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I am 35 years old and a mother of a 5 year old. I...

I am 35 years old and a mother of a 5 year old. I am 5'6" 140 lbs. I had a C-section but have always had a gut no matter how tiny I was. I do pilates, yoga, or ballet conditioning at least 5 days a week. I work as a recovery room nurse so I am one with the surgery scene. A couple of months ago I looked down at my squishy muffin top protruding out from my jeans and decided I had to break up with this flab. I can't believe it had taken me so long to act on this. I met with my PS thinking maybe I would need liposuction. I had no stretch marks with my pregnancy and no redundant skin. I thought in-office liposuction would be awesome. Just throw down a couple of percocets, a valium, suck away and wham bam out the door. Uh, no. Wrong. She said mini-TT with lipo of the flanks. Thus, general anesthesia. Damn. Luckily I work for a surgery center and have an awesome anesthesiologist who is friend of mine. My PS did my boobs 4 years ago and they rock so I only got one consult. I let work know that I needed some OR time and some time off work. I paid my money and then let my husband know I was signed up for May 16. He is all for me looking like a hottie. Then I got the call May 12 that my sugery could be moved up to May 14. Cool. Lets get this done.

May 14--Wore my super cute zip-up robe from Goodwill to the surgery center with my flipflops. I almost didn't wear underwear but since I work with these people I thought I would be classy for a change. My hubby left to go to work as I ordered him to do. I didn't want him waiting around for me. My surgery took almost 4 hours. I don't remember hardly any post-op conversations. My anesthesiologist ROCKS--no nausea, very little pain. I opted for no pain pump. I was fine. Now what they don't tell you about is the amazing mess that was all over the sheets when I got up out of the gurney to go home. That is the only thing I remember. Like 15 dogs had given birth on that sheet. Gross. I was totally loaded on drugs and went home. Set my alarm on my phone for 4 hours to take my next set of pain pills and passed out on the couch at home (with lots of towels underneath me). I woke up, took 2 percocets, half a valium had a monster long pee. I dumped the blood out of my JP drain. I felt like a boy peeing all over the toilet--only I was squirting blood from a drain all over. Then decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwitch. Yes, I was at the stove cooking myself dinner. I am crazy. It is how I roll. Then the drunk texting began. My husband just watched me go. I felt good.

May 15--Percocets and Valium working well. No complaints. I slept and drunk dialed everyone in my cell phone contact list. I called work and thanked them all--again. I laid on the couch and watched Bravo. Walking almost totally upright. Very little abdominal pain. My ass is huge. Like really huge. You could park a car in the shadow of my ass. Must be from the tumescent solution used during the lipo. The compression garment had made a permanent residence in my crotch. It wakes me up like it is attempting to cut me in half starting with the labia. I stuff washcloths in there so it won't touch my skin.

May 16--Had to attend my daughters new student orientation day at her school. Oh, joy. Only took one percocet mid-afternoon so I wouldn't look so loaded. I picked leggings and a shapeless dress for my attire. Figured the zip-up robe might be frowned upon. My ass is still huge. My mom drove me there and hubby stayed home with kiddo. My JP is putting out at least 25 every 8 hrs.

May 17-- First Post-op appointment. Usually she sees people the next day but I was given the ok to see her later in the week since I am a RN--works for me. I drove myself. No percocets after that one yesterday. Pain very tolerable. Anyway, hubby is out of town so I am back on mom duty. Took the garment off in the office. Holy cow! I look amazing! Absolutley flat lower abdomen. A little brusing on the flanks where the lipo was preformed. I have 3 stab sites to my lower lumbar where she lipo'ed my flanks. I can now see that the drain is in my mons. My incision is low and long. It looks good. Drain stays in. Ass is shrinking.

May 21--The area where the lipo was feels like there is hot pokers in my back. It doesn't hurt if I don't move. Still sleeping on the couch. Arnica gel is great for the lipo burn. Taking arnica tabs and bromelian pills, too. Still no shower. Sticking my head in the bathtub. I am gross. All I want to do is apply lotion to my hands. So wierd--I never use hand lotion.

May 23--Back to work. I have an abdominal binder on also. Just in case. Only taking the antibiotic, arnica, bromelian. JP still in place. My crotch is angry because of the garment. Shoving any form of pad or cloth in there. I am over the crotch discomfort.

May 29--I am now starting to cry all the time. I am a weepy mess. This sucks. Drain is still putting out too much. My daughter calls it my 'blood tank.' She has also learned how to milk JP tubing. It won't be out anytime soon No shower yet. I did shave my pubes because I couldn't stand it--big mistake--the crotch is as angry as she has ever been.

June 5 (Post-op day 22)--I finally got my drain out! That hurt--that hurt a lot. I swear that drain was wrapped around my esophagus. I pull drains all the time. I was so glad I didn't even try to pull it myself. I might have died.

June11--Sweet, I have a seroma. The crying had stopped. But now I have a reason to cry. I have a puffy waterbed abdomen. Where is that valium? I have been religious about the garment and an abdominal binder on top of it 24/7. But, I am really active so that doesn't help.

June 12--Seroma tapped. Not much at all. Very minimal--20 ml pulled out. No pain. I am now on a diuretic and told to drink lots of water.

June13--That diuretic makes me pee like a racehorse. Crossing my fingers that the seroma doesn't return. We will see. My abdominal binder is on tight. I seriously may never wear underwear again. My crotch is so tortured. It is pissed. I am not shaving my pubes until this garment is gone--I am rocking the 70s bush. I want nothing near my whorah. My husband is very cool--he says I look amazing. My ass has been back to its normal size for quite some time but is starting to look flabby. Now all I do is order exercise DVDs from Amazon. I am dying to work out. I will post some pics when I download them off my camera. I am walking upright with no more hot poker pain in my back. Only taking the diuretic.


I loved reading your progress reports. They made me giggle, and I'm not feeling much like giggling so that's a compliment. :)
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Loved your review-- hilarious and also informative! I will be having a mini + lipo of the lower abdomen on 7/10. I hope that I'm up and at 'em as soon as you were after my surgery. I'm also debating lipo-ing my thighs while I'm down and out, but I'm not sure...
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June 25--(6 weeks post-op) The seroma returned. ...

June 25--(6 weeks post-op) The seroma returned. It came back about a week ago. Boo. I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow so maybe it will be drained again. My scar looks good. Nice and flat. I have been using some essential oils with calendula oil on the scar a couple of times a day and I am surprised how nice it looks. And I scar so ugly. I am totally pain free. No lipo lumps or bumps. I now contemplate if I should have gotten a full-TT. My lower abdomen looks so good (minus the seroma) the upper abdomen looks more flabby. It's like when you remodel your kitchen--the rest of your house looks like shit. Granted I haven't worked out in 6 weeks. My crotch still gets sore from the compression garment. She is toughening up though.

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I managed to download some pics from my phone. I...

I managed to download some pics from my phone. I specifically requested my co-worker to take intra-operative pics because I was interested in what happened in the OR.


How is your swelling ?
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Thank you so much for your review! You are hillarious and real! I have been looking at Dr Mccormacks website and sent her pics for a pre consultation but have never met anyone who has been a patient of hers, you have just made my decision so much easier! Thanks again!
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Sorry I didn't see this post! I am very pleased with my result. Let me know how your consultation went. What are you going to have done?

It is almost 3 months post-op. I feel great. I...

It is almost 3 months post-op. I feel great. I look amazing. My stomach looks so flat and awesome I can't believe it is mine. I cannot believe I didn't do this surgery years ago. Life is good without love handles and stomach rolls. I cannot even grab any stomach flab now. It's amazing! I still think my flanks are a bit swollen but nothing in comparison to what they looked like pre-op. I got the ok to begin exercising around 2 months post-op and I am exercising like a fiend. My ass got flabby in that 2 months. I tried to do yoga for my first workout and couldn't even muster a cobra position--my stomach is that tight. It is still tight and it is impossible for me to arch backwards. I refer to it, 'As having my stomach screwed on too tight.' This will eventually resolve I'm sure. My scar is fading well. However, the scar from the JP drain in my mons is quite noticeable. But, I could care less.
I am still the same size in all of my clothes, but I just look so much trimmer without any bulges from my muffintop and lower gut flab. I am rocking a bikini this summer. I couldn't be more pleased.


Do you happen to remember how long your swelling lasted? I had a mini TT no MR and flank lip 3 1/2 weeks ago and I frequently have major swelling, like I look pregnant and its hard! Mostly after a long day of lots of activity and I look way bigger than before my surgery. Any tips? I still have to west my cg because It gets pretty uncomfortable and swollen without it. Thanks! Your results look awesome!
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I love your posts, soooo funny!. Sorry about the angry crotch thing. If I had read this at the time I would have recommended one of those crotchless CGs. Talk about sexy - NOT. But at least you can do your bizness without pulling it up and own, having it dig into you, etc. I am thinking about a mini TT.My biggest problem is wrinkly ugly loose skin from having my bambinos. I am not a big girl at 5'5, 127 lbs and most people think I'm crazy for wanting this. What I hate the most though is having to tuck myself into my clothes. Anyway, I just wanted to check how things are for you now? Your last pic at 25 days po is GORGEOUS! How is your scar?
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My scar is still healing. Half of it has faded white and half is still pink in color. You sound like me, Kitten--kid damage ravaged my abdomen, too. My co-workers still think I was crazy for getting my gut cut on but it is so worth it. I love rocking the narrow cut t-shirts now because my belly is so flat. I don't have to worry about constantly tugging my shirt down to cover my flab. I wish I would have had this surgery done 4 years earlier when I had my augmentation (my kid thrashed my boobs, too). Please keep me posted on your thoughts about your own mini-TT.
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Dr McCormack has great bedside manner. The receptionist, Gina, is amazing. She always fits me in if I have a problem. Susan (one of the RNs) is kind and so helpful.

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