Major Sun Damage Repair - Redding, CA

I am a 54 year old that has lived in the...

I am a 54 year old that has lived in the California sun my whole life. I seen a segment on Fraxel repair for lip lines that caught my attention. I would love to soften my wrinkles that I have accumulated through out the last few years and having surgery is not for me. I have researched Fraxel repair for 5 months and have gone to a few consultations. I'm scheduled for the procedure in a few days with a Dr. that I feel very comfortable with. I am mentally preparing for some pain during the procedure and the after look of my face until it heals. I have a concern with the nerve block and numbing cream that is used. I have had 2 bad reactions( rapid heart beat, panicked feeling, difficulty breathing) during dental procedures and was told it was from the epinephrine. It is causing me some anxiety which I will talk to my doctor about during my pre op consult. I will post pics of the healing process and the final outcome.

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I will be anxious to hear about your results.  Do keep us up to date and post the after pictures.  We will be thinking about you.


This morning was my fraxel repair.they preformed s...

This morning was my fraxel repair.they preformed s microdermabrasion first to allow the numbing cream to penetrate better. The whole time that I was being prer was a very relaxing experience. The two techs were very knowable and personable and shared their experiences in beauty treatments that they had.The doctor came in and gave me a loratab and 2 mg of Ativan, then later a shot of toradol.The procedure was good with very little pain( maybe a 2 or3)She explained as she was going. Was extremely dizzy and nauseous from medication. unable to keep food down. Face is in no pain what so ever. Lots of oozing. Think I will sleep well tonight.

Fraxel was done on my whole face 7/25/2012. It was...

Fraxel was done on my whole face 7/25/2012. It was a very comfortable procedure. Did have minimal pain (2-3) on some areas some areas.Oozing and bloody afterward. Unable to hold food done probably because of medications ( Norco< 2 mg Ativan and a toradol shot.) Did not have a dental block, just the numbing cream.I am very happy with the outcome so far. It is going just the way it was explained to me.The doctor and her whole staff were friendly and informative.

Everything going as it should, Face and eyes are...

Everything going as it should, Face and eyes are swollen. some itching is starting. See the Doctor today for another check up. Can't wait for swelling to go down so I can see what the results will look like. So glad I did this procedure. Was expecting so much more pain from the post that I had read previously.

Still swollen, getting little white bumps around...

Still swollen, getting little white bumps around mouth area,skin is sloughing off. Cleansing with mild cleanser and using hydrating moisturizer . No more vaseline.

4 days after peeling and itchy. some...

4 days after peeling and itchy. some swelling still. white bumps are gone. beet red color has faded to bright red. seeing new skin.I can't believe how fast this is healing.

Wow you are healing's amazing how quickly this all smoothed out.


I am as well!!  You have gorgeous eyes!!

Day 6..swelling almost all gone..still quite red...

Day 6..swelling almost all gone..still quite red and lots of dry patches...face is breaking out...starting to see positive results

One week after.......loving the results so far......

One week after.......loving the results so far....very itchy though, and a little red but make up covers it.

I am so pleased with the results so far. It is...

I am so pleased with the results so far. It is getting better and better every day. I have been comparing my face to a pic of me 15 years ago, very impressed and happy. Posted new pic 9 days after!
You got great results! I did four treatments of Restore, for skin conditions a bit different than yours, also because I wanted less aggressive treatment. Maybe next time around, I'll brave the world of Repair!

WOW... you look great ... the 12 hour stage is a horror but, with that said, I can tell you I am going to do this ... going for a meeting with a Dr. in Houston, Tx this month (April 2013) and make sure this will be the best course for me. I am 68 and a non-smoker (not saying you were/are, just information) and blessed with great genes because my wrinkles are "gentle" ... not deep (except between my eyes). I will keep a photo journal and post to this site as you have. Thank you for the trouble you have gone through to share you experience .

I really appreciate reading your comment re: Fraxel re:pair. I am planning to do this at the end of Sept. I am wondering if you have already undergone the procedure and if you are happy with results? Experience? Cost? Much thanks for your response.

1 year 8 months after fraxel repair

I have had no further procedures, I use sun screen religiously now. When I look at my before picture the results still amaze me.
Thanks for your detailed posting! My ancestors are Scottish but that didn't stop me from loving the ocean and the sun. I hope to have this treatment some day. Your results are beautiful and I'm happy for you.
Do not do laser of any kind. I've researched this in detail. Lazer just produces scar collagen (Coll 3). This gets reabsorbed within 2 years and DNA damage from the radiation. Collagen stimulation therapy and retinyl palmitate cream is much better and lasts longer
wow Cali look amazing....i have alot of deep sun lovin' wrinkles too and have been thinking about this & scheduling at least the sister yrs ago did the full laser resurfacing and looked like this after (the redness, swelling but it lasted for about a month)...but i think the Fraxel Repair is just less down time correct? You truly had amazing results...

2 years after fraxel repair

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