Implant Removal and Mastopexy

Like most getting implants removed, I didn't care...

Like most getting implants removed, I didn't care for the look anymore. I never liked my implants, always found them too big and longed for the day to have them removed. I had a mastopexy performed at the same time.

I told Dr McCormack that I didn't care about size, I just wanted pretty. That is exactly what I got. She worked very hard to give me what I wanted and I appreciate the extra hour she took to rework them twice to get them just right. Dr McCormack does the life changing post weight loss surgeries. When I saw the before and after results she gave her full body lift patients, I knew she could give me what I desired in a new set of breasts. Her results are amazing.

The surgery is nothing pain wise compared to the original augmentation. I took pain pills for two days following the surgery and was able to switch to Tylenol. I have been able to take it very easy for almost two weeks and use my bandage to bind myself if I feel uncomfortable. Day 12 I did quite a bit more than I had been doing and had discomfort which required Tylenol. It's a relatively easy seeming surgery but it is still surgery so mentally you have to remember that physically you're still healing.

The first look I had of my breasts was a bit scary. They were swollen, bruised and a bit disfigured looking after being strapped into the post surgery bra. The bruising is still resolving and the scars are healing nicely. They continue to look better and better.

I am looking forward to buying new bras and bathing suits. Overall, it's good to look and feel like my "old, pre baby" self again!

As a reminder, check your doctor's credentials. I always make certain my doctors commit to the extra training board certification requires and capable of giving me the type of care I desire. Dr McCormack's office is a reflection of her and the nurses and staff are extremely caring and accommodating. When you are opting for surgery, it is never too much to ask of yourself to do your homework.

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Did you have drains? If so, how long. I'm having removal on April 12th and not sure about the lift. I'm 56 with silicone over the muscle implants for 28 years....saggy now. I do have quite a bit of natural tissue. My PS is 400 miles away so we are staying until drains come out. At this point just getting them out is going to be wonderful.
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Yes, I did have drains. My surgery was on a Wed and by Sat I had very little drainage. I called my Dr office Monday and asked if I could come in that day and have them removed. Depending on the Dr, they want 20 or 30cc or less in a 24 hr period. I had 400cc silicon under the muscle and my implant was in the pocket, but my real breast was saggy. I definitely needed a lift. On the upside, my sagging did give a somewhat natural appearance as not many augmented breasts look saggy! Good luck and hope that helps!
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Yes...that is very helpful. Did you have the capsule removed. My PS will be doing capsulectomies. I appreciate your quick response. Have a great day.
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No capsulectomies. From my understanding, because mine were under the muscle the capsules can or do attach to the ribs and then the dr would be poking around necessary organs to remove them. I may have my facts a bit askew, but the meaning is correct.
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Hello Just want to be Me! We have all been thru a process trying to find out what is best for our individula situation and finding the right doc that will know whats best for us. What i know for sure ...there is not one size fits all surgeries, however there are many commonalities between if you have saline or silicone and if you have CC , scar tissue or not. Here is a fantastic and informative site that has helped me to ask the right questions with the docs i went to see..and of course all the wonderful ladies sharing there first hand experience! Check this site out....they do not promote or sell anything , its all good info... Countdown......mine are coming out this Friday! All my best to you!
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Thank you so much....I'm symptomatic, therefore, capsulectomies....the more info the more I will be prepared. Just love this forum and all the support. Well wishes to you with your surgery on Friday....keep us up to date!
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I'm symptomatic, therefore capsulectomies...what you say makes sense to me. Thanks again.....I appreciate all the support here. :-)
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I just had removal and lift 4 days ago, would love to know how your getting on...any pics to share?.xx
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I feel good. I walked in a 5k today, careful of arm swinging and putting some room between me and the crazy people at the start. I wore two sports bras in lieu of my ace bandage. I am pretty high energy but am still asking my family to lift and reach for me. Similar to day 12, I must have done a bit too much yesterday as I needed two tylenol last night. It could be some nerve sensation coming back, but it is probably self induced. My scars are healing nicely and I still have a bit of bruising where the anchor scar seams under my breast. I don't have pics to post yet as I need to do some cropping. I will say the results keep getting better and better.
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I'm so glad you're happy with your results! How long ago did you get your implants removed?

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Removal and lift on March 27, 2013
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lol...thats in the thats just a typo!!. Im on day 5 now, feel up down and all over the place...boobs dont feel too bad, its my emotions...the drugs have played havoc with my system, cant wait to be detoxified from the effects of the anasthetic..xx
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Duh! Feb 27, 2013
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