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Getting Rid of my Gummy Smile with Botox - Redondo Beach, CA

My gummy smile made me extremely insecure about my...

My gummy smile made me extremely insecure about my smile. I have a big mouth and big teeth, so I felt that my gums made my mouth even bigger. I got my first injections about last year with Dr. Annie Chiu, who is extremely sweet and very friendly. She told me she will be conservative with the amount of units to see how I feel and to come back in two weeks if I feel like I need more. I received a call from her personally a few days later to check on me. I went in after two weeks to get more, and then again in about 3 months.

I got more units injected this last time, and I am now feeling like my upper lip is somewhat stiff. I can use straws and speak fine, but I can't pucker my lips as much. The lower lip protrudes more than the upper stiff lip. It has only been a few days, however, so I will make an update after two weeks to see how my results are. I still love that my gums do not show as much, though, and will continue to get it done.
Thanks for a writing a review on RealSelf.  Did the upper lip stiffness just happen or did that start the first time you got the Botox?
It just happened from my third time getting it done a week ago. I'll see if it's not as stiff in a week or so to update!


Hi, I also have gummy smile and I did today Botox , 7 units, but I don't see a difference or feel strange , it's ok?
I usually don't see or feel a difference for at least a week.
Hopefully you see one now!

Nearly gone

It's about two months since the last treatment and I have normal movement with my upper lip. I probably went back to normal maybe 3 weeks ago. I'm now feeling like I need to go back again in a couple weeks, but with a smaller dosage. My upper lip does not curl nearly as much as how it used to be, however.
Do you have an update now xoamy? How long do results last?

Went in for another dose

I saw that my upper lip was curling again, so I went in to see Dr. Annie. It didn't go all the way back to where it was, as there probably was still some left from 3 months ago. I told her that the last dosage was a little too high, so she gave me less (I think she gave me 5 units). I'll have to update again to see if my upper lip is stiff again or if we found the perfect dosage.
How is your lip doing? is it still curling? Where exactly did she inject the botox? Your results looked good.
I would say results last 3 months.

Now that my botox has finally settled

I didn't feel stiff at all this time, thank god. However, I still wish my lip would be lower, but maybe I should just be happy with how significant the change has been so far. Because I don't feel stiffness, sometimes when I laugh hard, I'll feel self-conscious, but I watched myself in the mirror and it didn't curl that high at all! So I feel muchhh better. It's very hard for me to smile that big like my before picture now (I have to scrunch my nose and squint a little haha).
Glad to hear another Happy successful experience. YAY!
My lip is doing great now! I smile really big and she injects them on my upper lip near each nostril. I definitely recommend this to anyone that has a gummy smile.
Thanks! :)
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