Finally Getting a Lift After Many Years of Waiting. - Reno, NV

Since I was 18 (Im now 22) I have wanted a breast...

Since I was 18 (Im now 22) I have wanted a breast lift. When I was 18 I was approximately 135 pounds and a cup size D. I loved the size of my breasts, but wanted a lift. I got a consultation for the lift and was quoted about $6,000. At the time I could not afford it, so it remained a future goal. 
Well over the past 4 years I went from 135 pounds to 171 pounds, my breasts would spew out of a DD sized bra, and they became even more saggy. I spent a year dieting and I have managed to lose 50 pounds, so I am about 125 pounds now, and a size B/C cup size. However, now I don't just have saggy breasts, I have tons of extra skin on them, and they are smaller then I would like. This past summer I got another consult and it was determined I want a lift and an augmentation. My doctor highly discourages getting the 2 surgeries at once because it often leads to less than desirable results once healing is finished, so we just talked about the lift. I am getting a full anchor lift on December 22nd at 10 am. In approximately 1-3 months I will be having a second surgery for my augmentation, hopefully silicone and size DD. I am very nervous, but super excited!Updated on 22 Dec 2011:I have my surgery today at 10. I am fairly nervous, mainly about anesthesia. I will update once my surgery is done :) 

I got my lift today. Surgery took 3 hours and I...

I got my lift today. Surgery took 3 hours and I was in recovery fpr about 2 hours. 
Im in a lot of pain and have vomited after eating anything. However, I can already tell my breasts are firm and perky, I vant wait to take the dressing off in 48 hrs.

I am not sure why my post has so many spaces lol...

I am not sure why my post has so many spaces lol. So, I am finally just getting out of my anesthesia haze nearly 24 hours after surgery. I did not do well with it, any time I moved I would throw up all the way until about 1030 this morning. My throat also hurts from the tube they placed in it. 

Once I woke up from anesthesia I had a hard time remembering to breath, which was kinda scary. As far as pain, my stitches sting, but nothing awful. I have nipple sensation already, I can feel when they get hard. I can look down between the padding and my breasts are perky and firm, and I am assuming they are going to look awesome! I will be able to take a shower and just have my compression bra and steri-strips on tomorrow. I will take pictures to show what they are looking like. 

Yay! I'm happy for u! Keep us updated!
Thank you! :-)
Hello! I'm 20 and I've been looking at this surgery for a bit.. glad to hear everything is going well. Excited for you to see how they are without the bra! :)

So today is 48 hours since my surgery. I took my...

So today is 48 hours since my surgery. I took my first shower today and was able to see my breasts for the first time. I was expecting a lot of blood and ooze, but to my surprise they look AMAZING! I am currently taking post-op vitamins (I also took pro-op vitamins) that I purchased from makemeheal. :) I cant wait to see them without the steri-strips!!

glad everything went great! so is the augmentation that you will be getting in about 3 months going to cost extra? or is it part of the $5847 ? thanks!
Thanks for the comment :-) the $5847 is for the lift only reflecting a $500 cash discount.

Today is day three after surgery. Some light...

Today is day three after surgery. Some light bruising is starting to set in (yellow bruises), and my breasts appear slightly swollen. I am still taking pain pills, but I am usually good with a half of a percocet. My stitches are starting to get super itchy!! It is driving me insane, but that means they are healing. All my steri-strips are still holding on, so I don't know what my incisions look like yet.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Looks like a good start :), make sure to eat a healthy diet during healing with a LOT of protein, protein is ESSENTIAL. I still find it strange that some doctors insist you get better results with two separate surgeries since in all my research having it all done at once produced just as good of a shape, if not better. I personally think it's because they make more money with two surgeries vs one. Regardless though, the lift came out well so far :)
Yeah, he said that he would do two surgeries at once but he said in his experience every patient that he has done both at once ends up wanting a revision for bigger implants, and their scars spread out after a few months of healing... He said that he charges the same for two surgeries as one if you wait.

I guess it is all about the preference of the doctor, like I said, I think yours look great and you did both at once. But, its ok, I am excited about my lift for now :)
As you well should be :) Happy healing!

  So today is day 4 post-op. When I went...


So today is day 4 post-op. When I went to take a shower this morning I noticed my bruises are finally showing, and man are they YELLOW! I have never seen such yellow bruises before, but I guess it is better than black and blue! My steri-strips are firmly in place, I don't think they are going to fall off. When I am in the shower I face away from the water, and lather up anti-bacterial soap that I gently use. I pat dry my incisions with clean paper towels. I am trying to stop using pain medication today, so far I have not needed any. My stitches sting slightly, but nothing major. 
My PS is out of the office all this week for Christmas, but said we would meet next week when he is back.

Today my bruises are still very yellow/brown. I...

Today my bruises are still very yellow/brown. I feel like a banana. I also have some darker bruises appearing, which seems weird to me, but from what I have googled is all very normal. I cannot wait to see the size of my nipples and how my breasts look without the steri-strips, I want them to fall off already! I have been shopping for pasties! I have never had small enough nipples or cute enough boobs to wear pasties, so by golly I am buying me some! LOL :)

Im getting really anxious for my implants, after seeing how great my lift is I cant even imagine how amazing my implants will look. I started looking at some new swimsuits for the summer time.

I will probably be waiting until Spring break in March to get my implants, so from Jan to March I am going to work on firming up my body and toning everything so that when my implants are in my whole body will be just how I want it :)

I hope everyone is doing well!
Now that all makes perfect sense and you are very lucky to have a doctor that cares like that. I have heard that many women wish they had gone bigger and I personally got the biggest for that reason. I let my doctor decide during surgery because he tried in sizers and saw which ones suited me best from our conversations. I have 400 cc high profile silicone behind the muscle. When you are first swollen they seem big but as that subsides and they move down into place they look and feel perfectly natural. They are nice and firm but feel real and aren't spilling all out of my bras or clothes.
You look awsome now CONGRATS!! I'm glad you are healing so well and soon you will be unwrapping your best gift! Think of the strips as wrapping paper...NO peeking! haha Everything looks great so far and you'll do great with the implants. I don't understand the doctors saying to have the surgeries seperate unless you are going on top of the muscle?? I was probably completely healed before my implants found their way down in place so there really wasn't alot of pressure put on them. I can see if it's on top though. You are gonna be sooooo happy!! Merry Christmas!!!
Thank you for your kind comments :)

The main reasons my PS doesn't like to do multiple surgeries is because 1) Many women pick an implant that is too small, because they get their lift which can make breasts smaller so they pick an implant that doesn't make them a size they like. He said a majority of his patients that don't wait to have the surgery are back within a year to get a revision to get bigger implants because they wish they would have waited. 2) He believes a surgeon is not at his best 4-6 hours into surgery. After all they are human and get tired, especially on such delicate matters that take a lot of focus, it wouldn't be work with to me to have a not so great 2nd surgery just because I am impatient. 3) The scars on the lift seem to look not as good when you get implants at the same time, I saw this from the befores and afters he showed me comparing people who waited and people who got both done at once, in my personal opinion those who waited had better results long term and had faster healing times. Although, he does have patients who don't wait and still look great.

Overall, he charges the same for two separate surgeries as he does for one, so it isn't a money issue. He really cares about patient outcomes and safety. He wants his patients to have the best results that will make them the most satisfied from surgery.

Today is day 12 post-op. Most of my steristrips...

Today is day 12 post-op. Most of my steristrips have come off, and my incisions appear to be healing well. :)

Today is 2 weeks post-op. Still have some...

Today is 2 weeks post-op. Still have some bruising, and my left breast has left some yellow discharge on my bra (Dr's staff said this was normal and is old blood that may come out during healing). My incisions are all healing really nicely, I only have one teeny tiny hole on my right breast where the vertical incision meets the horizontal incision under my breast, but it is healing.

In my picture it looks kinda like my breasts are different sizes, but in person they are absolutely PERFECT! The nipples are the same and both my breasts look nearly identical.

I am so happy about getting my procedure and encourage anyone who is thinking about it to get it done once you find a surgeon who is experienced with lifts that can give you the result you want.
You are really looking good. You actually don't appear that you need implants, still going to get them? How did surgery change your size?

I have my first post-op today with Dr. Murphy....

I have my first post-op today with Dr. Murphy. Since I got my surgery around christmas/New Years he was out of the office and busy since then.

All of my steri-strips have come off and I let my PS office know, they said to be gentle on them and they would be putting more on at my appointment today. What a downer, I hate steri-strips lol.

My incisions seem to be healing nicely, but I am worried about them not healing all the way. I am petrified of necrosis!
Yes, i totally agree that saggy is far better than flat. It's the one thing keeping me from doing it already. I may have to talk my hubby into a trip to Reno.
I finally had a consult for a lift and had a question for you about one of the things the PS said. He told me that intitally after the breast lift surgery that my breast might have a square look to them, is this something you had heard in your consults? Just wondering because your after photos do not look square at all.
I actually told my PS that I was scared of having a flat boob on the bottom and I told him how I noticed his breast lifts don't look like that he said that it's because the surgeon has to pull the skin tight, and a good surgeon will need to know how tight to pull and know how much the skin will stretch for the breast to look round. That was one of the things I was really scared of because I think I'd rather have saggy boobs than flat ones

So it has been about 5.5 weeks since surgery. My...

So it has been about 5.5 weeks since surgery. My healing has gone fairly smoothly.

I have had one real follow up and at that appointment my PS told me I still had some swelling and that he wanted to see me in another month and we would talk about implants and sizing. He also instructed me to continue wearing paper tape (you can get it pretty much anywhere) until I begin scar therapy. He said if you wear the tape 24/7 then in will hold the scars flat and help prevent the scar spreading out.

Around 4 weeks post-op I took the tape off my incision and there was yellow drainage from a small hole and a bright green scab. I was really worried about infection and my PS saw me the following day. He said it was very normal because sometimes the dissovable stitches poke through the skin and cause draining, but there was no infection. He dug around in the tiny hole and cut out all the stitches poking out and instructed me to only keep a band-aid over the hole until it scabbed over.

The hole is now closed up and I do not have any scabs.

I wear a bra 24/7 except for when I shower. My PS told me I can wear any bra I am comfortable in. I usually wear a sports bra, and when I go out or to work I wear my Victorias Secret Bombshell push-up (Adds 2 cup sizes).

I have a follow-up on Feb 8th and we will be talking about my implants and I will get my silicone strips for scar therapy. :)

Everyone LOVES my new firm breasts. I am very happy I have gone through with it.
Thank you for posting your story and pictures! You look amazing! Beautiful work! I just scheduled my lift for April and reading your experience is so helpful.
Wow, your doctor did an excellent job!
I also forgot to mention that with every surgery you get done with Dr. Murphy he gives you a complementary 55 min massage, a spa facial, and an infrared spa session in their medical spa that is in the same building. (A $145 value)

So tomorrow will be 7 weeks since my surgery, and...

So tomorrow will be 7 weeks since my surgery, and everything has been going smoothly.

I had my second follow-up with Dr. Murphy today and he was very happy with my progress. We had my consult for implants, I told him I would like to be a DD. We decided on silicone memory-gels, and he believes somewhere between 600-750 cc will get me to where I want to be. He does not want to go much bigger otherwise they would be just too big for my body.

I set the date for March 22nd (exactly 3 months after my lift). I was quoted $5,860 for the implants. Silicone costs $900 more than the saline, but they are running a promotion that with the gels you either get 25 units of botox or latisse for you and a friend, and I will get another $145 spa package also.

I am excited :)
i don't think you need to get any implants. they look very natural and big already. jmo :)
Thank you for the comment :) It is the best decision I have made!
Thank you :)

Today is 8 weeks post-op :) Only 1 month, 6 days...

Today is 8 weeks post-op :) Only 1 month, 6 days until I have my augmentation.

Not too much to report on my lift, my scars are not awful. I would say the one in the crease of my breast is the darkest, but it still isn't that bad.

The picture I have today is my new breasts in my swim suit :) I am very happy with how they look, and I cant wait to see how I will look in a swim suit once I get my implants.


You look awesome MsMarie89!! Congratulations! You're after pictures are great and I can only imagine how fun it is to buy new bras and try on new bikinis. If it were me I'd probably have a drawer stuffed with new bras! I feel like I can strongly relate to your before pictures and one of my biggest concerns would be that the areola would be trimmed too small, or would be crooked somehow. That's the first thing I noticed is how great they look in your after pics. Again, I'm really happy/excited for you. Bring on Summer 2012 / bikini season!

Just wanted to say you look awesome! Thanks for posting all the pics, it's nice to see how things look a little farther down the road.
thanks for posting the pics, it helps so much to see what is coming my way. you look fabulous and don't appear to need implants but I'm sure they will look great.

Hi ladies, I am now 17 days post-op from my BA. So...

Hi ladies, I am now 17 days post-op from my BA. So far my lift results still look awesome :)
Thank you so much for posting your photos of the breast lift. I rIecently had one a week ago and the day after surgery I was surprised about how high my breasts were and that the bottom was not rounded out. I had trouble finding photos on here of similar situation, and was not sure about how much they might drop in the weeks to come. Your week by week photos were very helpful in what I hope to expect in the weeks to come and I now feel more at ease about the results! Thank you.
you look amazing! im 24 & think i'll definitely do this in the future xxx
Your pre-op boobs are actually very similar to mine. I am scheduled to get a lift (no implants) in the fall of this year. I am soooo so so so so beyond scared. But all I have been hearing are positive things and that it is a speedy recovery. How long did it take you to feel like you could do normal things again? I am also pretty neurotic about healing and will probably be calling the doctor every 5 seconds post operation.
Reno Plastic Surgeon

I love my doctor tons! He specializes in breast surgeries, and it is evident by the work he does. He took the time to make me feel safe and comfortable, and made sure to answer any question I may have had. The day after surgery both he and the hospital called to check in with me and make sure I was feeling ok, and to see if there is anything they could do for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Murphy and his great team! I will be returning to him for all my future surgeries.

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