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I am 36 years old. 5'4" 148lbs. Hated my...

I am 36 years old. 5'4" 148lbs. Hated my thighs so long I can't remember when it started. I finally decided to get something done about it. I went in March to talk to a Doctor about TT and Lipo of inner and outer thighs and also got an est. on BA. At first I was just going to do the Lipo and TT as I have some boobs but they just are not the same after I had my son 6 yrs ago. C-section. I have inverted nipples and so I only breast feed a month before the pain got to much for me. I was a B cup before him but am now bouncing between a B and C but they are very deflated. With a bra they look ok so I was very torn on weather or not to have the BA done. The more I thought about it and talked to my mom, who had hers done a year ago, and two other ladies my age I have decide I am going to go for it. I don't want to regret later not doing it. It was just hard for me to justify doing something that only my husband and I would see. How weird that I had no issues with getting rid of that darn flabby belly but the boobs just seem like an extravigance. go figure.

I am so happy I found this site and am looking forward to posting my progress. I go on monday for another consultation and to decide the cc of my BA! I have a list of questions I plan to take with me.

Surgery is June 6th. The first Monday after school gets out. I wanted to get it all done early in my summer break so I could recover and still have some fun in the summer before going back to work.

Added some before pictures. I went through IVF to...

Added some before pictures. I went through IVF to have our son and had some complications which required meds that made me blow up like a ballon. I gained a lot of weight while preg. and have the streach marks everywhere to prove it.
Yes, this site is great. I just wish I had found it earlier. So much great information here! I will try to load some pictures I took for before my surgery
Hi fellow teacher! I am similar to you! I am also having my procedure the first Monday of vacation- I live in New jErsey so we get out later. I have to work a few days so July 11th it is. I also was on the fence about the BA (they look ok in a bra) but now I am glad I am having the BA, TT, and lipo of flanks and thighs. You will love this site-the ladies are all so sweet and helpful. I feel much more prepared thanks to everyone. Best of luck and keep us posted.

Ok went to check out the implants today. I added a...

Ok went to check out the implants today. I added a picure with 400 cc. I had thought that was ok when I was in the office but now that I look at the picture I am thinking that is too big. Once you take away some of that belly.... I was going to go with that as I didn't want to regret going to small when I was done but now I am thinking I might regret going too big. How on earth am I to make these choices?
My body and age is similar to yours. I am still in the process of finding the right PS. I am firm about having a tummy tuck, but I can't decide on what to do about my breasts. My breasts are like yours. I don't know if I want to do a breast lift with or without implants, or maybe just implants. I can't wait to find out how many cc you will go with. Good luck with your surgery and looking forward to seeing the outcome.
I hear you. It took me two months before I decided to do BA also. I was pretty set on not doing it to start with then changed my mind at the end. Now the hard part is decideing what size to go with. The choices and decisions never end it seams.
Good Luck! I'm scheduled for June 21st so we'll be healing together!

Well, just over two weeks to go... My sleep has...

Well, just over two weeks to go... My sleep has really been bad this week. It is like I can't stop thinking of everything I need to do before the surgery and worring about it. My mind just doesn't want to stop. Hoping to get some extra sleep this weekend.
Oh sorry to make you worry. You have to remember that it was 16 years ago. I am sure the one you bought is much better and will be fine. You are lucky to have your mom and a hotel to recover in! You will do great and be glad that you got it over with.
I hope the same for myself. Just looking forward to getting it past me. A little freaked out about the drains. I did not have them at all the first time, so not looking forward to that. There is a Dr. here in NM who does TT without drains. I consulted with him but decided (based on research) that the drains promote a faster healing time and less chance for infection. So, I decided on the Dr. that uses the drains. Good luck to you!
Hi, I am scheduled for the same day as you and like you I am stressing/ can't sleep either!!
I had a BA 16 years ago. Now I need to get them fixed as they changed drastically with 2 pregnancies. I am having a lift and new silicone implants put in (current ones are saline). I also decided that since I was going to be under I might as well go ahead and get the tummy I have hated for so long fixed too!
I am 5'7 138 pounds. 39 yrs old.
Best of luck to you!!
Good luck to you also. I was just out getting a few supplies so I will be a little more ready for this. A few snacks for the hotel after(I already hid them so my son wouldn't take them for himself:) and sports bra that snaps in front.

Well the surgery center called to review my...

Well the surgery center called to review my medical history. This is getting very real for me. I am, of course, excited and nervious at the same time. I thought it was funny when my ps office told me to bring my favorite "Cute" pair of underware to figure out where they will do the incision for TT. All I could think was I don't have 'cute" underwear just ones that don't ride down as the day progresses and end up below my roll. I am been really trying to eat well and have continued to exercise and still my weight stays the same. So frusterated. That has been my story for the last year. The scale just doesn't want to move. :(
I tried on my bra the other day and found that the bottom part in front was a little uncomfortable where it hooks closed. Will have to put a sock or something there to keep it from rubbing. Ya the drains are just something we will have to get used to I guessl. Good luck to you also. Only a little over a week to go!

Well, tomorrow I will drive into Reno with my mom....

Well, tomorrow I will drive into Reno with my mom. My surgery is set for first thing in the morning, Monday. I am a little tired but that is my own fault. Whatever made me think having a yard sale with a friend two days before my surgery day along with getting my classroom cleaned up for the summer.... Crazy. Live and learn.
Well, I will post more after.
Oh, I have to say I was really starting to doubt my choice to do this and was getting pretty nervious but then went to my consultation on Thursday and just was put at ease. Besides the usual fears, I am feeling very good about my choice to do this. :)
Hi I am wondering how you are feeling. I had my surgery yesterday too and so far I am doing really great. Hallelujah to the Pain Pump! That has been worth every penny. I also got a patch behind my ear so that I would not have to deal with nausea. ( I am prone to it after surgery)
The PS took off my bandages this morning to change them. I was really pleased. The scar is very low and in my hair line. I do have a tiny vertical one where the old BB was, but it is not big deal and I hope it will heal nicely.
BTW, I got 400 cc silicone and a lollipop lift along with the TT. My Dr. removed my old 300 cc saline implants. I can already tell that the silicone feel much better!

Write when you can and let me know how you are doing. I am sending positive thoughts to you and I know you are as happy to have this behind you as I am!
Well by now surgery is over, hope all went well, now onto recovery!
Good luck in the morning!! Very happy for you :)

Day of surgery went very well. I had to stay in...

Day of surgery went very well. I had to stay in the surgery center a little longer then expcted as I had really low blood pressure and I was feeling sick. They did the the nausea patch behing one ear to help.

Day 2 I slept a lot. Feel really grogy. I was hoping to read a book but the darn words will not stay still. I ended up taking some of the nausea pills as I threw up at one point. Can you say PAINFULL! I have not been eating too much at this point. Just cracker and water. I have started itching really bad and so called my ps office and they have me trying a different medication for pain as they think that I am having a reaction to the one I was on.

Day 3- I have slept most of the day today. I walk very hunched over when I need to use the bathroom and walk around to keep the blood flowing to my legs etc. I have only taken one pain pill each 4 hours today and while I have pain still it is not horrable. I also have been a little dizzy when I get up so my mom been following me around. She has been a huge help. I also have asked myself what was I thinking to do this? I know it is just a faze and will soon go away. I hope. :) I will update my pictures when I get home. Still in a hotel in Reno. My follow up will be on Friday.
Hope it all went well and that you're recovering peacefully.
Hope you are healing well and that surgery went well. I hope you post after pics soon, you are going to look great!

Well, I am just a little over a week out. Had my...

Well, I am just a little over a week out. Had my surgery last Monday. I am not bouncing back very quickly. Today is the first day I have gone all day with only Tylnol and not the "good" stuff. The last two days I have had a lot of tingling with my belly. I guess the nurves must be reattaching? I am walking hunched over still but some mornings I can almost walk upright. I have taken a few showers and used the rubber exercise hose to hook up my drains and that has worked great. I usually have to sit down pretty soon after my shower as the strain to my back really gets to me. I have to say I really did think at SEVERAL points "What the heck did you do to yourself!" I am feeling much better today just can't wait for the drains to be out and to walk standing upright.
Oh, one gross thing... on the end of my TT insion it is like a green/yellow seapage? I am going to call the office tomorrow to see if that is normal.. It just looks bad. We will see if I need to be driven in the 3 hrs to be checked out. On the upside at least they could take out the drains and I would not have to wait another week!

It's good to hear from you. I hope it's nothing serious regarding the green/yellow seapage. Keep up with the positive thoughts and can't wait to see updated photos.

Well I guess the yellow sepage is ok as long as I...

Well I guess the yellow sepage is ok as long as I am not running a fever etc. So all is well. I took one of my "good" pain pills last night in an effort to get some sleep. I am really having a hard time now with sleeping on my back. It worked and I slept through to 5 this morning. My mom and dad left today so I will be on my own for just a day with my 6 year old. Which really should not be a problem. My husband will be off for two weeks starting tomorrow.

you look great happy for you!
Hi ruralmom...i had my mm on June 13. I too am 36 and 5'4. I am glad to find similar body types as mine on this site. I did my surgery the monday after my kids got out of school for the summer. I hope the healing goes well so I feel good enough to go camping or boating with my boys. I worry I might waste the summer away on the couch! Hope your recovery goes well. Take care.
Hey There!!
Look at you! We got a HOT ONE over here girls!!!!

You look awesome, what a difference! Glad to hear you are getting out and going camping too. It will do you good to have fun with people you love.

And NO WAY mama, are your boobies too big! They look so much more youthful now. Remember too that fuller breasts make the waist look tinier. You have beautiful cleavage now too. I am jealous!!!

take care. Congratulations and welcome to the LIQUID WHITE HOTNESS club!!!

Well we got back from camping yesterday and it...

Well we got back from camping yesterday and it went pretty well. 2 weeks PO is maybe a little early to go camping unless you can really make yourself do nothing. I over did it the day before we left and almost couldn't sleep that night from discomfort. Ended up taking one of the prescription pain meds to help. I felt a little guilty but really tried to stay in my lawn chair and relax.
I got the drains out last wedensday and what a relief. I started walking better and just could move around much better. Doc looked me over and said I looked great. (I think they have to say that.) He did tell me I could wear whatever I felt was comfortable so I have been wearing my compression stuff at night and just the ace wrap that was on my boobs po around my stomach. So much cooler while we were camping.
Feeling better but still get tired and sore fairly easily. I am updating with some 3weeks post pictures. I seem to have more swelling now then a week ago but that just could be from doing too much this last week? I have been sleeping better now that I don't have to sleep on my back!
wow your looking great my dear :)
Look at you!!
OMG what a difference!!! You look awesome hon!

Have fun getting out and getting some new stuff to show off your hot new figure. You look amazing!

Just needed to add this funny story from about a...

Just needed to add this funny story from about a day PO. I think this happend the day after surgery? I had been alseep and woke up at like 10am and when I saw the clock I freaked out because I thought I had missed my surgery(8am the day before) and was freaking out saying I had missed my surgery and what was I going to do and my mom was like, what are you talking about. Then the discomfort etc. kicked in and I realized that I had already had the surgery and could relax. So I preceded to roll myself out of bed to go to the rest room.
I have to rip that velcro open first thing in the morning to get a good breath. But having it off for too long (like and hour) and I can feel the swelling pushing from the inside against my muscle repair. You look great and I'm glad you are feeling well enough to go to the lakes.
Thanks. I don't think I will post four week pictures as I can't see any difference in the amount of swelling. It (the swelling) is just not going away. It is of course much worse at the end of the day. I took my binder thing off for several hours yesterday and was really swollen by bed time. I am just wearing a wrap today around my stomach. We will see how that goes. As I did lipo I am not sure if I should be going without my compression wrap but we are at another lake this next five days and don't want to be uncomfortable.
You look fantastic!

Alright, I am at 5 months now and I am still very...

Alright, I am at 5 months now and I am still very happy with my new body. I have to say, for doing my breasts as an after thought(more worried about getting rid of that stomach) I am super happy with my new, perky breasts. Hubby is also very happy with them. I am very, very glad I decided to do them also. Although, I still have some tenderness with my nipples sometimes still. I went to see my doc in September and he said all looked great and now I don't have to go into see him anymore.
As for my weight, I am still a little heavier then what I started out as but with all the workouts I have been doing I am in better shape then before I had my son six years ago. I love my new body and am doing my best to keep it looking hot. Even if I cheated and ate some halloween candy. :)
You look great! Thanks for showing your results at 5 months.
thanks for the update! I have mine on Nov 17 - 2 weeks from now. I am seeing Dr. Hall's partner, Dr. Wrye but both are in the OR during the surgery. I saw Dr. Hall briefly when picking out my implant size. He was funny but really only said to narrow down the size I like then basically choose the biggest one (I had 350, 375, and 400 out) so I am going with the 400s. Do you think your pain was well managed without the pain pump?
I had my first follow up with Dr. W and he was very nice also.
As for the pain...I just don't think there is any way around being uncomfortable. I did have some issues with my first pain meds and broke out in a rash so they changed them then all was well. I strongly recommend you take those pills like clock work and don't skimp. Meaning take the full dose everytime for most of the 4 weeks. At least that is what I did and I was only questioning my sanity in decideing to do the surgery that first week or two. The BA and lipo were a breeze for me it was the TT that made me the most uncomfortable. Keep in mind I stayed in the Atlantis for the first 5 days so was not in the comfort of my own home, but I slept most of the time so really it was not a huge issue for me. I hope this helped you, and feel free to ask me anything. You are almost there! Soon you will have that hot body you have wanted for years and years. :)
Reno Plastic Surgeon

Doc Hall was very nice and answered my questions when I went to the consultaion with him. The only down side is that was the only time I saw him until the morning of my surgery. If you want hand holding and to see your doc more often I would say go to someone else or make sure you let the staff know you want to see him again for a follow up consoltaion. I thought he would be there to help me choose my implants but it was left up to my husband and I. There was just a misunderstanding as I just assumed he would be there and he was not. Over all I think he did a good job.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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