If You Got a Big Ol Booty Say Yea! - Aventura, Fl 3/2013 posted valuable info !

Just starting to reseach this proceedure , I have...

Just starting to reseach this proceedure , I have had a MM in July 2011 I plan to finish up my dreams of perfect body by getting this BBL in April 2013 any tips or advice please share. I am mother of two little girls 6 &3 and I work and go to school my biggest concern will be them in my recovery stage.

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Excited to find the right doctor in my area...

excited to find the right doctor in my area reno/tahoe any suggestions??


Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you're going to get lots of information and advice from the other BBL ladies. Please keep us updated on your progress!

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Thank u kristy :) I am not receiving my notifications I see the responses cause uncheck back but I am not getting all the emails? Can we fix that I have gone in and checked and submitted all yo come immediately not working :(
I went a head and used another email address and they are coming in fine now :)

So I'm paying my deposit today!!! Such a good...

So I'm paying my deposit today!!! Such a good feeling! I was orignially going to find a doctor in my area but just could not find anyone here or Nevada that I felt confident in. Don't get me wrong I love dr commons in fresco but I have never seen I'm make a booty as big as I want mine he doesn't see why I would want a butt I can eat off of lol so after soooooooooooooooooo many months of research I decided to go with dr s , not only do I love my work and inthinjnhe has really grassped and master what this generation wants to look kike as far as our assets Lol it gives me a reason to travel to Florida!! I am not really sharing my surgery with my entire family this go round it was hard to get everyone to understand the tt,ba, BL so I just told mynom and sisters who will come well prob not my mom. So I'm officially starting my journey , next step is to b plane ticket early enough so I can get it cheap a and reserve room , probably going to rent a condo or town house any suggestions to those wild be appreciated as well as any sites that have cheap tickets . I also want to prepare a kist of necessities , food choices post op, any advice or opinions I will take em thank u for taking time to read and help me along my journey


Hey congrats on taking this step. girl , your going to look so good once your get your sx. i think u already have a nice body. but having a nice body with a BIG BOOTY... can anyone say HOT HOT HOT. I cant waite to see your results. i will also keep u update with my sx which is now nov 16th.
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Congrats! your story sound similar to mines lol. I live in baltimore and i decided to get my body back!! ( TT, BA, and BBL) I had my TT done in April 2012 so Dr.Salama told me I have to wait a Year or atleast 11 months to get my BBL Because my body need to properly heal, anywayz March or April 2013 will be my time for surgery also today i was suppose to pay my 10% with nancy but i let the office close.. however the price of surgery is $6800.00 and i would like to pay 3400.00 in cash then apply for care credit for the other 3400.00..so hopefully our surgery will be around the same time. If nobody understand your decision about having surgery in looking good again I totally agree lol although your body look pretty good, but welcome to a website where the ladies will uplift you, comfort you, cry with you if you cry, and have good support and excellent advice.
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I am planning to do the same ! save as much as i can and put the rest on credit =) hope you do get it done around my time maybe we can cross paths! I remember the ups and downs of pre op and post op from the other surgeries so i have learned to take a step back and reconnize those emotions this time , but always glad to have you ladies and I am here for everyone also

Check this out 10 things to known about...

Check this out 10 things to known about bbl


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This really caught my eye for those ur us...

This really caught my eye for those ur us normal/thick size ladies being told to loose weight

"At first I started to gain weight. I thought, "I want my fat to be big and juicy for the transfer," because my doctor would only put in 400cc max at a time. I wanted the best results possible. When I told my doctor that I was trying to gain weight he said, "Why?" He said that if my cells were smaller he could collect a greater number of them in that 400cc. He said for me to gain weight after if I wanted, and that when you gain weight your fat cells fill up more. If I then had more living fat cells in my butt area, that I would be more likely to gain weight there." [by buttbutterfly]

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I'm dreading putting up my po pics uggggh I have...

I'm dreading putting up my po pics uggggh I have had a shitty month gained 15 pounds Monday the 11th I'm coming back from a relaxing camping trip and kicking my ace back into shape I think I'm gonna do progress pics I think I weight 170-5 right now fml lol
So 20-25 pounds is my goal I have plenty of time question is who's gonna make sure I stay on it lol I can't do it I know it you ladies check in and make sure I'm not huddled in the corner of burger king stuffing my face lol I wanna be as tone as possible before march gonna do bbl work out video , Jillian Michael videos, turbo fire , insanity a nd maybe p90x dunno yet oh and my yoga I love it good for flexibility lol and who knows maybe some day I'll have sex again lol haven't since divorce year ago and I'm still a young buck lol trust me it ok ladies I'm jus making jokes I got my two angels , school and work that keep me busy! But a girl still wants to look top notch even if I'm not putting out lol ok ladies I did a lot of research tonight on how to prepare our bodies for surgery I will post it all tomorrow when I get on the laptop basically a lot of the needed supplies are on my MM review list except a few thing well good night!

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Revision above I ment dreading putting up pre op...

Revision above I ment dreading putting up pre op pics lol my bad


Thanks :)
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Hello FitPostKids doctor Salama said this?
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Look up 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Butt Augmentation, [buttbutterfly] says her doctor dr. Swliwin stated that to her ,,,,,, hope this helps plus I agree u wanna be at least 10-20 pounds to your ideal weight trust me they will find the fat they need and if anything your lipo will sculpt u even better this way ! Only time I think it's important is if u are a skinny lady but for those of us who are thick or a little over over weight are better to stay that way


Things to do to prepare your body for surgery:

Pre op preparations for your body and mind:
• Healthy diet including high fiber and high protein
• Work out , improves blood circulation
• Quit smoking (3-6 months before) this decreases blood circulation and kills the chances of fat injections living
• Detox or cleanse a week before surgery to remove toxins, helps healing process and can stabilize anesthetics
• Have a pre op lymphatic message to help the fat transfer process
• Maintain a stable weight about 10-20 pounds above your ideal weight
• Avoid sodium , at least lower it greatly
• Hydrate your body as much as possible this will help with scar healing

• What to avoid :
1. Asprin
2. NSAID such as ib profene types
3. Garlic (natural blood thinner)
4. Ginseng
5. Ginkgo
6. Do not over take vitamin E
7. Caffeine

• What to take :
Things that could be taken before to help the healing process post op (Stop 10 days before SX):
1. Vitamin A 10,000-25,000 iu’s
2. Vitamin C 5,000-10,000 mg’s
3. Bromelian 5,000-10,000 mg’s
4. Omega 3
5. Arnica Montana
6. Potassium
7. Stool softner

What to pack:
o Towels
o Bed pads (put under towels cause the towels don’t cut it but the bed pads are not comfortable)
o Stool softners
o Fiber
o Specific chair
o Pillows (all types)
o Case of water bottles
o Medications
o Medication schedule
o Drainage tracker
o Dressings
o Gauze
o Bacitracin or the antibiotic the doc gives ok to use
o Hibiclens or antibacterial soap
o Thermometer
o Wet wipes A lot!
o Make up remover towelettes
o Wisps (little portable tooth brushes)
o Cepacol lozenges (major help with the throat irritation from breathing tube)
o Support garments
o Ice packs
o Camera for pictures
o bucket or pail with lid for nausea (coffee tub or hotel ice bucket)
o PJ's, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that buttons in front
o pair of slippers
o Hand mirror to check out that new booty! lol
o hair scrunchies
o lap top
o female urinal
o chap stick
o gum
o saftey pins ( can help to hold up the drains)
o Tank tops for under graments
o yoga band - to pin drains to for shower
o safety pins

Post op foods :
• Low sodium broths/soups
• Pineapples or pineapple juice
• Ensure
• low salt saltine crackers

remember this is info is from several doctors and each doctor will have specific instructions you need to follow


my ate is march 26
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Your post is really helpful. Thx
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Thanks for the info! I would've been looking forever to get the right things!
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

6/1/2012 Cannot give accurate rating yet i will do as i interact more with dr and his staff so far I have only spoke with nancy and she is a doll she took time to listen to and answer my 30 questions :) I will keep updating! Wait times are far out 5 months at this time but for me it is not an issue I plan very far advance to be sure and accurate.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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