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I had Coolsculpting on my abs, love handles, and...

I had Coolsculpting on my abs, love handles, and arms. I didn't really see anything for about a month, but it's been 6 weeks now and I'm seeing some definite changes. I'm looking forward to the beginning of August, when the full effect should be more obvious. The photos are not great, but I tried to make them all the same size and perspective. I'm definitely happy I did it.

3 months post

It's now been 12 weeks, and the final results are in. I'm really happy I did this and extremely pleased with the results.
I asked the doctor and this is probably as much improvement as I'm going to see from the original treatments. So, since I still have some stomach flab, I'm going back in September and get another treatment on my stomach.
I have been watching my diet, and have lost a few pounds since I started this process. So a bit of the improvement is no doubt due to that. I think that if I were to hit the gym a bit (I have literally done no exercise in 3 months) the improvement would be even more pronounced.
Dr. Bruce Klein

Dr Klein (of Coolsculpt NW) did a great job, he definitely knows what he's doing, and his wife Rikki is very helpful and attentive. Along with being very professional and knowledgeable, they are both really nice. I found the whole experience very positive.

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Looking great :)
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Wow, it looks like u r getting great results. Good luck.
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How long for results?????? It's been three weeks for me. Still nothing
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3 weeks is way too early to expect much, if anything. I was still kind of swollen at 3 weeks! Do not be discouraged. I started really noticing changes at about 5 weeks, but even then, I wasn't sure. I'm glad I took before photos, because when I compared them to 6 weeks photos, I could see there really was quite a difference.
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Great results, you will see some more improvements for sure. I also did flanks and stomach and it went great. I am now looking to do my arms, can you share a little bit your experience?
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How was the tissue in your arms? Did you have "hard fat" this is how my arms are. I pinch them and I feel the fat is really hard, it even hurts. This is how my tissue in my flanks and stomach felt like and CS worked wonders for me (w/o exercise or diet). You can see my review or before and after pics. Thanks!
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Wow, your results are just amazing! I'm really looking forward to a similar experience, I seem to be on my way. Anyway, here's my take on the arm procedure: The fat in my arms always felt "normal," I guess. As I've aged, although I lift weights (I don't mean I'm a weight lifter, just light weights a few times a week), the underarm still got flabby and loose. And I just HATED how they looked. As for how my fat "felt," I didn't have "hard fat" there as you describe (although my stomach fat seemed to be somewhat hard as you describe before the procedure). But as for my experience overall, compared to the stomach and love handles, the arms were the WORST!!! After the procedure, I couldn't even touch them for almost 2 weeks, they were so sore and painful. I ended up taking pain pills just for the arms, the other areas, although painful afterwards, were not super sensitive to touch. And then the fat there felt really weird, lumpy, like there were rocks in there. It actually kind of scared me at the time. But that has all gone away and they feel almost normal again (still just a little numb), no pain, and the hard lumps are gone. And I think they do look a lot better than before. I'm really pleased. If you do it, be prepared for the pain, but I'll bet you will get good results.
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Thanks Graciela, i am very pleased with my experience. I read ice helps for the pain, I didn't try it though, my dr gave me Tylenol 3 for the pain which I took at night. I have a high pain threshold in general, but I can imagine the arms are a tricky area because of how the device fits on your arms the position you have to keep your arms to hold he device, etc. Did they do both your arms at te same time? I have also noticed in reading testimonials and my own experience that often people try to "fight" against the suction by holding their stomachs in (it's a normal reaction) instead of just "letting go". I had this reaction at the very first seconds and the nurse told me don't fight it, when I released I felt my skin get looser and my ribs were not pressed against the device as much as when I was tightening my abs. Can you imagine how exhausting it must be to pull your ab muscles in when the device is suctionning at that strength? It's a list battle and a garanteed painful experience. So it's a matter of treshold but also of accepting to be pulled like crazy. By the looks of it you are going to have great results, massage the areas as much as you can and drink plenty of water to help eliminate. Do post new pictures for is to follow. Best,
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No, they only had one arm applicator, so each arm was done separately. In fact, my arms are long enough (I'm tall and have long arms too) they needed to do each arm twice to all the "batwing" sucked in there. (I had no pain during the procedure, it was later that the pain started.) I can't imagine fighting against this, it must have been exhausting as you said, plus it could keep all the fat from getting sucked in and frozen which would seem very counterproductive. It took 3 days total to get everything done, and the experience itself was quite relaxing...I binge watched "House of Cards" on my iPad, played Words with Friends, and slept. My doc and his wife brought me coffee in the morning, and then was like being in a spa for 3 days. :-)
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Oh, and they used several pillows and positioned me and my arms so that each time, the arm was relaxed and I was pretty comfortable. If you have an experienced doctor, he/she will make sure you're comfortable.
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Funny your "batwings" lol. Your experience sounds a bit like mine, relaxing and tv binging.
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Awesome, I am glad to hear it. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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You look great. Wow. I did cool sculpting three weeks ago. I'm waiting. The sad part is I gained 10 pounds after the treatment but hopefully it won't affect the abdomen and flanks
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I have been really watching what I eat, so I may have lost a few lbs since I had the procedure. But I've gone up and down over the past few years, and when I'd lose weight before, I've never seen any positive changes in my stomach like I am now. So I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to the Coolsculpting.
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