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Going Crazy -- Tummy Tuck W/lipo Done 5/19

I had my procedure done in two phases. On 4/19 I...

I had my procedure done in two phases. On 4/19 I had lipo of lower back and flanks and a butt lift. On 5/19 I had a TT and the remaining fat injected into my butt. I am really concerned about my TT.

First of all, everything my surgeon said would happen has: light pain, no drains, I have been up walking around since day 3 upright with very little discomfort and that I would be happy with my result. I was happy until they took off my garment for my post op dr. appt. I still look the same. I paid for a full TT and for some reason during the procedure while I was in twilight sleep my Dr made the decision to just perform a mini-TT. He said after all of the LIPO i really did not need a full TT. This is so not sitting well with me. I might be ok if I had the results that I was expecting, I don't so I am pist.

I an only 5 days out and to me, I look like I will have a muffin top. A larger upper ab and a smaller lower ab. I can already see the swelling in the lower ab subsiding but I still look nice and round in the upper ab. I am trying not to freak-out but the fact that I did not get what I paid for and I look like a muffin has really got me down. Of course he tells me it is a lot of swelling and I will be happy when it is gone but I am not so sure about this one. He is a good surgeon, I do not feel that he did this to be malicious, everything in the past he has told me had been true. I have been very pleased will all of the other work that I have had from him, but this was my icing on the cake and I dont't have it. He will do revisions for free but to go through the healing again just makes me angry if that is something that I will have to do.

I am a lap band patient almost 2 years out. I have always been curvy but my stomach was always bigger than I wanted. I was not expecting to be super flat as I do have the port to consider and did not want it to stick out but this is not at all how I was expecting to look. Has anyone experienced this and later was happy with the results when the swelling subsided?

Some after surgery pics are below, I had to take these myself so the angles are not the greates.


Went to my PS yeaterday. I was having stabbing pains at my incision on the left. So he took off my bandages and the staples, that I did not know that I had and I had a patch of raw skin. No wonder I was hurting. He cleaned me up and put something on it to help it heal. I still hurt but atleast now I knwo it will get better. Also, I went back to work Tuesday and and I really hurt when standing up. I sit most of the day and while at home I walked a lot. Has anyone else expereinced this? So i try to get up often and I went and bought a pillow for my chair to see if that helps. Thanks
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I couldn't walk without some form of pain for about 3 weeks. I also couldn't stand completely straight for 3 weeks either. Just make sure that you don't over do it. You need to rest as much as possible so you can heal. I found that by sleeping with pillows under my legs that it helped with any pain a lot.
i know how u feel...i am near 6 wks post and i had a period where my belly button was on the side, i still looked puffy and not a whole lot different (apart from the hangy apron) but over the weeks it has improved. One side i still feel is a little bigger and could have done with a little more lipo, but he said we can't judge til 6 wks so i will see him this week. U do deserve the job u paid for tho, hoping for you it settles and u love ur results, def agree on the fact that u may be holding more fluid without having drains, ask your doctor how much lipo he gave u, mine had exact weight written in my notes, that can indicate whether he did take much. Best of luck with the next few weeks. x
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Well I am almost three weeks out. I am still not...

Well I am almost three weeks out. I am still not seeing much of a difference. I am still praying that this is swelling. I have heard if you don't have drains, swelling takes longer to subside. I have uploaded some progression photos. Take a look. They all look the same to me. I have some pain when I stand after sitting and it take about 2 to 3 minutes for me to walk upright. I will be glad when that passes.


I sleep with the pillows under my legs and you ae right, that does help. I use more brain power than physical power at work but when I come home, I am beat. Most days, I just get in the bed any lay down, I feel so lazy but I get tired out really easy. Thanks for your comments. I have not hit the three week mark yet so I just keep moving right along slow and steady.

June 8, 2010 3 weeks Post Op Went to my PS...

June 8, 2010 3 weeks Post Op Went to my PS yesterday. I made him do before and after pictures as I was feeling like I had waisted my money. There was a difference. He says that I am still swollen, in which I hope so because I am still looking prego. My scar is healing well. He's been putting some tape acrosss it. It leaks fluid a bit and has an odor that only I seem to smell; its driving me crazy but I guess all in all, things are ok. My only issue, after sitting and when I stand, it take me a minute to be able to walk without pain. My PS said this is normal and it should begin to sudside. Where I had lipo of flanks and upeer and lower abs seem to be a bit more sensative than before. I guess because I am no longer on meds to mask the pain. It's not painful but those areas are tender. Please see the before and after pictures that I posted, please let me know your thoughts. I am still a little worried about the curve in my belly and that flattening out.


you look really hot!!! I had my done on the 17th everything went well, thanks for the info about your friend, I hope she's doing well and u too : )
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All is going ok. I have a beautiful scar until it...

All is going ok. I have a beautiful scar until it started to open. I am allegeric to the stitches and after my incision closed, it began to re open in certain places as the stitches started to push their way out. So I have to see my PS every three days for him to remove them and hopefully I will heal up again. I will be doing some after pictures this weekend. It has been five weeks. I saw a friend yesterday and told her about my TT and found out that she had it done 15 years ago, she told me to be patient and that I will ge the results that I am looking for. My PS say's that I am healing well outside of this little stitch problem. I am still walking a bit huntched over because of the open wound. Can't wait to feel better from that and start back working out. I miss it but don't want to be sweating with open wound. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks.

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Dr Apodoca

At this point I am not sure about a recommendation for the TT but him and his staff are very caring. I truly feel he is more interested in the art of sculpting than just making a dollar. I am not sure why he changed up in my case

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