45 Years Old Co2 Laser Photo Diary - Reno, NV

First day.....very painful treatment. I did medium...

First day.....very painful treatment. I did medium treatment on my face and agressive around mouth and chin. Chin area had prior orange peel look. Also did a Madonna around my eyes,

Second day....very swollen, not much pain, but slept a lot. What I'm noticing ist hate ach time I wash my face, as the doctor told me to.....2-4 times a day ( which I'm doing 4 times) each time I wash, my face looks better.

Third day burning and impatient. Skin feels a little dry

Will continue...

Day 4 peeling done

Oh my gosh, the peeling came off at the third wash today. Skin is so red! But starting to feel super soft and tight. I've started putting organic olive oil with a couple of drops of lavender oil. My skin is just soaking this up. Feels like huge really bad sunburn

Day 5 still super red

Oh for Pete's sake. It doesn't feel like this redness is fading any and I'm not sure what to put on face at this time. I think I will have to call the doctors on mondayif tomorrow isn't any better. Lotions hurt my face and I don't think I'm suppose to put aquaphor on it any more, as the crusting is gone, so right now I have the organic coconut oil on it with a moisturizer over, but it still burns. I'm feeling a bit like a vampire with not going out during the day and my whole sleep schedule is messed up.....just being impatient. Just had so much change during the first few days and expected it to continue and not halt.....well it feels like it's halted.

Day 6 even out....more peeling?

Well, it's day 6 and it looks like the redness is evening out a bit, but I am having a second peel going on around my mouth and chin where we did agressive treatments.....not as much though, and just a thin layer. Skin feels very chapped. I am still washing gently 4 times a day, but now I'm waiting a few minutes before putting a light lotion on. I am trying to let air get to my skin. I don't know if this is right or not, but I figure it works on diaper rashes for babies ? Haha....maybe consult your doctor on that little theory

One week post

Wa-hoo my redness is going away slowly but I feel great. Moisturize moisturize

So pictures from before to now

Wanted to do a slide show of the difference already from pre procedure to day 7 post

3 weeks post co2

Some lines are coming back but not many and doctor said that would happen at first but that next 1-9 month es it will continue getting tighter as new collagen forms.

3 weeks post

Side by side before and after

Wanted to take a side by side before and after. I will continue updating so that you can see the difference as the collagen forms over the next 9 months
Dr van reken

Love my doctor and the people that work for him. They even drove me to my hotel and walked me to my room after the procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hi, I'm curious for an update. I'm thinking of doing this procedure and want to know what you think now. I'm in Reno and received a consult from Dr. van reken. Thanks,
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Wow what a dramatic difference. Your face looks young and fresh.
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Looks great. I had this on a scar on my face and it did seem to lessen the redness. The small scar, size of an egg, really was not painful and healed in no time. I do notice a year later that it tans a lot quicker than the rest of my face. I use 50 factor sunscreen on it. Good luck.
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Thanks for sharing!! You look terrific!! I am also here in Reno and am on Day 7 of CO2 full face. Today is the first relief I've had! Whew! Curious to know what day, if any, did you apply a tinted moisturizer of mineral makeup. I feel great and want to go out in the world but still pretty red!! Thanks again!!
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You look great! Thx for sharing. I am on Day 3 from Total FX with Dr. Bonaldi's office here in Reno. What type of CO2 laser did you have?
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Wow you look wonderful!!!
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Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now. Just don't know anyone who has had it done so this really helps. I can't wait to see and hear about the final result. So far has it been worth it? Are you able to go out in public yet without people noticing the redness?
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Wow! I'm on day 2 and you look like you were healing much faster than I, which type of CO2 did you do? I did the Ultrapulse which was a combination of the deep and active fx settings. I feel like this redness is never going away, ahhhhh I'm getting cabin fever haha :)
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First thanks for sharing your photos. Man, I would be so scared -- one doctor I interviewed wanted to do laser WITH my facelift -- humm, walked out of that office!! Anyway's, looks like you are healing great -- keep us posted
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You look awesome!! 
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I think you look great!
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You look really good. I am anxious to see more pics. What lotions are you using now? Does your skin still feel really dry? I had this done 3 weeks ago, and my skin seems to soak up every lotion I put on there, so I am curious what you are using.
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Hi Abby, I've been using an organic coconut oil and adding a couple drops of lavender oil. At night I use neutrogenas night cream. Yes, it's very dry skin I have
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Looks painful - ouch! I am glad you shared with us and I look forward to seeing your final results. Can you clarify what this means: "l also did a Madonna around my eyes"
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It's called a Madonna lift......it is done also with a cod laser but using a smaller square, lower pulse and only one pass over the skin, as the rest of my face received two passes with the laser. You can definitely see the difference already with this from the before pictures and now pictures. The hoods of my eyes look greT and no crows feet already.....the co2 also only gets better with time. End results are achieved at between 1-9 months. So I expect everything to fad very nicely and tight
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Not cod laser....co2
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Thank you, I Googled the Madonna Lift, I had never heard of that before - cool, thank you for sharing!
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Sure! This was actually really nice, because as you can see, there is no redness with this, just a bit of puffiness for a few days but really lifted my eye lids and got rid of the crows feet .
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That's awesome!!
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Kimberleym1968, Thanks for sharing your photos and recovery story here! I'm not far from Reno, so I have definitely made a note of Dr. Van Reken's name! I have been going to the Reno Skin Cancer Institute for annual skin exams, and was hoping to find someone there to do CO2 on me. However, I'm open to alternatives. The Madonna lift sounds AWESOME! My question for a derm doc is: Why not do this cold CO2 on the entire face if it's so painless and results in just a few days of swelling with NO peeling or fussing?! I have crepey skin on the sides of my mouth that would need treatment, so I'm not sure that something as painless and quick as the cold CO2 would deliver the results. Best of luck to you in the healing! You look 15 years younger and good to go NOW! :-)
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Thanks bugjune! It will be three weeks tomorrow. I do have some lines that are returning but the doctor said that would happen but in the next 1-9 month es it will start getting tighter and tighter
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