op day 1. Doing pretty good. saw my ps this morning, and everything looks great. I've discovered the importance on keeping up with meds, even though I have a pain pump. Less painful then I imagined, but still quite painful. My hubby has been a great care giver, bless his punkin heart. Will share pics tomorrow then my cg is being washed.

Day 4 post op - doing fantastic!

It's the morning of day 4. Doing much better than I thought I would at this time :). Pic is with my sg and lots of padding for comfort and xtra support. Wound is normal, very little bruising around my lipo areas. One thing I thought was smart of my ps was to put a motion sickness patch behind my ear just before getting wheeled in to the O.R. I think it's helped because nausea has been a non-issue. Can even take my oxy on an empty stomach. Been slowly cutting back on the pain meds and NOT overdoing.

Hubby took the pain pump caths out yesterday afternoon. No pain on that. My drains r slowing down, so hoping at least one gets removed at my next po visit next Tuesday. All-in-all, has been pretty unevenful, which is a blessing.

Post op day 6 - bad news at the ps office

Went to my ps today. Either my cg was too tight or there was too much swelling below my belly button, but I have an issue with the center of my incision. So no cg for a few days. Very bummed but understand that this is a part of the journey, the ups and downs.

Post of day 13 - starting to get a little more spring in my step

Got my last drain out yesterday. Took a real shower this morning, then went and bought a more comfortable Spanx-type cg that fits me better; my ps suggestion. I've attached my updated pics. The front of my incision is looking better. There was an issue with circulation in my cg between po day 1 and po day 6, so I didn't wear it until yesterday. Pretty swollen but am drinking lots of water, detox tea, bromalain, juicing, all the good stuff. I have no expectations until I'm in a bikini for vacation in October, so I'm not stressing over the little stuff. Happy 4th TT sisters!

Post op week 3 - doing better & better everyday

Everyday, my energy gets better and better. Not overdoing, which I think is key for me. Working 1/2 days this week. For some reason sitting at a 90 degree angle at my computer just kills my lower abs. After about 4 hours, I'm rock hard and having some muscle spasms. So I come home, take my Valium and relax for a few hours. The necrosis I got my first week po from my cg being too tight is healing well, thank goodness. PS nurse suggested I do some gentle tissue massage in the area right below my belly button, as that spot is rock hard. Apparently an easy place to build up scar tissue. What an interesting journey so far.

Rock on beautiful TT sisters!

4.week post op

Swelling is improving. Nacrotic area getting better but skin around incision gets really red when i wear my tighter cg, so I'm thinking I'll wear my looser Spanx more often. My greatest challenge is when I'm at work sitting at the computer, after a few hours, my lower abs tighten up like a rock and start spasming. My energy level is coming back slowly. I think I'm just wimpy! But still thrilled I did this!!!

4 week post op picks

10 weeks post-op - what happened to the summer

Healing well from the surgery but healing slowly from part of my incision getting necrotic, due to too small of a cg. Post-op day 6, I was in the ps office, and they pulled the cg off me so fast, my head was spinning. Never wore it again. Bad mistake on their part. Oh well, we can't all have perfect outcomes. But aside from that, I still happy I had the surgery. Holding a little swelling just above my belly button, not sure why. When doing lymphatic drainage technique, which is helping with swelling.

Wound pic

So the po wound I referred to above is about 4 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide x 1/8 to 1/4" deep. Been doing the wet to dry dressing system, which is pulling off all the dead stuff and getting down to healthy tissue. Once healed, I'll have a big, thick, pink scar that my ps will revise in the office, then all will be pretty again.
Reno Plastic Surgeon

Excellent surgical skills, knowledgeable and upfront about the best procedure for me. Her nurse Susan is amazing and very knowledgable. Great front office staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi. Wondering what is the update on your scar opening and packing? I have the same. I had my tt on sept 19. I just left my ps this am...more removing bad tissue. Says I am "doing so much better"...to me it is taking forever and packing 2xs a day and such an awful looking open area. I know it could be worse... I am happy w results of flat tummy. Wondering if you are still packing and how long does it really take to heal once this happens?
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Hi. I'm sorry you have to deal with it. It's kind of a downer, but like you, I'm happy about my flat tummy. So I had surgery 5 months ago, and my wound now is a little smaller than a pea. It started at about 4 1/2 inches long by about 1 1/2 inches wide. I think it closed much slower than my doctor anticipated, but I've also seen way worse wounds so not complaining. Been doing wet to dry since about late July. I have a lot of scarring around the wound and a lot of scar tissue that should soften up over the next 6 months. My surgeon was clear that about 6 months after I heal completely, she can go in, do a simple incision and make the scar and tiny dog ears disappear. No cost to me. That should be standard with all ps. The other thing I should mention is while I was healing from the wound, I was really tired. That's normal from what I understand, so if you're tired, take it easy. Also, protein at each meal is good. Good luck my friend!
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You will heal .. praying for you. Does it hurt you?
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Congrats on your surgery! Hope all is healing well now
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U look really good!!
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You look great. I can hardly wait to be flat like that!
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I looked at your profile. You're going to have great results from a TT. I still look down at my belly and wonder who I'm looking at. Hard to wrap my mind around when I've lived so long looking 3 months pregnant.
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You're still young enough to get many years of enjoyment from your flat belly. I figure I've got another 30 years of living so hopefully it will be worth it for me. I wish I would have done it years ago but I couldn't afford it then.
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Great point. We can enjoy this for long while!
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I know exactly what you mean! You look great. Good luck with your wound , I'm sure it will be great in just a few weeks.
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You look great girl!!
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Your results look great like you have been doing tons of sit ups!!
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Oh thank you. I'm too lazy to do TONS of sit-ups :)
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Gorgeous friend inside and out! You KNOW where I am-LOL!
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Wonderful! I am glad to hear from you... It looks great and will continue to flatten as your healing progresses :D
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Just peaked at your profile page. You look great! It's funny, for the last couple of months, I've been eating so clean, I didn't know what swell hell really was until I had a big plate of smoked ribs at a rib cookoff. Wow, I was miserable the next day. Swollen, my skin hurt. Now I know better!
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Eating definitely effects swelling...it has helped me to eat clean. I still swell but it is slowly improving.
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Whats the lyphatic drainage technique? Also I have that same spot in the front when the black stuff fell off its now starting to look great so don't worry bit will heal and look like the rest. You look so great. What does 10 weeks feel like I'm at 6 and I'm starting to feel like im moving around normal again but I can't over do it.
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I just posted my wound...Yuck! I wish it would have been that simple for me. So lymphatic drainage is pretty cool. If you go to YouTube and type in lymphatic drainage massage, then go to massagebyheatherw. She's a message therapist that has a variety of videos to show how to do this. Go specifically to the two ab videos. Enjoy!
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Thank you I will look at your pics now
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Belly looking amazing!
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Thanks. I just posted my 10-week post-op pics a few minutes ago. Got a new bathing suit bottom cuz my others don't fit. What a terrible problem to have :)
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Yessss exactly! Go girl ..you look great!
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Looking good ;)!!
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Wow you look really good...Pics are awesome!
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