25 Year Old - Down From 34J to Approx. 36D - So Happy!

This is probably too early to start one of these,...

This is probably too early to start one of these, but that's okay. I, like many on here, have struggled with being chesty since puberty. I have finally come to the conclusion that maybe, possibly, it will not fix itself no matter how many times I exercise or how much money I spend on a bra. I am 5'6" and 190 pounds with a 34J bra size currently. I have constant soreness in my shoulder/back/neck area that fades from uncomfortable to terrible. My posture has suffered, my clothes fit poorly, and the attention my chest draws is a constant struggle.

After speaking with a few people, I decided to speak with my GP. She agreed I was a good candidate and sent a referral in to a PS in my area. I am currently waiting for news to see when my consultation will be.

I want to thank everyone who posts on here, because it has helped ease some worry and has also given me a lot of interesting things to think about and discuss.
Its never too early!! I had mine done in Regina, do you know your surgeon's name? Dr. Ledding did mine but I know of a few girls who used other doctors here as well. I waited 10 months (even though they said it would be 1.5 years! Good Luck!!
That's who I'm consulting with! He did a friend of mine, and I've heard lots of good things. I called the office in December and the office staff explained that any referrals in December will get contacted in January to know about a consultation date… here's hoping!
Congratulations on taking the first step! Hope your consultation goes well :-)

Still waiting...

I have noticed that now that I am in the nothing-to-do-but-wait phase I am just getting more and more frustrated with my large chest. I am trying to do some workouts, but I am in so much pain afterwards that I have to take a break for a few days. I try to wear something cute and I just feel gross.

I should hear soon about a consultation date I hope. At least then I have something to look forward to...
Awww honey... walking is great exercise, especially hills or treadmill inclines :)

Oh my gosh!

So I was super annoyed because I talked to the surgeon's office and they hadn't gotten my referral last week. So I got it resent, and then today they STILL hadn't gotten it. So I took matters into my own hands and got it sent to myself and forwarded on. And by some crazy chance, they had a cancellation for a consult and instead of waiting until May (four months) I am going for my consult in TWO DAYS! I hadn't even let myself start coming up with a list of questions because I thought I'd have a super long wait before the consult. Any suggestions of questions would be greatly appreciated! So excited!!!

And now we wait...

So I had my consultation today. The surgeon was super nice, as well as the office staff (and the intern he had with him). It was much shorter than I was expecting, but I did not leave there feeling like I hadn't had enough time or with any other questions. He told me that my righty is bigger than my lefty by a smidge, and went over the details. He will use the "lollipop" technique which is what I was hoping for. He said he's told patients it would be about a year to wait, but the office assistant told me it would likely be less than that. So now… it's the waiting game.
I'll get my few pre-test things done, and then wait patiently for the phone call!
The waiting is tough! My actual surgery is about 5 months after my initial consultation. Hope you get an date scheduled soon. Keep us posted.

Mammogram Time

Well, the mammogram visit is complete. It was really odd to see them all pancaked out on the machine I'll have to say. The staff at the clinic kept changing their minds about if they thought I should get it done or not because I had no family history or anything really needing it but they did two quick "pictures" anyway to appease me. I didn't want to have to call the surgeon's office and explain that one.

I'm thinking I'll give the surgeon's office a quick call next week and just make sure they did receive the report for it and clarify a couple things with the office. I should really take some pre-op pictures now that I'm at the beginning of this journey and since I'm getting a bit more active so I can really see the whole change of my body.

I'm so grateful to everyone on this site - definitely is helping answer some questions I've had and I love seeing the before/after pictures. Makes me excited to get going with this and get a date, although I'm sure I'll have at least another six months before I even get wind of something. Patience is a virtue though, right?


I just got my phone call. I go for surgery in TWO weeks!


It has only been three months since my appointment with my GP. Two months since my consultation. This is crazy!

I am excited and freaking out about such little time to prep.

What do I need for the day of?
What do I need for the few days after?
What should I mentally be preparing for?
What things should I make sure my boyfriend is aware of?

AHHH SO EXCITED! Pre-op photos to come soon!
I'm going on a healthy food kick for a couple weeks to try and get my body full of vitamins and goodness to help out.

Here it is... First pre-op picture...

Reluctant to post, but now it's so close and so real that here goes. I found it so helpful when others posted and I'm gonna have to get used to people seeing them in the next while haha.
So excited for you! I am seven weeks post-op and I am still not tired of looking at myself in the mirror and being amazed at the difference!! Life changing!
I'm scheduled for the 20th. Check out my review for things to buy for after. I'm sure I've thought of everything. There are a few groups on facebook you can join as well. They really help you on there. Best of luck. I'll be thinking.of you
How exciting! Congratulations!

Post-Surgery Bra

So I went to look at some post surgery bras and some front closing shirts today. I of course started looking at the other bras for fun and I got so overwhelmed by the thought that I will one day fit into those that I actually left the store. I did however pick the bra in the picture up at the other store and I feel like maybe it isn't supposed to fit like this... What do you ladies think? Haha. Oh the planning...
Your post-op bra looks quite similar to mine (I bought two - beige and black). The fit of it actually looks quite similar to when I tried it on before surgery - I thought there was no way I'd ever fit into it after, but guess what? It fits now! I've discovered that the front closure is ESSENTIAL so I think you probably made the right choice!
So timeframe wise, when would I switch to this one from whatever they put me in at the hospital? Roughly, I mean. Some of the legit post-surgery bras look so intense and this feels like it doesn't measure up on the support side so I'm unsure...
They didn't give me a post-op bra at the hospital, they just told me to "bring a sports bra" (LOL!) so I brought a bunch and the post-surgery one, and that is the one the nurse chose to put me in! Maybe they will set you up with a bra though; it sounds like everyone's experience is different :)


Alright ladies, so I think I'm set for the clothing/bras for after, and I have the food prep plans ready for grocery shopping, but now my question is… what are good things to get for after care such as gauze pads, steri strips, bandages, etc? I have an idea but I feel like I'm maybe missing something important? Also, any recommendations on supplements or vitamins to take after to help healing?
I bought a wedge pillow on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009HHLBKK/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Everyone raves about arnica and bromeliad but they both made me feel sick, so I stuck to the pain meds and Tylenol. My sister is a nurse and recommended ABD pads and they were a lifesaver! I tucked them between the bra and lower incisions and made things much more comfortable. Stock up on ginger ale to take care of an nauseous tummy, lots of button down shirts and pajamas, and slip-on shoes for the first week or so. You may want to put a pillow in the car so you can place it between the seat belt and your chest on the way to and from appointments. Unfortunately, you may need stool softener if you take the pain med for more than a day or so like I did. And probiotics are always good after antibiotics. Good luck to you!
My surgeon gave me two Merena surgical bras the day of surgery. It's been 8 days now, and he said I could start wearing front-close sports bras now if I want.

Post-Op Bras

Here's a couple post op things I got as well as my "goal" pretty bralette for way down the road ($8). Can't wait to take after pictures very soon!
i could not even get my post op bra don up properly in my pre op photo but it fits now as you can see on my review. good luck, hope the time passes quickly for you, we all know what the waiting is like.
Dr Ledding will give you two bras. One you wear home and the other you can swap out. Good luck! !!
Oh sweet! It's so awesome to talk to someone who saw the same surgeon recently. Hope all is well with you - I've been following your updates!

Pre-Op Testing Today

Well, today was full of being poked and prodded by different professionals. I had to get vitals, an EKG, a Chest X-Ray, bloodwork, and speak with an anesthesiologist and a cardiologist to discuss a possible murmur. Everything seemed to be okay, and I can't complain too much because it was a very fast process compared to what I was expecting.

On the home stretch now I guess with less than a week to go. I feel like I'm forgetting some vital things but I can't seem to think of any. Just gotta finish up things at work, do some cleaning around the house, and try to get some rest so I'm in tip top shape for surgery.

I've got a list of questions for the surgeon on the morning of... did anyone else have a ton of things to ask? I feel like at the consult I was so much under the impression it would be a year away before surgery so I didn't focus on the details of the during/after surgery so much as the "am I a good candidate" part.

I'm so grateful to all of the ladies who have shared their stories because where I think I normally would be freaking out right now, I feel very well prepared mentally for what's going on and it's all thanks to you brave and wonderful women who have shared your stories.
make sure you have a pillow in the car for the ride home to cushion the seatbelt.

Only a few days out...

I'm down to under four days ladies! While I've been so busy making plans for food and supplies and work and stuff, I haven't really had time to be excited or nervous or really feel the emotions that go along with this. Unfortunately today seemed to be the day that the waves started hitting me. Starting with a dumb woman working at the specialty store that I went to go check out the surgical bras at. When she asked why I need it, I told her I was having a reduction, and she proceeded to tell me that I "really didn't look like I needed one because I carried it so well and proportioned out my body since I am large in the hips." I couldn't believe someone in the profession of selling items to those going through various surgeries could be so rude. So between being moody with my boyfriend and getting upset at her, it eventually ended in a teary evening where I now sit eating ice cream and venting to you lovely ladies.

I can't fully communicate how much I appreciate the support I feel from everyone on here. I know there are things I will never truly be prepared for until I go through them, but it all helps. I guess now in the final moments is when I start to wonder if I am doing the right thing, if I should have tried doing stricter diets or working out more, and if I made the decision in too short of a time frame. When I really think about it, I know I am doing it all right and this is just nerves talking, but it's still hard to deal with.

Good night team - will keep you updated over the course of the week. Tomorrow I get to start washing with my antibacterial soap!
Yup, I think most of us heard the "I wish I had that problem!" or the "But you don't look that big!" comments. So frustrating. After I had mine people kept saying, "Wow! I didn't realize how big you were, you look so small all over now!". So, keep your chin up and good luck with the surgery! Can't wait to hear from you on the other side!
Oh wow, it seems like several of us here have heard the whole, "What? You don't need a reduction!" or "you're not that big!" type of comments. What most of them don't know is that we subconsciously become experts at hiding/minimizing things through careful dress, posture, etc. so they don't really realize how "big" (haha) of a problem we have. Twice now I've gotten comments to the effect of, "I wish I could have the OPPOSITE surgery!" (breast augmentation) when I've mentioned that I had or would be having a reduction... once from the HR lady at my work, and once from a nurse at the ER. It's a bit awkward. What do they really want me to say in response? lol
That is so true - from specifically wearing a snug tank top under a loose shirt, to slightly rolling in my shoulders so they aren't "standing at attention" there are so many things we do to conceal. It's already annoying if it's someone in your daily life, but it's downright ignorant of someone that has something to do with the field.

Tomorrow is last day of work...

Stressed out... I ate straight from the tub of ice cream and ate a couple croissants for supper. I think my bag is packed... we are leaving for the hotel tomorrow afternoon. The house is clean, I have stretchy pants and hoodies and slippers to wear, a pillow and blanket for the car, water bottles for the hotel and car, and cough drops/chapstick as well. I still am feeling weird... like I should be more jittery either with stress or excitement or something. I feel stressed, but it feels more like a general unknowing stress. It's weird. Right?
I hope I can get a decent sleep because I haven't been sleeping well the past week. Maybe I'm subconsciously freaking out and that's why I'm not so much during the day...


Just saw that my last post was tagged as '1 day pre'....that's crazy.
Hoping everything went well for you & you're comfortably resting. Happy healing. Xo
I am 38 H. Im looking forward to your post op posts as i am in the consultation phase
I will try to make them detailed for you! I know how helpful it is when you're consulting to have similar stories and sizes to look at.

At the hotel...

Well ladies. I am currently at the hotel after a lovely night with my man. I have used my disinfectant soap, laid out my stuff for tomorrow, and now I am relaxing before I have my last snack before fasting. I doubt I'll have time to update tomorrow, so I will post from the other side of the itty bitty club.
I would LOVE to hear how your surgery went! I am from Saskatchewan and am currently a 34G. I am 5'6 and 139lbs. I am trying to lose weight so I might end up a DD. I would love a breast reduction to be a nice B. GOOD luck and happy healing!
Hope everything went well with your surgery. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!
So excited for you, wishing you a speedy recovery . I'm waiting for my surgery appointment to come through. Wish it was tomorrow : (. Thanks for posting your story and pics so far it's a real boost for me and many others I'm sure.

On the other side...

I am officially on the other side of the boob club! Got some decent drugs in me so I'm not too sore but the drain sites are a bit sensitive. I am so happy about the size, they look nice a tiny and my back already feels less stress. I will update more tomorrow but I thought I would check in and let everyone know I'm on the mend!!!
Congratulations! Happy Healing. Glad you are happy with your new size!
Congratulations,,welcome to the small side of boob city!!!! Hope you have a great, easy recovery,,and hope the results are just what you asked for!!!
Surgery went great. I'll update more thoroughly in a couple days but stuff went well. Dr. Ledding was awesome. I was going to try to lose weight first but it became so hard to do anything that it just wasn't much of an option. Now I feel like I'll be able to actually work out without such a weight on my chest. Will keep updating!

Zingers, bandages, etc.

Day one is going well. Feeling is there and the drain sites are hurting a bit but they aren't very full so I might get one of them out tomorrow. I finally got a good look at them today and it feels so unreal to see them so small and perky. I don't think it's really sunk in yet that this is the new me. But they look even and healthy so I am happy. And they are on the smaller side which is totally what I wanted. Will keep updating as I know more. Won't know the amount removed until my post-op next week.
Well done and they look great , I was wondering what the 'veins' on your tummy were but in my dopiness realise it's the pen marks lolol. Speedy recovery to you
Haha yes - haven't showered yet. Soon though!
look great, they are swollen which makes them very upright, they will soften with time, mine did at around 7 weeks

Day 2 - Left Drain Removed

Got to have my left drain removed today since it was so low. The right one can probably come out tomorrow/Sunday. Felt incredibly weird to have it pulled out. I'm still pretty sore but it's very much what I expected. I'm so lucky to have a support system to take care of me. It's much easier to relax knowing I don't need to worry about other things. I'm hoping I can get my right drain out tomorrow so I can have a shower...
Here's to a happy uneventful recovery!
How much did they take out and about what size are you now? From the picture it looks like baggy skin on the underside does that go away

Sooo tiny...

I love them.
looking good girl!


Is it too early to have zingers at post day 1 and 2?
I was expecting to have them later on, but I already have a lot of feeling back and am experiencing those nervy sharp pains already.
Hi, I just had my surgery on March 19th:)) I have had few zingers too, but nothing to bad. I think I have a lot of sensation already too. I haven't seen them yet though as doctor takes off all the gauze on day 5. I'm excited and nervous to see them! You look great! Take care of yourself and get lots of rest.
I had them the first two weeks but they're gone now. The second night was the worst for me with a combination of nipple pain and zingers. Happy healing!
everyone is different. i am 8 weeks post op and have not really had them at all.

Post Op Day 4

I got my second drain out yesterday which was the more painful of the two, so that was glorious. This also meant that I could shower now! I decided to give it until this morning and it felt so nice to be clean! I kept one of my cheap post-op bras on during the shower just because I'm a little apprehensive about any direct water contact just yet. But I got some help and washed my hair and got it nicely put up so I don't have to even think about it for a couple days.

I changed my bandages and transitioned into one of my zip-front sports bras that I had bought because I think the post-op bra they gave me was slightly too tight, whether due to measurements or swelling, around the band and my ribs were starting to get unhappy.

The zingers and shooting pains are around a bit more now but I think that's due to an eventful morning and me sleeping in during one of my pill alarms. I'm off the prescription and onto the regular ES Tylelnol now which seems to make things bearable enough. Car rides are still terrible though.

I'll attached a couple pictures from my phone in a minute...

Day 4 Pictures

Ignore the dark lighting, it makes everything look darker than it is.
I had zingers right from the start and they settled down after about 3 weeks. Now at 9 weeks I get them only rarely. I think it is different for everyone. As peedie said, the puckering will smooth it, but it is certainly startling when you first see it.
Looks good still! Mine were really scary looking and all of a sudden right around the two week mark, things improved drastically, lol. It's crazy how much they can change day to day.
you will see huge changes over the next few weeks, the puckering will smooth out. sound like you are doing great, just make sure everything is really dry after showering.

Post-Op Today

Met with my PS today for a check in and all is going well. Not a lot to report. I'll get to find out the amounts removed at my next appt. which should be in 4 to 6 weeks if all goes well between now and then. Exhausted after being out and about for 7-8 hours today and I need a nap!

One more picture...

Pre vs. Post Day 5
great result, looking as expected for just a few days, they are swollen and will soften into a more natural shape with time. took mine 7 weeks for that to happen.
Thanks so much for posting pics. Very helpful. Happy healing

One Week Post Op

Well I am one week out and feeling way better than I thought I would. I've been on regular Tylenol for a couple days 3x daily and I think I'm going to try cutting it down from there. I've been slightly anxious about going off it completely but I'm feeling pretty good so I guess it doesn't hurt. My drain site on the right is still sore but otherwise the incisions are looking good. I feel like righty is already more rounded out and dropped compared to lefty. But I don't know if that's because it's still swollen more than lefty. The asymmetries are there of course but they are so slight that I really don't care right now since they still are far from what they'll end up being.
They look great! !!
Yes, do get off the painkillers, I took my last one 28 hrs after surgery. Lots of,people,take them routinely and they really should only be taken if you are in real pain.

Day 10 Post Op

Well here I sit ten days later in fresh bandages and wondering, "where the hell did the last ten days go??"

I am feeling for the most part pretty good. My arm movement is still not 100% and I've got some tenderness but all in all, well better than I would have expected this soon after surgery.

The glue is starting to come off in places but still leaving dried marker and blood making them look worse than they are. Things are starting to relax more and more and are rounding out in some places.

I am going to go back to work this week and see how things are. I still have some time I could use but I'm going a little crazy sitting around. I am on a countdown for my next visit with the PS to be cleared for activity and such, in 3-5 weeks.
I'm scheduled for May 21st. I'm so excited! Your post is helping me a lot. I'm getting the technique with the scar under the breast(not sure of the name. What is the big difference beside appearance? did your doctor provide your dressings to change at home? where did you find your surgical bras? Thank you so much! You look great and I will be following you closely!
Congrats on a surgery date! That's super close too!! The main difference is of course the scars after and from what I've learned the shape can be too. It seems to be that some doctors prefer a certain technique, whether based on starting size and shape as well as age and type of tissue, fat, skin composition. You should definitely ask your PS if you're interested in a specific technique. My PS didn't but I also had the option of visiting outpatients to have it done for me. It was just a pain to do that so I opted to do it myself as long as everything was looking good. The actual fancy bras can be bought online or at specialty stores, but you can get front close cotton ones at places like Walmart or Target that will work too. Your PS might send you home with one or two, be sure to ask! There's a lot of different things you will learn from the site and there's a lot of differences between different surgeons techniques, after care, etc. so don't be afraid to ask questions!!! Best of luck during your prep time!
Glad to hear your surgery went well! Happy healing!

Thought I Was Wonder Woman...

I was feeling all nice and good this evening so I decided to (carefully) try on some old clothes and clean some things out of my closet that don't fit anymore. Must have overdid it without realizing it because here I lay at 3am feeling so absolutely sore and uncomfortable in this damn surgical bra that I cannot sleep despite being exhausted. Took some Tylenol and a Bromelain and hoping it'll kick in soon.

I am getting slightly annoyed even though it's my fault for pushing it. I would rather feel pain at the time of overdoing it so I know when enough is enough. I know I need to take it easy but it's so hard to know what is too much until moments like this where I regret not just sitting on the couch.

Sigh. I know you ladies have either been there or will be there. *hugs*
I can relate! I feel fine while doing something then hours later pay for it. :-(
My understanding is that the anchor is best for extremely large breasts because you can remove more tissue and skin. Afterward it is the skin the provides the shape of the new breast. Generally the breast is wider, and has less projection but you get to your final shape much faster. The lollipop (at least mine) removed most fat via lipo, and the tissue is more afixed to the chest wall and shaped (more narrow and cone shaped) internally the skin is then draped over the new breast, so the shape is not dependent on skin but according to my doc final shape can take up to 1.5 years because the extra skin is not removed and must contract. So there is positives and negatives for both. My sister had one and I had the other, we are both happy. I remember when I went back to school a week post op, I walked from the parking lot to the Riddle center and realized I forgot to hang my parking pass, it took me half an hour to walk back I missed most of my class! I remember stopping in the parking lot and just wanting to give up and go home, I felt like I was running in water uphill! I don't miss that! But it will be passed before you know it! It sounds like you are doing great, just take your time and take it easy. I opened in my third week, once that glue comes off it is more likely.

Two Weeks Post Op

Well not much has changed in a few days. Lefty is starting to relax more but is not quite there yet. The one pucker look like when it lets looser it's actually gonna end up being the new breast fold. The glue is coming off now and I've got a bit of a peek at some of the nipple edges and they are looking good.
There's some dark dried blood on both nipples that seems like a scab so I'm interested to see what that turns into.
I have also found that I am afflicted with the same craze as it seems everyone gets to where they can't stop looking at new clothes. I found cheap bras on clearance at Target for $5 so of course I had to try them on. I can't wear them for six months cause they have wires but I figure for $5 if they don't fit at that time I'm not out a ton. They were.... size 38D!!!! Incredible. I'm thrilled.
Ahhh, the new clothes "problem." :) Hey, can't blame ourselves! After years of not fitting into anything, it's miraculous!
i seem to be 38D too, 36DD in some, and am delighted. the dark patches will be blood stained glue I think, I had just a little triangle of that at the incision junction and was delighted when it dropped off at 5 weeks. I had puckering at first and it is amazing the way it relaxes. i have 2 bras I could not resist put away for later too!!!! planning to update my review later today with a photo of one of them, it is sooooo cute!

Glue coming off... maybe too soon...

Well as the glue comes off I start to think maybe I am overdoing it lately. The junction of the incision at the bottom of the nipple appears to have pulled apart on me today. The dark spots that looked maybe to be glue chunks or something seem to actually be a large scab. The bottom point of the scab lifted and there was nothing but grossness underneath it.

I added a couple steri-strips and pulled the incision together and am hoping that will be enough to keep things in place... I'm really hoping that these scabs are covering what is going to be lovely healed skin eventually. I've got my follow up in three weeks so here's hoping things are solid by then.

Anyone else have big ol' scabs on the nipple/incision junction?
Take heart it does get better. Just make sure your doctor knows what is happening so that they can help you. I had a terrible recovery, among the worst on here but it is all good now.
if you have areas not healing so fast make sure you air them as much as you can, and don't let the bra rub on them. fresh air on clean, dry incisions, followed by something soft to cushion the area in your bra, should do the trick.

Three Weeks Post Op

Three weeks out and feeling okay. There's more oozing now that the glue is off but the couple open spots are clotting nicely and hopefully some pretty new skin will form under the scabs. I am still having my "shopping" problem seeing what new clothes I can wear now and finding new wire free bras I can wear for the next few months. Next follow up is in three weeks so hopefully I'll get an "all clear to resume life" at that point.

Both are rounding out more but have a bit of a different shape at the moment. Not too concerned. They are close in size for now and I know I've still got a long road ahead for things to get to where they should be.
You look amazing!!! What kind of bra did you wear immediately after surgery?
Thanks! They sent me home in one called Isavela that you can see in my March 21st post. But I have been switching it out with one I got one that is Amoena brand and with some soft sports bras from Target when I'm at home and seeking something a wee bit more comfortable. I luckily got my arm movement back rather quickly so I could wiggle into ones that weren't front close. It's funny - I had to switch out from my original one because it was way too tight for after surgery and made breathing hard on my ribs. Now, it's actually almost too loose to feel comfortable!

Before / After (3 Weeks)

One more picture just comparing my before and after... it kinda blows my mind to see this...

And it's infection time!

I saw my GP today since I was a bit concerned and she agreed I have a slight infection starting. So I am on antibiotics now with an antibiotic ointment. I was super freaked out last night because I pulled off the gauze and a little bit of dried gunk came with it and a stitch came out with that. I cleaned everything out super good and bandaged stuff up good and hoped that by morning it would look better. It did, and it already looks better now almost 24 hours later. Here's hoping this is my only complication stage... The spots that aren't going funky are looking really good so that gives me some hope!
hope you beat this soon, try to spend some time with them out in the air to dry out.
Thanks - will be doing! I'm hoping this antibiotic kicks in quick. I had sweats/chills all night which I can only assume have to do with the infection.

Healing? I think...

So I've now been on antibiotics for five days, and I've gone through a couple days of tons of fluid coming out which I'm assuming is mostly dead fat. I've pulled three stitches out of the hole on my left nipple and I think it seems to be sealing over a bit better now... Thoughts? Here's some pictures from this week as I've been managing it.
looking good, holes heal from the inside out so new skin over the area is the last thing to happen. let fresh air dry everything out and a healthy diet is good too. pad the area with something soft when wearing a bra to prevent any rubbing. another week and you will see real progress.
That's a good way to think about it - I guess it will take a bit to actually see the progress it's making. Thanks! :)

One Month Post Op

I cannot believe that it has already been a month since surgery. I feel like my back is already completely changed and so has my outlook on my body image. I am feeling good and aside from these damn scabs things are healing great. I am super happy with how small the scars are at this point. There's a small amount leaking out each day and the scabs are solidifying well so that's a plus I guess. I go to my follow up next Wednesday so still hoping I'll get cleared to exercise then...

Six Weeks Post Op + Follow Up With PS Today

So I had my six week check in today with the PS. I was quite nervous as I live in a different city and haven't seen him since my post-op five weeks ago. He didn't seem too surprised by my few open spots and told me to change it up from gauze to bandages with Polysporin on them and sealed to keep the moisture in. I am allowed to resume any non-bouncy activities such as speed walking or stationary bike but no running or anything yet.

Also, found out my amounts! I had just over 1800g removed which works out to be 4 pounds total! Super crazy.

Here are some updated pictures. Things are definitely starting to even out more as they relax and I'm happy with the lines thus far.
although the doc said to cover up holes and keep moist i have found that letting the air get to things to dry them out is the best thing for healing. but i know it is best to stick with what your doc says
They look great you must be thrilled. Thanks for sharing.
I am haha however it's still very not real to me yet... I think because the process went so fast from consult to now... it's been less than 4 months since the consult.

8 Weeks Post Op

Well a lot has improved since my 6 week check in with the PS. The opening under lefty has been totalled covered for a week or so. The opening on the right nipple is JUST about closed up. And the opening on the left nipple is coming along. That one was way deeper than the others where I could actually see under the skin, so no wonder it is taking longer.

Still wearing bandaids over the nipples, and started putting some lotion on as I found my skin getting super dry. I think it has to do with showering and washing them daily. My skin is used to the every other day showering so it's finally taking it's toll.

For me, it definitely has helped keeping them covered and moist. I don't know if it's the way the incisions were, without scabs and more so fatty, yellow tissue, or if it's just my body. But I think switching between dry and moist was what made it take awhile to get on with healing. Oh well, on the other side now!

Sleeping on my front with no issues. Still buying new clothes. I have gone out for supper bra-less in an adorable sundress. And also trying to get out and go walking when I can.

This whole process has been crazy... can't believe it's only and already been 8 weeks. If I hadn't jumped on my consult in January, I probably would have been going this month for the consult, and then up to a year after that for surgery.

So thrilled with everything. Ignore the red marks in the pictures, I had just taken my bra and the bandaids off.
You look amazing! Post pictures of your New boobs in the bralettes you bought for comparison.
looking really great!


Beautiful result!
love your black bikini top! I want that!
Thanks! Wal-Mart for $5! So excited to wear it.

3 Months Update

Hey everyone. It's been awhile since my last update but since everything was going so well I guess I didn't even feel the need!

Things have been slowly moving along and my bad areas are nothing but a bit drier than the other spots. It feels so crazy that I had actual holes where the bottom of my nipples were and now they look normal (well as can be). I'm happy with the size, though they could have been a tad smaller. I'm hoping with a little weight loss they might go down a tad but if not I am perfectly happy. My left nipple looks a bit bigger than the right, but I think a large part is that the right hasn't quite relaxed fully yet.

I have been trying to remember to Bio-Oil them as often as I can. I'll admit I'm not doing it as much as I should. I find that after this long and how bad they looked at one time, I almost don't care about the scars... But I know I'll regret not doing it later so I am trying.

Will update again when I see my doc.

Oh! One more thing. I have gone jogging a couple times and it is amazing that I can go for however long without stabbing pains in my neck and shoulders. So wonderful.

And two words. Strapless. Dress.
Loving the summer so far.
fantastic shape, superb healing
Your incision lines look great! And your shape is lovely. I wish mine would round out like that, but I'm thinking they won't. I'm at 8 1/2 weeks now. Still using the prescription cream or scar oil twice a day. I did get a small place open up last week; it seems better today. Isn't it amazing how clothes fit so much different now! I don't mind looking at new things now!

It's been almost 5 months...

I cannot believe how time has flown lately. I'll keep this brief..

Things have been great. It feels absolutely natural by this point for me. A few odd days here and there... I had what I thought was a tiny zit on the edge of my nipple so I squeezed it and bam, a itty bitty stitch popped out. Then it closed right up next day. Otherwise, things have been great.

Still not wearing underwire, but I have gone without a bra some days with a cute dress or something. I was supposed to go back to my PS in June but things with work just didn't work to get a day off to go. I am planning to go next month since it times out with my six month mark.

I have started to try scar treatment and through my aunt, I heard about Skincerity Breathable Night Masque. It's this miracle roll-on masque that you put on before bed and peel off in the morning. I am going to post a picture from my phone right after this so you can see the Day 1, Day 10, and Day 19 progress. It's amazing so far.

I have tried on bras and have settled quite well into a 36D/36DD size now. I still find some clothes don't fit my chest, but not nearly the percentage as did before. While I have sometimes thought maybe he didn't go small enough, I also recognize that I am not a tiny body type to start with, so I can't expect everything to change all at once.

Hope all the lovely ladies who were going through things at the same time as me are doing just as well!

Skincerity For Scar Treatment

Using for a total of 19 days (skipped two in there as well) and loving the results so far.
WOW!!!! What amazing results. You must be so happy! I find the before and afters in the same bras hard to believe...it's unreal! Marvelous to see, thank you for that and your story and relative easy going recovery. Best to you I hope this message finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy! By the way my BR is scheduled for Oct.6 2014 an again, thank you!
Great End Result ! You have healed very Nicely !
Kristopher Ledding

I am so impressed with Dr. Ledding. Not once did I wait for an appointment, in fact I usually was seen earlier than my scheduled time. He was always very good about explaining things so that I had few questions afterwards. The questions I did have he answered as well. He was very friendly and calm without compromising any question of seriousness and professionalism. Although I do still have follow up appointments to attend and a large part of the healing process, I feel very good about my recommendation for Dr. Ledding. He gave me back my posture and a new outlook on myself and my life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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