500 Cc Sub Muscular HP

I'm so ready to finally get some boobs! But I'm...

I'm so ready to finally get some boobs! But I'm also still really unsure of the sizing. I'm 5'10" 125 lbs with 32A, possibly AA but not sure. Trying on the sizers at the surgeon's office, 500 cc seems right but looking online it seems like it may be too big. I also don't want to end up feeling like they aren't big enough.

Any one with a slim build have suggestions?
go with the 500cc, I did and I love them.. I'm 5'2 130 pounds. I just go sized today and i'm a 34DDD. But they really don't feel or look that big. I was so surprised... You will love the bigger ones.... Good luck!
If they looked good in the office I'm sure they will look in real life. Though you are very thin I think your height would make them look not too big.
Go w 500cc. Or u will def feel like u didnt go big enough. Lol Good luck

One More Day!

Tomorrow is surgery day! I'm so excited I can hardly handle it! It also seems completely unreal. The nerves haven't kicked in yet but I know I will be in pain. So, I'm cleaning house and trying to make sure I'm completely ready. Tomorrow is going to be kind of difficult because check-in time at the hospital isn't til 2:30 pm and I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. The plan is to drink tons of water today and eat a really late dinner.

Does anyone have suggestions on what to bring for the car ride home?

Wish Tits

Can't wait to hear more from you. Good luck with your procedure and healing :)
I can't wait to see pictures!! I'm so excited for you! Surgery is going to be easier than you think. The surgery center will take such good care of you, it's no big deal. Take the opportunity to relax and be pampered after your surgery, and enjoy the time off of work :) Hope to see pictures soon!
Hi, it depends on what size you are looking to be after.. I just had my 1st consult last Friday and was happy with 400cc in my smaller one and 350cc in the other. I want to be a full C. I am 5' 9" and 158 lbs I am very athletic and didn't want too much up top in fear of it making me look heavy.. 500cc seems big to me for your small frame but.. If your looking to be big then I say go for it!! Good luck and can't wait to see the results!!

1 Day Post Op

Yesterday was the surgery. It seemed completely unreal until I woke up from the anesthesia. Driving home wasn't too bad either, my boyfriend took it really slow for me :)
After propping myself up, I ate some soup. I've never had any problems with anesthesia or pain meds before but I spent pretty much all last night throwing up everything. We tried pain meds with food and without or with just water. Nothing was staying down which created a lot of pain.
Today is going better so far, aside from feeling like a stuffed sausage. Medication is doing it's job and the pain is already significantly less.

Also thought I'd post a few pic of before and after.
Did you get 500cc's ??congrats
A stuffed sausage! I know exactly how you are feeling. You look really great, though. Please keep us updated with pictures! So did you go with 500cc? Congrats!

4 Days Post Op

We visited the Dr. McCormack's office yesterday for the first post-op appointment. So far so good. Wound up going with 450 cc high profiles instead of 500 although it's literally just a few tablespoons less. My breasts seem really large but I think that is because I've been so flat chested all my life. I'm slowly becoming accustomed to them. While my pain is pretty well gone, my boobs are cone shaped and my abdomen is really swollen :( Hopefully my tummy goes back to normal and the implants drop into place soon.
Very nice !!! Your breast look proportionate. Hope your healing goes smoothly ;-)
Tiffany Mccormack

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