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I am 54 years old and have always work outdoors...

I am 54 years old and have always work outdoors and never thought much about sun protection until recently( as you can tell by the pic). I have researched fraxel repair for 5 months and have gone to 3 consultations with 3 different doctors and have decided to go forward and have a full face and neck done. I am very comfortable with the doctor that will perform my treatment and can not wait for the results. My doctor will be doing an aggressive treatment so I know my recovery will be longer than the average that has been posted. I am posting a pic as i look today and i will post pics and update the healing process as it happens.

This morning was the day of the Fraxel repair. Had...

This morning was the day of the Fraxel repair. Had a microdermabrasion on my face to help the numing cream to absorb better. after 20 minutes my doctor came in very reassuring and gave me a Norco and 2 mg of Ativan, and later a shot of toradol.More numbing cream was applied and I was ready for the treatment ,Everything went great. I was calm and the pain went up tp a 2/3 at times out of 10. Only bad result is the medication, feeling nausea and vomitted. Face is in no pain, just scary looking. The whole time waiting for the numbing cream and pills to take effect I was with one of the techs who carried on a great conversation. going back to sleep. will update later

Today went very well. Pain during procedure 2-3....

Today went very well. Pain during procedure 2-3. had loratab, Ativan 2 mg, toradol injection and numbing cream. no pain now, unable to keep food down because of medicine. Face is oozing. follow up tomorrow. So far everything is going as planned.

24 hours after Fraxel repair and I feel great....

24 hours after Fraxel repair and I feel great. Went to post op appt. this a.m.. Everything looks good. Very pleased with how this has gone so far. Procedure was with minimal pain. Most of the time it was a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10. Once it felt like a 3 around my mouth but that is where I have deep wrinkling. I was given 1 Norco and 2 mg of Ativan with a shot of Toradol. And of course the numbing cream. No Dental blocks at all. Will post again tomorrow.

So far so good. Face and eyes are swollen, some...

So far so good. Face and eyes are swollen, some itching is starting to happen. Can't wait for redness to go away. I am excited to see the final results.

Still swollen , getting little white bumps around...

Still swollen , getting little white bumps around mouth area. Was cultured as a precautionary. Skin is sloughing off. No longer doing vinegar cleanses. Using a very mild skin cleanser. and moisturizing with a hydrating lotion.

Day is peeling and itchy...some swelling...

day is peeling and itchy...some swelling still. beet red color is fading to a bright red. can see new skin . white bumps are gone. I can't believe how fast it heals.

Day 6.. getting better every day, still red and...

Day 6.. getting better every day, still red and have dry patchy spots, My lip lines are back but looks like I have a 50 percent improvement there, the rest of my face looks smooth. I'm breaking out, hope it doesn't last long.

As of today it was well worth it. Love the way my...

As of today it was well worth it. Love the way my face is looking!!!!

still loving the results..over a year and a half after

with make up 1 year 8 months after

update 02/15/2014

have not had any more procedures done.....I use sunscreen religiously ( applying a few times a day, everyday) . When I look at my before picture the results still amaze me!

2 years after fraxel repair

Dr. Elizabeth Stratte

Going to consultation, researching and talking to past patients. Was referred to doctor by the Fraxel website.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look incredible. I am having Fraxel on Friday 10-3-2014. I have acne scars and sun damage. I'm 53 years old. You gave me lots of hope.
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I must add it looked very painful at first.
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You look so beautiful!!! Did the procedure hurt at all?
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Wow, you look so refreshed! Beautful results. 
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Hi. I am new to this site. But was hoping you could update me on your procedure. I have a consultation for Fraxel Repair in a few weeks. I am 52 with sun damage. You look awesome. My plan is to have my whole face done. Did you have it done under your eyes?
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Hi and Thank you. I did have fraxel repair done on my whole face including under my eyes with more intensity around the mouth area because that is where a lot of my wrinkles were. When I look at my before pics it still amazes me as to the difference. Good luck on your procedure and I hope your results are amazing also.
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@Cali lady- Thank you for responding. :-)
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Please keep us updates. Curious to see how you go at the two year mark :)
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Hello! How does your skin look without makeup on? Would you be willing to post a recent pic without makeup just to see what the skin looks like after it has healed? Thanks!
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WOW, YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! So happy for you!!
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You look amazing - so happy :) 
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I had a fraxil laser on my face and neck Friday. This is my second treatment. The first one was FREE, as part of a cosmetic procedure pkg. Well I think they had it on the lowest possible setting. My results were minimal. So I decided to go for it and fork out $1,500 and have another one. I am having a totally different experience so far. My face is very very swollen. This morning my eyes were almost swollen shut; bridge of nose and under eyes were also very swollen. I am very red. Using Skin Medica products; sensitive cleanser and healing ointment. Moisturizer and sunscreen after I heal. This treatment was much more aggressive, per my request. Luckily I am able to take off work this week. I work in retail and there is NO WAY I could show up for work looking like this. The first laser helped a bit with pigmentation but that was it. I wanted this one to also target texture and resurfacing. I do have tiny white bumps on my chin. The gal who did the procedure is very supportive. I am texting her a photo daily. So far so good. She says I am perfectly normal; lots of swelling and bright red. Skin feels very tight. I will keep everyone posted.
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Hi Susiecat, sounds very typical of my first days after treatment. On day three or four you'll start noticing bronzing and peeling of the skin. I had a pinkish glow to my skin for about 7-10 days. I'm hopeful you'll be happier with your results this time around. Keep us posted.
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Did you have the fraxel repair or the fraxel restore? I also got the white bumps on my chin but they soon disappeared. It took 9 days for my swelling to go down to normal and go out in public. I had the fraxel repair which is the most aggressive of the fraxels. I absolutely love my results. Just posted a 3 month after pic. Hope your results are what you have expected. Sounds like all is going well for you. Good luck and continue posting.
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I had Fraxil Repair. They were telling ms about Fraxil Restore for later on as maintenance. Much stronger settings this time. I'm off til next week. Hoping I can return to work then. I work in retail so appearance is important. I was led to believe swelling would be 2 or 3 days. I'm flaking a bit today and very tight, dry and red. Swelling under eyes and across nose and cheekbones. I'm taking Bebedryl but all that does is make me sleep.
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I was using aquaphor for the first 5 days then went to cetaphil lotion. I was using ice pack on my face to help with swelling. The healing process for me was amazingly fast as you can see from my pics. My friend had her fraxel repair done 2 weeks after mine and also had amazingly fast healing. I think you will also see dramatically fast healing in your self also. I dont know if you have been told about the extreme importance of using sun screen year around and often. According to my MD that is the number one reason for the rapid decline in the repair that was done by fraxel. I was also advised that fraxel restore would be a good follow up in a year or so.
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Hi CaliLady, It's been two months since your Fraxel Repair. How are you feeling about the results? Your last photo looked amazing!
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The results are fantastic! I love the way my skin looks and feels. Friends have said "wow, you are looking good" or "are you using a new make up". Not knowing that I have had Fraxel done, they see a difference but can not pin point it. I have been asked if I had a lift also. Had my last follow up last week. Doc suggested that I do a maintenance restore every year or so. Will see in a year. Only regret I have is not getting my neck done also! Maybe next year.
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Maybe you are looking at pic with gobs of vaseline on it. The peeling was more like a flaking(brown skin, like after a sunburn). I did lots of research and looked at lots of pics to prepare myself as to what I would look like while healing. Its amazing how fast it heals. My family thought I was crazy until they seen the final results, and truely it looks way worse than it feels. I had no pain, only uncomfortable because of gobs of vaseline and sleeping in the recliner for a few days, but it was well worth it. A friend just had this procedure done a few days ago and broke out in cold sores, ( she did not take the precationary meds, (Valtrex) that was prescribed to her )
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Wow I have set myself up for fraxel as well n I'm so scared but am dieing to repair my skin as I have acne scarring. I have a very busy schedule do u think one week is enough time to get bk to work? I don't want to peel at school or work.
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A good cover up make up should cover up the redness. Everyone heals differently. On my 9th day I wore make up and went out with friends, My peeling stopped by day 7. The healing process has a lot to do with the strength of the laser, around my mouth was higher strength and it took a few days longer to heal. No need to be afraid, I had a lot of anxiety also but the procedure was nothing to complain about, the goop on my face after was the worse to deal with. Good luck on your procedure and be positive and patient for results. My skin is still improving daily.......and I love it!!!!
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On the second picture of you when you are peeling did you feel like it wouldnt heal? Im thinking I dont even want to look in the mirror or Ill freak. Guess its just nerves but I go to school and work so Im definately scheduling it for a time when I can take the whole week off and no one will see me. What did your family say?
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PS the last pic you posted looks awesome. Im glad you like your results.
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Gosh, it's like brand new skin. It's so great to see success stories! Congratulations! I can see why you feel so good.
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Cpuld you tell me, did you have any Roseacea or Broken capillaries? Did it help those?
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