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I had Ulthera done in four sections along my jaw...

I had Ulthera done in four sections along my jaw to improve the appearance of jowls. It took about 20 minutes total. I took 800mg of ibuprofen before the treatment. Still, it was very painful and I had nerve pain, with occasional "zings" of sharp pain in my jaw and teeth for about 3 days after the procedure. After 4 months, I'm not seeing much of an improvement. What do others think?


I definitely see a difference in all 3 photos.
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Yikes, zings for 3 days after?! I haven't heard of that before. You must have been relieved when they finally stopped.

Honestly, its kind of hard to tell too much of a difference in the pictures. Assuming that the top ones are your befores, it does look like your jaw is slightly more defined in the bottom pictures. I looked at the angle of the bottom of your nose to try to see if you were perhaps lifting your chin up more (which could make your jaw look more defined) but it looks like you are pretty much on the same plane in both pictures. Does it feel any different?

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Hi Megan - Yes, the top pics are befores and the bottom pics are the afters. I was so relieved when the nerve zings stopped. Apparently, it's a known risk and doesn't happen to everyone. At first, my skin felt plumper, but I think that's common after just about any procedure that causes inflammation - even facials do that. My skin doesn't feel any different now, but I would say my smile lines diminish more rapidly. For a long time, when I'd smile and laugh a lot in a day, the wrinkles along the sides of my mouth would stay a long time. Now, they tend to go away quickly and are never there the next morning. That's certainly an upside and has eliminated the need for fillers (for the time being anyway!).

After reading others comments, I suppose I do see...

After reading others comments, I suppose I do see an improvement. It's especially nice that my smile wrinkles are pretty much gone, and that the changes aren't so dramatic that I look like I had "something done." I try to stay as natural looking as possible. I'm considering doing my eyes to lift my eyelids. I will be sure to post those pics and a review if I do!


The two profile pictures definitely show a lifting and a more youthful look. The thing about ultherapy is that it's "subtle" not a big dramatic change like surgery would be. I think you look fantastic!
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Where in the Bay Area did you go? Can you refer a doctor?
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Totally see a difference from before and after! You look great!!! I wanted to do something subtle, was considering this. Thanks for your post. I'm in RWShores...and will contact Dr. Munyon's office.
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