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53, Still Peeling After 9 Days

I am still peeling after 9-days! I am 53 and it...

I am still peeling after 9-days! I am 53 and it looked awful at first. There was some redness that looked almost burned, and the brown age spots intensified. But most everything is peeling off now and my skin looks smoother and age spots are much lighter.

I think I will do it again in 3-months to even out my skin even more! If you do decide to do it, remember, it may look kind of ugly the first 3-5 days, depending on your skin damage, but the end result is nice. And, DO NOT PICK OR PULL ON THE PEELING SKIN! I wet my skin and rubbed GENTLY to get the skin to come off, but be very careful about pulling and picking.

Updated April 4th, 2012

I wrote a review earlier and was worried about swollen eyelids and bags under my eyes. I'm 55 years old and was looking to reduce some fine lines and lighten some age spots. The peel looked real scary on the 4th day, better on the 5th, and the following days got better and better. Today is the 9th day and I'm very pleased. The fine lines are reduced, the swelling and bags are completely gone. Much of the age spots are either gone or very light. My skin is much smoother. This peel is more agressive than I thought. You just have to be patient and the results are, I think, worth it.

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Remember that appearances, like pain, is relative. Someone on here says, "my face looked awful!!" could mean nothing to you or I...same thing with pain. Some people think a bee sting is the end of the world so take that with a grain of salt too. My pain level was a 1 during the treatment but subsided after 2 minutes. I itched the first night after applying the vitamin C towelette but put on a 1% Hydrocortisone cream and the itching stopped after about 3 minutes. If you follow directions, this is a hard peel to screw up and an easy one to recommend. Getting my 3rd ViPeel done next week.... I pay $400 where are you guys going?? lol
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where did you do the Vi peel??
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I went with my sister-in-law to an office in Redlands, CA. We were given a discount because she referred me and we did it together. I had it done during Presidents week in February and I am very happy with the results. My skin is much smoother and it did reduce the small wrinkles. The age spots are much, much lighter to where you can barely see them. I am definately doing it again in a 3-4 months. It is worth the few days of peeling and going through the process. My sister-in-law has had the VI peel a few times and her skin looks great! She is 62 years old, but you would never know it!
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Yes, your story is the norm for VI peeling. Thanks Dr. B
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