Liposculpture - Is Anyone Familiar with Dr. Arnazzi in Torrance, CA? - Redondo Beach, CA

Hi everyone! I am brand spanking new to the site...

Hi everyone!

I am brand spanking new to the site and I need your help!!

I have a liposculpture procedure booked with Dr. Hector Arnazzi in Torrance in a couple of weeks, and I can't find ANYTHING on him online. He has performed breast augmentation on 2 friends of mine, so I have seen his work, but I would really like to hear from someone who has used him for liposcupture/tumnescent liposuction. Anyone familiar with his work? If so, would you mind sharing feedback and pics? Much appreciated!!! :-)


Deleting myself from this board now...I don't want to debate with anyone...don't have time for that...
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Ok ladies I'm pleased to tell you that I did the Lipo procedure with Dr Arnazzi and though I have less then a week post op I love my new figure. No bruising and healing quickly. I'm gonna give it a month to post pictures. BTW if u ask Lulu the receptionist they do have pictures they just prefer to work by referrals then marketing the pictures.
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Castamy was it painful and how are the results so far ? How was the sedation procedure and what did u get done , sorry so many questions but I was thinking of getting some lipo done with him soon

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