At 59 and using sunscreens all of my adult life, I...

At 59 and using sunscreens all of my adult life, I had very few 'crow's feet' but the overall appearance of my skin was beginning to sag. Most people believed me to be about 10 yrs. younger than my age.

I was told that the treatment would tighten skin & be painless. PAINLESS!! During treatment, the burning was so bad - I asked her to stop, but she said 'just a little more'. After the treatment, my face felt as if it was on fire & I was iced for about an hour. I was told there was be some redness for a couple of days. Bull!! My face was very swollen for about a wk. & my face burned enough for over 3 weeks that I had to take pain prescription just to sleep. It happens that I was not working at the time & that was a good thing because I would not have been able to go to work.

The result: I have wrinkles that didn't exist before & my cheeks are covered with cross hatches, which I have only seen on 80 yr. old skin.

After showing these results to the technician, she said "the machine was new & maybe I had the setting too high", and she expected me to complete the other 2 treatments. I requested a refund & was denied. I was offered other services to use the credit (fraxel treatment was a prepaid pkg.), which I refused. I guess this has just been an expensive lesson.

I regret that I had this and don't believe my skin will ever be the same.

I also regret that I can't mention the name of the practitioner. If I had some good before pix, I would sue!


Wow 6 years later and this laser damage is allowed to continue. And awalk paid the ultimate price for it. Shame on these no good bastards. They know damn well the damage lasers can do but continue to do it anyway. How dare they ruin peoples lives for money. Karma will get these laser scumbags.
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I'm so sorry ths happened to you. But, if you live ANYWHERE in the U.S. babygirl you must be forgetting that we have a little thing here called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You can say WHATEVER you want and give the name of the doc to anyone, anywhere, could even take a full page ad out in the paper and have is name in bold print saying exactly what he did to doesn't matter if you have "proof" (before and after pics, etc) or not. Only you perception matters.. I'm so mad right now, I wish I would have seen this post back when it was posted......I would have paid for the newspaper ad!!!!!
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