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I have been receiving Radiesse in my left cheek...

I have been receiving Radiesse in my left cheek area for many years to correct muscle loss from car accident trauma without any side effects. However, this last time I has white bumps at injection site, and was told its from the lidocaine in the Radiesse and it would go away in an hour. When it didn't go away after several hours, I called the office of Craig Kraffert to let Lindsay Miller, PAC know. Her MA asked her, and she told me to massage it. I did so, but the next morning woke up with severe bruising and swelling. I called office back and was told it would go away in a few days, and to take ibuprofen for pain. It is now the 4th day and it is still swollen and bruised. I hope it gets better in next couple of days!

Just keeps getting worse!

Today is 6th day since injections. When I took shower my cheek burned! My daughter went to store and got me Aquaphor ointment which has relieved my pain. I believe I need to see a board certified dermatologist to evaluate me further. I want to know whether Lindsay caused an occulation to the blood flow. The daily worsening of my face is indicating more than bruising!

Question for Doctor

If my bloodflow is in fact being restricted, what can be done to restore it?

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Also, I spent this last wknd with the inside of my mouth sore and blistering. Yesterday Lindsay gave me samples of Protopic cream for it. It really helped me; however, after looking it up after the fact - it is for eczema and external only! Unbelievable! Like I said, it just keeps getting worse! Why on earth would she give me that for the inside of my mouth!

Wed Sept 18th

Have appt in hr at a hyperbaric med ctr for a consult - hope they can help me!
Went to Dr Krafferts office - he refused to see me today. He said he would see me tomorrow morning at 9 with Lindsay.
I dont believe Lindsay or Dr K know the extent of what has happened to me or what to do for it.
Found website:
Has info on help hopefully i can use an show a dr.
Also I spoke with Julie Kaplan today who went through what Im going thru - she has posting in this site - she is very supportive and us going to see me this afternoon too.

What a day!

Will write bout more 2 mrrw im drained emotionally, physically, and mentally right now.

One Week Post

I have taken today and tomorrow off work to heal. I am following Julie and her husband's (Dr. Kaplan) instructions. The massaging and warm compresses have helped to get some blood flow. I am on aspirin, antibiotic, and anti-viral. I am going to follow up on consult for hyper baric oxygen therapy or oxygen mask at night as I may not be a candidate for hyper baric if screws near my left eye from car accident are metal. I an going to see my eye dr and dentist to check if my lack of blood flow is or has been affected.
Most importantly, I will continue to update this site and create new profiles on other sites to bring awareness of what can happen to anyone from Radiesse. Like Julie said "you couldn't pay me a million dollars to have it again." I second that!


Anger is hitting me this morning over the fact that a Physician's Assistant didn't recognize she hit an artery! Anger is hitting me that the Physician she works under has discharged me as a patient! Unbelievable that this doctor has abandoned me and is not willing to see the effects of what occurred last Thursday to me. The whole thing is now angering me and baffling me. I would think he would want to know, and would want his Assistant to know what she did wrong so this doesn't happen to someone else!

This isn't over yet . . . right now I'm working through many emotions, and working on healing my face with the help of Julie and Jory Kaplan. Today I am calling my eye doctor and my dentist, and the oxygen therapy center.

Sunday Sept 22, 2013

I would not wish this experience on anyone. To top it all off I received a Dissolution letter from Dr. Krafftert in my mail box yesterday. It baffles me why he is taking this avenue toward me. I am not going to let him get the best of me. I am a strong, beautiful woman in spite of what is happening to my face!

Sunday September 29th

My wound . . . the green color is the dead skin or necrotic skin that died from lack if blood flow and oxygen to my face after Radiesse got in artery! It has to come off to allow new cell growth - very painful long process! People - do not use Radiesse!

Slow Process

Its now one month and a day since Radiesse injections resulted in blocked blood flow to my cheek. I am tired of wound care and bandages! I do it because I have to. I should'nt have to! Why is it there are people whom you should be able to trust allowed to inject any filler let alone one called Radiesse that do not know the signs of hitting an artery or what to do if they did?
I have a right to be angry!

I have too much knowledge now out of necessity about wound care and terms like slough, tunneling, etc.

The blessing through my pain and suffering though has been Julie and her husband. Having been through this herself, she has offered me her heartfelt sympathy and support. They both are truly wonderful, caring people.

Thank you,


Getting Better - Slow Process

My vent above was just that. Im glad my face is improving - its just frustrating at times because its a slow process. I am a positive social person with great friends and family. I am human too though and life sometimes gives us something (like this event) that reminds me that I will persevere. I want change in the education of all injectors to know more about what they're doing. I want you reading this to ask questions if you are going to be injected - if person does not know answers to what an ischmic event looks like or what to do . . . Run!

Day 92

As of one month ago today, the necrotic tissue dissolved. I stopped wearing bandage to work on Nov 13th. Now my wound is in the intermediary stage. When it appears to have finished the granulation process, I will seek scar treatment options.
Life goes on but mark my words, I will push for legislation that all injectors of cosmetic fillers get training on how to recognize an ischemic event and what to do! I emplore all of you who read this and are contemplating or getting cosmetic fillers to ask two important questions of the injector. That is do they know the signs of ischemic event aka occlusion (hitting an artery!), and do you know what to do? If they can't answer, RUN!

Photo Day 92

Lindsay Miller

I realize there are risks involved with injections; however, Lindsay failed to recognize when she hit an artery. Consequently, I was being treated for a possible sinus infection initially. However, when it was evident that wasn't the case, and I called to get help and answers on what was wrong, I was discharged as a patient by the doctor she works under. Its a shame she cannot see what has happened to me.

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Call a lawyer. The doctor is negligent in discharging you after causing the wound. I recently had a fat transfer,which is permenant, from a severe indented scar on my face,from car accident. Insurance paid. See a certified plastic surgeon
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Thank you for sharing your story. It is heart-wrenching to read your story. I am so sorry that you had to pass through all of this.
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I am so proud of you for your amazing attitude. SHAME on that doctor for abandoning you in your time of need. I cant even imagine. Hey Doc, First Do No Harm!
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Hello Beautiful. Just stopping by to tell you I admire your strength and courage. Sending you healing thoughts and warm hugs.
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Wow I am so shocked to read what went through....I can it imagine your anger! I hope you were successful in reporting that dr office....just terrible that they abandoned you I'm so sorry you went through that.
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Thanks Momof4. I hope I can keep some other people from having a similar problem.
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I've used radisse to fill some stuff in my nose; it has never damaged my skin. I think these kind of products need to be applied by a person THAT KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. It's like nose jobs, you cant say DONT GET A NOSE JOB just because your doctor was inept. I think there are exceptions. I'm really sorry that you have to go through this, i know how bad it can be for the selfsteem to have things like that in your face, you don’t even wanna go out of your bedroom :( but as you said, YOU ARE BEATIFUL AND STRONG and you are getting through this in the best way :) hope you get better.
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I'm not sure that it should have been injected into your cheek. If you refer to the literature it shows no higher than the lip line. It almost looks like you contracted MRSA. I'm shocked your physician dismissed you- unless you threatened to get a lawyer. You may want to report that to the board of plastic surgeons or whatever board certifies him.
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Samma, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and HEALING new year. May 2014 be filled with thousands of blessings for you. Sending love and healing thoughts, JBK
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I had scheduled my first time ever consultation for Dec 20,2013. I am going to cancel. I feel so sorry for you!

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How did the hole in the skin appear? I was going to get fillers for the first time on the 12th of the mnth a little xmas gift to myself, I wont be doing it, I think I will just smile when I need a fresh enhancing glow to my face cheaper easier and definitely safer!!!
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Hi Cherylee: What happened to is called an occlusion or ischemic event. The injector hit an artery and the product she used (Radiesse) blocked my blood flow. Consequently, my skin died for lack of oxygen and rotted off! See Julie Kaplans post on here too. The same thing happened to her. I am glad you found this site and see the consequences of the worst thing that can happen. What is really scary is that there is no requirement that injectors be trained in recognizing when they hit an artery and what to do! I am pushing for legislation on this! Merry Christmas to you :)
  • Reply There's my post, Cheryllee. I hope it also helps your decision. Take care, JK
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I'm so sorry you also had a problem with Radiesse. Mine has sent me to the ER many times for over 2 years now. Start by googling Medwatch 3500 A and report your reaction to the FDA. If enough people do this it will be taken off the market. Good luck to you.
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Hi Neuro1: I'm sorry that happened to you, and for not responding more timely. Thank you for your post, and good luck wishes. I did file a report with the FDA and a complaint to the Medical Board.
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I'm so sorry that you also had a problem. Mine resulted in an immune system response to the Radiesse resulting in over 2 years of severe swelling requiring ER visits. Please start by filing a Medwatch 3500 A form which lets the FDA know of your reaction. When they get enough evidence they will remove the product from the market. This won't let me post the link but google Medwatch 3500 A
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Samma, thinking of you and sending you healing thoughts.
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Thinking of you too, and thankful to you for all your support. Hugs
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I am so very sorry for your experience and what happened to you afterwards. Iam an injector and I do use Radiesse. I believe it is a save product in the right hands just as any other filler. A hyaluronic acid filler can me injected into the artery and with out corrective action immediately the same results can occur. I try to be reasonable and fair with my clinic prices and work closely with my medical director to ensure safe outcomes and quick action and support for any complication that can occur with any injectable (neuromodulator or filler). Please do not let price be the deciding factor interview your injector ask them what an go wrong and how they are prepared to act in the case of a complication ask about their training and continued education in the injection field. pick an injector with excellent skills good support and one who will inject you on a regular basis DO NOT BARGAIN HUNT or use on line discount sites for your service this is your face and your health. I am so disappointed that the physician discharged you from care and id not support you through this complication, did not have an injector who could act fast enough to provide the proper medical support to manage the complication when it immediately occurred. I always tell my clients that Radiesse is a good option and less expensive in the long run and unless they have experience with filler and are confidant in the rest they are looking for I always suggest a hyaluronic acid filler before venturing into any semi permanaent filler. I have a protocol in place in case of artery occlusion which can happen to any injector at any time. That is a complication that is manageable but does need to be recognized to be managed. All clinics should have a protocol in place and should be able to show your their artery occlusion emergency kit. This should consist of a vasodilator and ASA as well as instructions to send you for emergency care follow up and arrange for continued follow up in the injection clinic as well.
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Injector in the North, I agree. All clinics should have a protocol in place and an artery occlusion emergency kit. However, they don't. The Radiesse trainer who injured my left cheek didn't even recognize the ischemic event, but I did. She wouldn't listen to me and kept injecting! Radiesse (Merz) didn't lift a finger to help me after the injury and I never heard from the Radiesse rep or injector trainer again. For this reason, I will NEVER inject this product again. Last month Juvederm Voluma became the first FDA approved cheek filler and it is touted to last 2 or more years. I am going to get trained on this next weekend and hope to see amazing long-term results and patient safety. Are you getting training with this too? You sound like a very educated and talented injector. Where do you practice? Take care, J
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Hi injector in the north: Thank you for your post. I didn't know to interview my injector about what she would do should an occlusion occur. I trusted she knew what to do! I am pushing for legislation that all injectors be trained in recognizing an ischemic event and what to do. I am glad to hear that you do! Right on! Everyone should know! What would you have done with Radiesse occlusion? Would you have immediately put heat on site of injection and massaged it and nitropaste?
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The first time I got radiesese was fine and I liked it. Then I went to a Dr with the Groupon deal . That was a night mare ! He injected it above my cheek bone line and then tried to compress it down but he press too hard ! I ended it with very bad bruises! It finally went away after many days! Then the third time I went back to the first doctor who did a better job. However, this time I think he hit the artery or something , he gave me bruise right away! So, be very very careful who u go to!
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Lissaana, I agree with you 100%. I am constantly shocked about how little training is required to be an injector. Back in 2004, many injectors learned from sales representatives, not from medical professionals!!! Learning from sales representatives, or from poor or minimal training sessions can lead to increased complications and poor cosmetic results. I think the public at large should come into an office with very good questions about possible complications, experience levels, and they should ask about what kind of training was offered. They should expect detailed answers about side effects and ischemic events. Education is so important, both for the injector and for the patient. These emergency injuries are rare, but they are so obvious to a properly trained eye. They can be prevented or reversed just from education alone. Sigh...
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