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My surgery is April, 19th while in the doctors...

My surgery is April, 19th while in the doctors consultation he tried to tell me about the regular lipo and said I would not be completely happy with my results but that it would change the way my stomach looks by a lot. Its not that he was trying to talk me out of the procedure he just wanted to make me happy which in turn made me nervous! NOW, being the OCD freak that I am I looked all over the internet about smartlipo and the results and how everyone liked it. I am 5'8 and weigh 185 pounds I wear a size 10 pants. I am not concerned with losing the weight but more the loss of inches. I can not find someone's review that says whether or not they lost inches. I am only having my stomach done, upper and lower. I do not want to spend all this money on something that is not even going to help. I am in the Army, and I only get one week to recover before PT starts again. Someone please help me before I make a mistake!

Alright so after reading all These reviews about...

Alright so after reading all These reviews about how much it hurts and how unbearable it was I have to say I didn't see any truth in it. There were some slight spots like around my belly button and my rib cage area that I was like ehhhh stop but his nurse gave me another pain pill and it went away. I am about 24 hours out and I took some pain pills last night but this morning I'm ok and don't really need them just ate some Advil and I'm laying in bed. I will post some pictures and keep everyone updated.

Oh and also my surgery was pushed back until the...

Oh and also my surgery was pushed back until the 26th part were done the 19th and some yesterday. So far so good.

So I am almost 48 hours out from the surgery on my...

So I am almost 48 hours out from the surgery on my entire stomach, I took the garmet off to show and almost passed out. I got very dizzy and decided against it. Not much paid and I am able to move around almost like usually just feels like I've done a million sit ups. I can see some progress, but I'm not going to post anymore pictures until after my period because we all know its not my true size right now. I do have a weight difference of about 2 pounds so far and ill tape myself in one week to see how many inches.

Alright so today is day 4 less swelling, still...

Alright so today is day 4 less swelling, still very hard in all spots and skin is hot to warm. I'm trying to sleep a lot to pass the day, when your doctor says the recovery is a day he is lying its more like two weeks you'll need until you can properly function. It feels awkward when taking off my garnet like I have a bowl of jelly in my stomach and my skin is just hanging which it is lol so keeping it on as much as I can, until my stitches get to irritated and I give myself 10-25 minutes off. So far from what I've gathered they took 1860cc of fat witch translates into about 5 pounds, I also just had my stomach upper and lower done so I know the finish result will be fantastic, also the doc said he will do a touch up for 500$ to get any remaining fat left after I've healed. I am optimistic and I can't wait to start working out again just light walking and maybe the elliptical after the stitches are gone. :) happy girl still worth it and also I am no longer taking pain medication it's only needed for the first two days or so after that I took some extra strength Tylenol worked just fine.

Day 5, I am much less swollen, I keep hearing...

Day 5, I am much less swollen, I keep hearing about how everyone else's doctors keys the holes open, curious why he stitched me closed? I tapes myself and no change just yet still pretty swollen, every time I stand its like my skin is ripping on the inside. I haven't taken any pain pills in a few days now I feel fine it's just not a cake walk to get around. I see my doc for the one week on Friday, while taping myself I am the same size as I was before the surgery which is good seeing as I am so swollen I know it'll shrink down a lot. I feel most comfortable in my garmet, my stomach is still a bit numb, is looking better day by day, I know he took almost 5 pounds from just my tummy so I know the end result will look awesome. I also have my first lymphatic massage Friday yay!

Day 6 is the best lost two pounds swelling went...

Day 6 is the best lost two pounds swelling went down so much taking arnica for the bruising which I have maybe one on my side. Liking the new look.

So, today I am 10 days out, I am back to my pre op...

So, today I am 10 days out, I am back to my pre op size in inches in my waist area so the swelling has gone way down. I am starting to wonder when things will start happening, my patience was nev good by this Friday (two weeks) I will start hitting the gym again to help the process along more. I haven't lost any weight on the scale but I see a slight difference in my upper half of my stomach it's much smoother and less bulky even my husband says so. I am hoping to see some real improvement over the next couple of week I have also gotten a small hard lump on my right side I am rubbing it to make it go away.

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Dr. James Murphy is simply amazing, he's kind, generous, and cares more about you then money. I would recommended anyone to him.

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Dollfacesz, thanks so much for your postings. I am in the army myself (newbie- only been in 6mo and 2 of basic training had me gaining like 5lbs and the 4mo of MOS training had me gaining an additional 10) and I missed my tape test by 1%. I just joined a new unit and am trying to get back into a decent pt routine outside morning formations to help but I have ALWAYS had weight issues (I lost 70lbs in order to join) especially with my stomach so I was considering these options. Please keep us posted on your progress and results! Best of luck on your journey.
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Hello :) so far so good day 4 here and I have lost about an inch in my upper waist area, not able to do PT lol at all but maybe in a month I will be able to until then I am on profile. I think it's worth a go, I've also had weight problems like 5-10 pounds more in the army and I dropped 45 to join up. It's really hard to keep your weight in check, the army's PT is to maintain not help lose, my advice? Do it, find a doctor and tell them you want upper and lower smartlipo, this will take care of the tape area and the bottom part. I am an e5 been in since 18. I should've done this a long time ago it really does turn out fantastic in the end and even on day 4 I see dramatic results from my before pics which I will post when the doc e mails them to me! Good luck, stay classy.
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Oh wow awesome. Well thank you very much for replying (and for the photos you posted)- I really appreciate the encouragement. I think I will definitely entertain the option as soon as I get a little more established in my unit (I would hate to go on profile as soon as I join my new unit). Its crazy how difficult it is for some of us to lose and keep weight off even being IN the army. I had been considering doing a tummy tuck but I eventually want to have children so I think this may be a good alternative for now. Anyhow, yes please post before and after pics and hopefully your healing will go smoothly. Thanks again!
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I'm not on profile for this I hurt my foot during a ruck and I'm on profile for that, then took leave for two weeks and did this lol using the system to my advantage. I am not sure if I could pull off pt by week two yet I will let you know by day 14, so far I love it. When I see him Friday ill grab those beforehand pics an post them for you to see how much of a change there is. I have had such a hard time I workout 4 days a week plus PT and run remedial PT by volunteering so I can keep up my weight I'm 5'8 175lbs before this never passed a weigh in but max my PT tests every time.
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Hey Doll Make sure u find someone that does the massages u need, get at least 2 and see if it works for u.. U should post pics that way u help out all the other ppl that r scared and nervous too. Yea I agree with extramuffins don't do it to close to ur PT. Good Luck with everything hun..
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Will my doctor suggest one, or do I need to find one on my own?
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No thats fine if ur Dr already knows someone and if u dont like them, have a back up just incase. :) i found suzzane on my own and i love her.
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How much was it? & what should I look for? What's it's called lol
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Its lymphatic massages is for post lipo. Its on one of my updates.. try to get a package so its cheaper. They can run from 60-80$
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Oh! And you will be very swollen for the first week, probably the first two. I wouldn't suggest having this done before pt, because you might be too sore and swollen to do what you need to do to pass. Also, the compression girdle is very limiting. Don't get me wrong, the results are fantastic and everybody is different. But the swelling part is pretty much the same.
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I will be have at least three weeks from the day of my surgery to be able to so light PT. Thank you for sharing! That makes me feel so much better I am 36-31-43 and my goal is I shrink two inches from my waist. I am worried I won't see anything, but then I'm like how would you not? *wipes forehead* you made me feel so much better!
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Thankfully I got some more time off, I am using all my leave days and deployment savings for myself for once. I hope this is worth it!
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Have you tried the It Works detoxing body wraps..? I lost 5 inches around my stomach using those, and they are really affordable and good for your body.. A full treatment is 4 wraps and they are only $25 each
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I noticed the same thing (not many posts about loss of inches). That's why I'm making sure to log the loss of inches on my page. I had my entire abdomen SmartLipo'd 2 weeks ago today. Night before the procedure my waist was 39 inches and my hips were 44. Seven days later my waist was 35 and hips were still 44. 14 days later (today), my waist is 33 and hips are 43. My doctor said i'll be swollen for 4 months, so i'm very happy that this loss of inches is in the swelling phase. Can't wait to see the inches lost when the swelling goes down. Good Luck!
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