Pixel Laser Ruined my Life

I had a baby in July of 2013....happiest day and...

I had a baby in July of 2013....happiest day and months of my life. Until December of 2013. I thought I would finally follow through with a round of laser treatments as I have had two Fraxels done in the past but never in succession like derms recommend for the best results. Well I had pretty good skin good skin the begin with, flawless actually with the exception of a few shallow pock mark type scars under my cheekbones. The doctor decided to "treat" my whole cheek since he wanted everything to be "uniform" even tho I had perfect healthy skin everywhere else.
Having had two Fraxels prior with no issues and not finding negative reviews when researching fraxel years ago, I had no idea of how bad of an idea this was. He treated the entire cheek, on both sides. My whole face pretty much.
Three weeks after my laser I noticed my skin was a grey color. It didn't flush anymore or have a healthy glow. A week after that I noticed the few scars I had getting deeper. I cancelled my next appt immediately and began making appts to try to figure out why my skin was getting worse. I was dumbfounded. How could my skin get worse?
Having prior laser tattoo and hair removal I thought lasers were gods gift and could do virtually no harm.
Then my world came crashing down. I found a support group and all of the negative reviews and how I had done irreversible damage to my skin that could possibly continue for years to come. My fat started melting away. My face and lips started to sag. My skin scarred more and more. It's wrinkled like an old woman and I am 27. Most recently (since about 4-5 months out) my skin became covered in holes. Like a million open pores but they are deep scars. They are so visible in the sun that I dread being seen in the daylight. I am heartbroken to say the least. I have no confidence left.
My son's first birthday is tomorrow and here I am writing this review. A year ago at this time I was a completely different person, on top of the world. As happy as I had ever been. I felt blessed. Now I am depressed, angry, self conscious and horribly traumatized.
Please do not take the risk. It is not worth it and the doctors that perform these procedures without informing patients of these risks should have to pay for this.
Me too.same except my turning three in two weeks
My baby is My iPad has some keyed issues

Worth noting

I took about a month long coarse of prednisone to see if maybe it could still help. Well it made my skin a lot worse bug I am really hoping that it just brang the inflammation down and that this is the worst it's gonna get. Wishful thinking I know. I am so tired of being tormented by this. It's no way to live and I don't wish this on my worst enemy.
It is obvious you are a beautiful girl. People don't see you as you see yourself because you are so focused on your perceived flaws. I do not see one wrinkle on your skin and u certainly do not look old.I am not trying to minimize your pain, women are so very critical of themselves and I know this first hand. I do recommend you go to owndoc.com The woman who runs this site lives in England and she researches everything she sells and she sells everything at a low cost becuz most products you buy from her come from Europe (NOT CHINA!) Anyway, she sells Dermarollers. Read all her research and blogs. I have seen a good deal of improvement with dermarolling. Also, get her copper peptide mask. I used to get my copper peptides from skinbiology.com but they are very expensive. I still would recommend that you go to that site also so that u understand the role of copper peptides in healing the skin. One last piece of advise...my children are adults, 22 and 29 years old. Only now do I realize how absolutely vital those early years are. Although it is a cliche' please believe your baby is going to grow up so FAST and you will never get this time back. You are shaping who that baby becomes... try not to fret about your face. Your baby does not know or care about your skin but he or she can sense anxiety, fear and sadness. Trust me your baby LOVES you exactly as you are.
That's good stuff about her baby express thanks. I agree she's very pretty and her skin does not look that bad in pictures. I sympathize however because I know how painful and consuming watching your skin deteriorate on a rapid basis can be. I used to be a "normal" looking girl. Not pretty, I have a funny nose. I had what I thought was bad skin. Now I have to brace myself before I look in the mirror. I'm sure she's a great mom and is living the hell out of her little baby!

No improvements. Starting accutane soon.

Hi everyone :) so prednisone was def not a good idea! Skin looks 10x worse but I am still hopeful. I will be starting a long course of low dose accutane soon. Hopefully it will all work out. Trying to stay positive.
Hello, btw: I'm from Madison originally :). So, here's the reality and my honest opinion because at some point this is about accepting so you can move on. Your skin will not go back to its originally state. ( You look lovely and i can see the damage.). The damage can be minimized - but don't be too aggressive. There are no quick fixes. Fat may or may not help and It's very risky. I knew every pore on my face so like you, so the damage was horrifying when I saw it. I couldn't look in a mirror for a couple years. I do a few things: $5,000 in fillers a year to help minimize sagging. Yup, 5,000 and that's low end and I have two doctors. You will need a lot less - but a good injector!! That's also how much I'm willing to spend to avoid an FT procedure until I absolutely have to!!!!! The filler can help lift the scars and generate some collagen. I also avoid anything like a laser that will cause more trauma. I use a lot of good moisturizer and some topical retina A as well as obagi serum C to help with brown spots that make the scars more apparent. I also get a vitalize peel every 4 to 6 months. Overtime, the scars have improved - but you have to be gentle and not over strip your skin. Be kind to it. The acne could be a complete imbalance. I had a six week period where out of the blue I had crazy red acne-like stuff all over my skin. I mean all over!!! My skin needed severe hydration because it was so stripped from the lasers. As far as the fat - I'm now using fillers. I hollowed in my temples and cheeks and forehead. Not much I can so about forehead. My veins show through and bulge - but I work on making peace every day and can look in he mirror. But years later - I still don't look as close - I just accept - thank God it's not worse - and do the best I can. I heard a lot of "popping" for a couple months when I thought the far had been traumatized. These lasers - at the wrong setting - can do damage and when you sign the consent form - it is close to impossible to sue or prove. Fillers really do help and with the right, researched doctor, you may get some relief a little sooner than later. Please don't lose any more of your life. Enjoy your wonderful son - or you will regret later. Trust me on this one. Hugs - Dawn.
I don't want to accept it. It just makes me really sad.
I do enjoy my kids but this has changed my life so so much. I am nowhere close to the person I used to be and the only way I can make it thru each day is imagining that it will get better. But it hurts every single day.
Dr. Pechman

I went to Dr. Pechman three weeks after my procedure and told him something was wrong. He blew me off. I found out later that if you end up having an adverse reaction to a laser procedure you can be saved if intervention is taken early enough. Within the first month at least. Why do these doctors not take this seriously and try to help when a patient comes in and says something is wrong? He could have saved my face. It's so sad.

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