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I am officially 1 month out from my breast...

I am officially 1 month out from my breast augmentation! Like many, I have been planning for this procedure for years and am thrilled that it is finally approaching!

I am 26 years old, '5"8, 135 lbs. I have been bra fitted a 34B/36A, but do not come close to filling the cup. I am a slender build, but have always desired a fuller chest to feel more feminine and sexy. 3 months ago I met with my PS and we discussed goals and implant sizes. My PS recommended 300cc-375cc. I am definitely leaning towards the 375cc or possibly 400cc. I plan to go periareolar, sub muscular with the implants. My goal is to look more curvaceous without looking super fake aka the "did she?" or "didn't she?" look.


Sports bras do nothing but get me more excited for this surgery...

Pre-Op: Check!

I met with my PS yesterday and we finalized everything for the surgery which is now just over 2 weeks away (eee!!!). I filled my prescription meds and now it's just the waiting game.

I have to admit, I am STILL wondering if I will regret not choosing a larger implant size. Almost everyone I know says "go bigger", but I'm also trusting my PS. He seems confident in what will fit my needs and look best on my frame. Any of you other ladies have similar concerns?

1 week to go!!!

I am officially one week out and am so ready to go! Last week I was still feeling a little nervous about my implant selection (375cc) and so I contacted my PS. I sent him photos of my "dream" look and made sure that they were realistic with the implant size I chose. Just to cover all of the bases, he will be bringing 2-3 sizes and will select the best size based on my preferences and chest wall size. Needless to say, I am feeling much more confident in my decision!

Now I am stocking up on some post-op food/drink essentials. Do you girls have any recommendations or must-haves that you discovered?

It's the final countdown!

Not much to update on, just picking up final odds and ends (cotton front-closure sports bras) and cooking a few meals for post-op when I won't be able to cook). My boyfriend is amazing and will be assuming the role of "nurse", helping out where I need it and transporting me to and from work for a few days next week.

How long was it before you girls were able to drive short distances to work, etc.?

4 hours post- op!!!

It's official, I got my surgery today!!! I am still pretty drowsy but thought if take a few pics of the initial "look"

Oops, don't know what happened to that other picture!

Post-op Day 1: Love them already!!!

My PS called this morning to check in on me. I am able to ambulate with much less pain than yesterday and feel amazingly great! I hope I can keep it up! My PS gave me permission to remove my compression bra to take a peek. I am do happy with the look already and can't wait for them to fully "drop and fluff" :D

3 days post-op!

Today is a great day because I have officially reached the 72-hr mark, meaning I finally get to shower! Woohoo! :D Overall, my pain has been really tolerable (thank you ice packs!) I will occasionally get a very sharp pain in my left breast incision (the more swollen side) which feels as though the skin might be trying to open up where the suture is (great image, right?) Thankfully, there is no bleeding or sign of infection, so I think this should subside as the swelling continues to go down.

I've been consistent with all meds, probiotics, and fluids and am just trying to rest up and enjoy my last day at home before a return to work tomorrow.

Working on the booby exercises...

I met with my PS last week and he gave me my booby exercises! I have 4 exercises plus stretching that I need to do a minimum of 10x/day (!) The first few tries definitely felt weird (and my left breast was still pretty tender), but I think I've got the hang of it now. Overall tenderness has been reduced to early morning, but most of the day I am pretty pain-free. I can genuinely say that I notice an increase in movement/flexibility each day. I am hoping to feel some softness to the breast soon as well.

I am post-op day 12 and while my breasts are nowhere near as hard as they were a week ago, they are still quite firm. When did you ladies notice your breasts beginning to soften?

The exercises are working!

I have been sticking to my exercises (4 exercises, 10 seconds each breast, 10 times a day) and what a difference two weeks makes! My breast are moving much more and I can happily say I am completely pain-free. I have an appointment with my PS next week and I'd like to ask about upper body exercise - I'll keep you posted!

First bra purchase post-op: 32DDD!!!

1 month post-op and my PS was extremely please will my progress. My breasts have softened and dropped significantly. He also gave me the go ahead to go buy a real bra (woohoo!) I made my way over to Victoria's Secret to get sized. I used to be a 34B but never filled the cup, so I say a former "A". Anyway, I was fitted as a 32DDD!!! I had heard VS tends to run small, but I found that I needed no less than a "D" cup when I went to Kohls as well. Needless to say I am so happy with these results!

More softening to come?

I received my first push-up bra in the mail today and was so excited to try it on. Now, I am by no means disappointed, but I had hoped for a little more boob "togetherness" like the VS model had online. It got me to thinking that either 1) it's the bra or 2) my boobs have a ways to go in terms of softening and fluffing. I think this marks week 6 for me. How long did you ladies continue to soften for?

Hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day?

2 month update

Not too much to update on in boob world. I feel I've pretty much reached the peak in softening (maybe I'm wrong) but I'm going to keep up with those stretches.

I've very slowly begun exercising upper body again. Some exercises are seemingly back to normal while others (pull ups) are still a no-go. All in all, it feels good to bf active again!

3.5 months post-op

Here are pictures of the various exercises. I hope they are helpful! Also, the last few pictures are of me in work clothes. Even though 32DDD sounds large, on a tall gal like myself (5'7.5"), they can hide easily when you need them to!
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Just read through your story and I am so happy for you! You look AMAZING! Your PS did a fantastic job! :)
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MissKT that is so nice, thank you!!! I know you will make the right choice with your size as well. It can be a hard decision to make, but I know you'll be happy with the outcome!
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Gosh so jealous your's look fab. . I had 365 5 months ago and they are still quite hard and yet to settle into their pocket. I though it was because I had very little prior to surgery and my skin was therefore stretched to the max however you too had little to start with too yet they look perfect already! Any tips? X
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Thank you @Babybunbuns! You look great as well, you picked a great size! I am sure you will soften up soon as well. I know each person has a different rate of recovery. Honestly, the best advice my PS gave me was to do the stretching exercises and do them OFTEN. He recommended 10x/day! Every time I took a quick trip to the bathroom or while making dinner I would do the stretches! Haha I know that may be a bit extreme, but I feel it made the biggest difference for me.
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Thanks for that I suppose it can't do any harm eh! Enjoy your new boobies you'll never look back and soon you'll find it hard to remember the old flat you! Hehehehe ;0) take care x
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you look great! its crazy that with 375cc you went from an a to a ddd... im going with 425cc hp and im an a so i hope i dont measure any bigger than you post as that might be too much for my frame
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I understand what you are saying. I am also pretty tall, which helps balance everything out. My mom was so surprised to hear my bra size after I got fitted, because she said they look so natural. Let your PS know what look you are going for (wish pics are a great idea!) and they should be able to help you get very close. I posted 2 pictures of me in clothes, which may give a better idea of my size. Best of luck! I know you will pick a great size!
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That's awesome. Your pics look great!!!! What kind of post-op excercises were you doing? I'm 10 days out and could use some tips. :) Also, how's your pain level at 2 months out?
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Thank you Daisy and congrats on your recent surgery!!! I will post pictures tomorrow of the exercises my PS recommended. I was pain-free as of no more than 1 month out - I think the exercises were a great help. They are most painful just for the first week or so and then they are just slightly uncomfortable. I promise it gets much easier!
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Hi again Daisy! I posted some pics of the exercises I found really helpful. Let me know if you have any questions!
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Thanks!!! :)
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you look great so what were the final sizes you got? 375cc?
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@minaranjaotro thank you!!! Yep I got the 375 cc moderate plus. My PS told me that was the largest he could fit into my chest wall, so I can't complain hahaha
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thaanks! I have to think more about mine now because I have similar build to you and a very narrow chest diameter and am at the moment going with a 425cc HP...kinda worried they may be too big ..
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I think that size sounds great! Plus, they always say you wish had gone a little larger ;) And really the difference between 375 and 425 is not that great. I think a benefit to the HP is that you'll get more projection versus the moderate, which can sometimes get hidden under clothes. I'm sure you'll make a great choice!
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You look wonderful!! I love that Demi bra, where did you buy that? I want one :)
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Thanks Ready4tatas! It's from Victoria's Secret.
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Gorgeous Tata's!! Looking great and I know you must be thrilled with your bra purchases now! I can't wait to reach that milestone. How was your first day back to work? Looks like you went back after a few days just like I am.
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Thank you! You look terrific as well - congrats on the recent procedures!!! It wasn't too rough adjusting back to work (I was back to work 4 days post-op). The only thing I had to be conscious of was avoiding lifting too much at one time or pulling too hard to open things like drawers or doors! I didn't drive until roughly 10 days out, just to be safe. Best of luck to you on your transition as well!
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You look wonderful! The gap in between your breast looks just right:)
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Thank you Ready4tatas! I guess we can be overly critical of ourselves sometimes ;)
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Boob "togetherness", that is the perfect way to describe the goal!! I really hope it is answer #2, for you and me both :) I have been lying on my sides to sleep in hope that position will encourage the implants to gently shift towards center.
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HawaiiGirl34 I am glad were both on the same page ;D I agree, I try sleeping in different bras/positions to help loosen things up a bit.
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wow they look great! I am trying to figure out what cc i want right now :)
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Thank you minaranjaotro! It can be challenging figuring out the cc that will work best for you, but I am sure you'll make a good choice! Your PS is also a great resource for input. I think it's a good idea to bring in pictures of "dream boobs" on women with similar builds. That way you can shoot for something realistic :)
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