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Redness Taking Longer to Go Away then I Was Lead to Believe - Springfield, MI

I had Active FX on 2/15 to reduce wrinkles and...

I had Active FX on 2/15 to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin under my eyes and to remove some sun spots on my face. The brochure that the M.D. gave me at the consult states that all of the redness should be gone by 7 days post-op. I'm now more than 2 weeks post op, and the treated areas are still reddish pink, although coverable with make up. They are fading so slowly. I was concerned and called my M.D. today and spoke with the nurse who assisted him. She told me that the doctor went deeper under my eyes and that it could be a full month or 2 before all of the redness went away. This M.D. has been doing CO2 and other lasers since 1995 and has lots of experience with them. Knowing this now, I believe that I would still have had the procedure done as my under eye area is greatly improved. I just hate having to wear so much make up - even to exercise and wish that they had told me it would take this long. UPDATE: I had what I thought was Active FX on 2/15. I went for my 1 month follow up today and found out that my doctor had actually done the deeper FX laser under my eyes which is why the redness is taking so long to go away. I had crepiness under my eyes and he said that he needed to go deeper than Active FX. My skin texture is greatly improved and the redness is fading, although it could be another month before it is completely gone. He said that each person's skin is different and it is hard to predict how long the redness will last. He said that if he had done the Active FX, the redness would have been gone in 7-10 days, however, I wouldn't have gotten the same results.

To all those concerned about prolonged redness after TOTAL FX, my dermatologist told me that the treatment can cause long-term redness, or erythema, that won't go away on its own. She said she uses a YAG laser to get the redness out, although I'm not sure which one.
Update on my previous post written on day six: It is now 14 days since FX. What a difference a few days can make! I started with the Obaji system on day 8. My skin is now MUCH improved from day 6 - very dry and flaky though now. I keep putting moisturizer on during the day before I see people but the good news is I can see people now without scaring them with oozy patches and a blotchy red face and neck! There is some redness which I am able to cover with make-up now. The scabs are gone. I went into a dimly lit restaurant and a couple of people asked me if I changed my hair. Ha! No! I'll take that as a sign that no one noticed I am a little red, and that I look noticably different but but not unnaturally so because they couldn't pinpoint what the difference was. Yes!
I am six days post Total Fx on my face and neck. Parts of my face have recovered - still pink, but the skin looks nice (fragile, but very fresh looking). But my forehead and my jowl line look like someone came after me with a hot waffle iron! I have some oozy spots that have me concerned as well. There is NO WAY I can put makeup on to look presentable enough to go out in public. Considering how REALLY bad I looked the first few day after the procedure, it's amazing the recovery has come this far. Still, the recovery time was underestimated. My friend had the same treatment as me, on the same day. She was so puffy and swollen after the procedure, she couldn't open her eyes. She spent the next 24 hours in bed. (I looked bad, but felt fine post FX.) After the first two days, our recovery has been about the same. We each had our own areas where the treatment was deeper, and in those areas, we are both finding those areas are taking longer to recover. The good news is there has been no pain and the parts that have recovered so far look great. I am hoping the rest won't take forever! I can only stay "in" for so long.....
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