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Hello everyone! I decided a few months ago to go...

Hello everyone! I decided a few months ago to go ahead and schedule a BA after the last few years of weight fluctuation/working out. I have always been tall, (5'10") and around 150-145 pounds in my usual shape (2-3 workouts per week). I LOVE my body, and have never had any issues losing weight until I started to lose breast tissue from working out (I went from a well sized 36B/small 34C to a 34A). So I gained about 15 pounds back (a little over 155 now, pants size 8-10, from a 6) and have stopped working out, which has not been great. I tend to either look overweight and have boobs, or be in shape and look like a boy. I will be so happy to be able to work out freely again, and be satisfied with my body overall. So here I am!

I choose Dr. McCormack of McCormack Plastic Surgery after researching different surgeons in the Tahoe area. I felt very comfortable with her and her staff, and her results look very natural and professional. My surgery is scheduled for November 26th, 2014, and I've been counting down the days!!

As of this moment, I want to be at a full D/DD, and I was advised to go with Mentor 700ccs high profile silicone, submuscular (inside the muscle cavity). This may make me larger than my goal bra size, but I don't care that much, it would finally be proportionate to my larger frame. I am definitely looking for a natural look, NOT fake or ball like, which is my biggest concern with the implants.

So for the community, I have a few questions:

Should I go with the high profile or a moderate plus (my other option)? I was advised to do a high profile due to the implant size and the size of my chest, but I can do the moderate plus as well. I am scared to make them look too fake by going with the high profile, several "after" photos are SO high on the chest. I would like them to look "super perky" in bras/push-ups only. Opinions ladies (and gents)?

I've added some current photos of myself along with a wish pic, more to follow.

Thank you all! Glad to have finally joined the site


I really like your goal pic & your pic of what u don't want.... some people don't think about what they don't want to look like!! This is such an exciting time...
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Hi :). Came across your review and just wanted to say don't be scared of the HP's! I'm not saying that it should be a definite choice over mod plus but if your PS recommends it, don't be worried. Mine are HP and I don't think they have a fake look and they definitely don't sit too high on my chest, but if I want to, like you mentioned, I can make them look super perky in a push up bra. Take a look at my review if you'd like and you'll see what I mean! Good luck with everything :)
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Thanks Anna , my PS suggested hi profile also, do you feel they are wide enough ?

Changing PS and Surgery date!!

Hi people! I haven't had much to discuss in a while until recently. My boyfriend (my co-funder) and I decided to shop around a bit more; I decided that I wasn't the biggest fan of McCormack's larger implants. Very perky and very small. Instead, I've chosen to go with Drs. Hall and Wrye. I like their work a lot, especially with larger implants, and overall I felt good in their hands. I've also decided to move my surgery to early/mid October. I would like to be back skiing/outdoor activities during the winter, so the sooner I've gotten the surgery, the sooner I can heal (and have new boobs!!) :D I am ridiculously excited!!!

But now to my worries...both PSs that I've been to have told me that my ribcage isn't that expansive, and I've been strongly recommended to have HP implants vs. MP+, my ideal choice. If I want the MP+s, I would have to decrease size from my ideal 700 (650 after cc loss due to sub-muscular implant placement), to 550 max...a little small. I think I'm going to choose the HP due to size, but I'm very concerned that they will never drop properly and I'll end up with boxy breasts, which is why I love large MP+s. Any stories from ladies out there with HPs who have faced my situation/have natural looking HP implants so I can lose my concern?

Thanks to everyone in advance! I don't know what I would do without the advice from this website. :)

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Just FYI

I'm pretty sure that I'm going with the HPs. I just keep bringing it up to stop worrying, but all of the advice has me leaning towards the HPs. Regardless, I'm excited.

Also, if anyone has suggestions of things to buy/prep for ahead of time (when do I buy a sports bra/surgical bra??) that would be great. I like planning, so any tips will help with the worries. Thanks!!


how many consultations in Reno did you go on? Also, have you heard of Dr James Murphy plastic surgery office in Reno? What's your new cost with your Dr Hall? Good luck and you'll have great results:)
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I'm excited to see your post pics! I have similar stats; 5'10", about 150 lbs...I'm scheduled for Sept 24th & going with the ultra HP due to chest width (maxed at 590cc) excited & nervous ...
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Advice for Talking to Boyfriends/Husbands

This is a strange question, but does anyone have any advice for me on how to approach talking to my boyfriend about this? He knows about the surgery and has been on board financially/emotionally with it since the beginning. Yet the other night, he expressed his concerns that I will resent him for how much more he will be attracted to me, or that I will change as a person and go find someone else. Needless to say, I love him so much, and would not do either of the things he's worried about (he nearly never shows fear, it was very sweet overall). But now I feel that since he brought it up, he tries to avoid the subject when I bring it up...just not sure what to do besides remind him that I'm not going anywhere. I'm not sure if other boyfriends/husbands have been like this, so advice is great! Thanks!


My husband was exactly the same way:).. just little fears that they have. Since me having my ba.. my husband has realized that I was doing it for myself ( not even him lol!!) He loves me just the same and I haven't changed a bit...except for wanting bigger ones. My husband is sitting beside me and this is what he's telling your boyfriend in his own words " when it's all done...they're still boobs and you still get to play with them and they're the ones you're playing with now except better!!! And because your girlfriend feels better about herself sex is even better too"...umm so there you go..a real blokes opinion here lol! Hugs Shelly xoxo
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The old cost was about 6500, my new cost is 5700. I'm very happy with the decrease in price, especially if it comes with a better surgeon! I went on three consultations total, one with McCormack, one with Hall&Wrye and another that I can't remember the name of...oh well, they must've not been that memorable!
Thanks for the reply. I might put doctors Hall/Wrye on my November consultation list. Dr James Murphy and doctors Hall/Wrye is my Reno list. Thanks for keeping us updated:)

It's DONE!!!! :D

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to update before the surgery. B-etween work, moving into a new place, and going to the ER for the Flu last Monday, I've had a lot on my plate lately! I finally had my BA yesterday morning at 10:30 am with Drs. Hall and Wrye, at the Renown Surgical Arts Center. The staff were incredibly nice, especially considering how scared I was. I had barely slept the night before, and I was nearly in tears before they wheeled me in. I don't mind pain overall, but I cannot stand the feeling of being out of control physically (I'm not a drinker/substance user for that exact reason). When Dr. Wrye came in before the surgery, I felt a lot better and my faith in the process was restored! He made jokes, made me feel comfortable and kept me happy. The anesthesiologist was very nicely straightforward with me, and kept me occupied while the other nurses were preparing the surgical room. Before I knew it, I was asleep!

When I woke up I was a bit disoriented, but after about an hour of recovery sleep, I was allowed to return home with my boyfriend (who between unpacking our stuff, bringing me to the ER, taking care of me after the ER, before surgery, and after surgery, has shown me that he is one of the most awesome people EVER). The hardest part by far about the recovery has been the amount of pressure that I feel on my chest, and how weird it is to get used to the change. Otherwise, the pain has definitely been tolerable (a 5 at highest). The doctors did not give me a post-surgical bra, which I would have preferred. Instead, I was wrapped in an ACE bandage and released. I have been told to keep it on for 48 hours, until I take my first shower. I can leave it on past then if need be, or switch to an unlined sports bra.

Some final stats/musings from this moment:

-I went from 5'9" 158 pounds, to 5'9", 168 pounds!! But now I can eventually exercise and get down to my goal weight without compromising my bra size! :)))) Score!

-I went from 34C/36B to what I assume will be a 34DD/36D. I received Round, Smooth Mentor High Profile Silicone at 700ccs in each breast. To be quite honest, I thought that they would initially be a lot larger, but I still can't make that judgement yet, considering that they have been strapped to my chest and riding high for 24 hours now. I'm very excited to see them drop and fluff in the next few months!! As long as I am a decent sized D or above, I will be quite pleased.

-The pain, anti-nausea, and antibiotic pills all seem to be doing well. I'm not a big fan of medications. Before I met my boyfriend I was a mainly holistic/tough it out kind of person, but in this particular instance, I guess its easier to take the medications as a precaution, even if I don't necessarily need them. So I have been sufficiently doped up for two days, watching Netflix and eating Haagen Daas ice cream!

-My only weirdness is that my entire body has been itching mildly since yesterday. My two theories are 1) My skin is peeling due to the severe dehydration and ER visit on Monday, or 2) The antibacterial soap that the surgeons use to clean patients was not rinsed off of my skin properly, and seeing as I can't take a shower until tomorrow afternoon, I will just have to live with it. I took Benadryl as a precaution, in case it was an allergic reaction, but it didn't help much.

-I checked my incisions and they are very small (about 4 inches for one side, and 5 for the other), and are healing nicely. I bought some extra scar strips that I can reapply every day for cleanliness. I have definite sensitivity in my outer boob and cleavage areas, as well as nipple sensitivity!! :) Which I am very grateful for. I have read some recovery stories where women have taken months to regain sensation...I'm glad that I should be recovered sooner rather than later.

That's all for tonight, I still haven't opened up the bandages yet, so I will post more pictures tomorrow once I switch to a sports bra. Thank you everyone!!! This site has been so much help.

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Hello! I meant to say last night that my incisions are 4-5 centimeters wrong, so a little under 2 inches each. Sorry for any confusion!! :) The doctors would never have butchered me like that! Thanks. :) obviously I was still pretty drugged when I wrote the review.

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Random photos, more to come later after my shower and bandage removal!

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ACE bandage removal, into a sports bra!!

Here are the pictures that I have been waiting for! They still need to drop and fluff a lot, especially the right breast, but otherwise, they feel great! I'm getting used to having more weight on my chest, so that specific annoyance is lessening. There is a bit of bruising, which should go away pretty quickly. And my incisions are healing nicely as well. :) I'm so excited to see where they are at in a couple days, then weeks, then months from now!!


You look amazing. ..just you wait till those beauties pop up lol! I soooo want 700cc too!! Hopefully sometime next year xoxo hugs shelly xoxo
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You looking good girlie! I wanted 650 but the doc said they won't fit in me first round so maybe I'll go larger later. I have 500 cc saline. Yours look very nice. Happy healing xoxo :)
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More Pics, Day 3 Post-Op

Good morning everyone! Here are some pictures from this morning, everything is still settling massively (the left is doing much better than the right, but my left has always been bigger and can probably handle it better). The right hurts a lot more than the left, probably because it's taking longer to drop, but I have yet to reach higher than a 6 post-op on the pain scale, even without meds. My skin still itches, but not unbearably so. My only complaint is that I can hear a slight gurgling noise coming from my right breast, but after researching it, I guess it's just normal post surgery fluids that will be absorbed in a few days once the swelling is better.

I took off the ace bandage when I took a shower yesterday (after having it on with gauze pads for two straight days after surgery, no sports bras or anything else). My Dr. said that the longer the ace bandage stays on, the more pressure they will have to settle, so I've been sleeping with the ace bandage over the top of the breasts, and a soft sports bra underneath for support. That's the craziest part of all, they're HEAVY.

Before surgery I went to walmart to buy a post surgical bra and a few sports bras, because the clinic didn't give any after the surgery! I was disappointed about that. You'd think that if you spent thousands of dollars with then, they could at least give you a 5 dollar bra to walk out in. Oh well. Anyway, I bought two 36 band soft sports bras that fit any cup size, which are amazing!! I also bought a 38D, a 36D, and a walmart soft bra size 2XL. Unfortunately, only the 36 soft bras are fitting. The 38 band is too large for me, and the cups fit. Same with the 36D, band is too big and cups fit. So I think I'm exactly where I wanted to be, around a 34D, 34DD once they drop and fluff.

I think the best part about them so far is that I don't look too fake or unnatural, which is perfect! They have a long way to go dropping wise, but I will be able to play them up with a pushup, or down with a sports bra or t-shirt bra, and work any situation. I am super stoked!! :D

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Oops, forgot pics on Post Op day 3

Pictures from this morning!


Where are your incisions located? You look fabulous & I'm sure you will heal wonderfully! :) I'm so sorry everything went smoothly...I wish u a very speedy recovery!
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Sorry about that! My incisions are both under the fold (inframammary) . I couldn't go under the armpit due to size, and I didn't want to damage my nipples at all. The scar is so small, I was surprised! Even the day of surgery, I snuck a peek and it is very clean and small.

Last Update Today, I Promise!

I'm updating because I'm having my first night of "boob blues". They don't hurt as much as the beginning but they are sore and awkward, and feel completely alien against my chest. My right especially has a long way to go, I can feel the implant wall when I flex it accidentally. I keep trying to stay awake and sit up to allow them to drop, but every time I nap they manage to migrate back up to my collar lol. I know that larger implants take longer to heal/adjust to, but I wish I was having an easier recovery like other women seem to have. I don't regret the surgery, I'm just wishing I could see some results a little faster. Or even if they didn't look perfect, if they just felt like they were sitting naturally instead of fighting with my chest.


Hey girl! Chin up....you have awesome results for just a short while....gosh mine looked dreadful for ages!! Just rest up and be spoilt...you got some big implants so your muscles will take time to relax. I'm so jealous of your 700s...ahhh one day!!!
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They look great so far. It will take time for them to drop a fluff:) keep us posted!
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Has anybody here, who made comments, had consultation with doctor James Murphy is Reno. If so, like or dislike and any information you have, would be nice.
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1 Week Post-Op!

I think I've finally made it past the worst part! :) Last time I updated, I was having major problems with pain and size, but I'm much happier now that I'm off the pain meds. My left breast has dropped a LOT, and is close to where it will stay, my right is still having issues but my PS said that they are all normal issues, and it is still super swollen and hasn't had time to drop yet. But I'm off of the pain meds finally! Every day gets a lot better, and last night I was able to sleep on my side, so I feel much better. I'm not sure when I should be sized for a non-wired bra, but I need some support soon, the sports bras aren't doing it. I'm still a little surprised at how small they ended up, especially with 700 ccs, but I'm not that disappointed overall. They're awesome!!

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