Loved my Smartlipo and Vellashape - Redmond, WA

With Smartlipo and vellashape I was finally able...

With Smartlipo and vellashape I was finally able to lose that pocket of fat on my stomach. I do pilates and run, but no matter how much I exercised I could not get rid of the pocket of fat on my stomach. Smartlipo literally took years off my figure - my stomach is as flat as it was pre-kids. I can't tell you how much I love it! I am even more motivated to exercise to stay in shape. I have no regrets!

Did you have any wrinkly skin? In general did it get worse before it got better? Is it really a 2 day down time?

Hi 124478anon,

We're so happy everything turned out so well for you. And thanks for letting our readers know that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you workout not every area seems to go away like you wish it would, :) . Do you have pictures we would love to see how everything turned out.

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Dr. Levy at Medical Spa Pro Club

Dr did a great job - the pain was mild and the results are excellant!

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