May need a revision! Waiting for a second opinion!

I am 43 yrs old and have 3 children (26,11,10) and...

I am 43 yrs old and have 3 children (26,11,10) and a Foster parent to 4 active little boys (4,5,6,8). I believe my highest weight was around 240 lbs. I finally lost the weight and got to about 160 lb in 2006. I so wanted a TT then but could not afford it. And for whatever excuses I can come up with I let myself go again and gained alot back and got above 200 so now for the last time I have lost most of the weight and went for my PS consult on April 13 and booked for surgery for May 2/11.

It's all very fast but makes the anxiety less. lol. It is discouraging to do all the hard work and look down and always see your fat flapping tummy! So this is for ME and all the people that have opinions as to why I shouldn't do this can keep their opinions to themselves!

Need to go to the PS office on Sunday to do some...

Need to go to the PS office on Sunday to do some laser treatments and then to the hospital at 8:45 a.m. Monday with surgery booked for 10:45 a.m.

2 days post op and doing okay. Little crampy and...

2 days post op and doing okay. Little crampy and uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. My husband is being such an awesome nurse!

So today was my post op appt. The doc changed the...

So today was my post op appt. The doc changed the dressing and redressed it all :0( so I really did not get to see anything again. Oh well this dressing stays on 3 - 4 weeks then I guess it's ready to come off and away I go. Have alot of discomfort since the dressing change though. Swelling is really bad tonight. But no apron!!!! That was the point!

So a little over 2 weeks post op and I feel really...

So a little over 2 weeks post op and I feel really good. Over did it a bit yesterday picking up heavier things then I should have been! So was kind of uncomfortable last night. Would I do this again? HELL YA in a minuet! I am already trying to find out how soon I can get my thighs done! I hated them when I went for my consult but he talked me into a Breast Reduction instead. Although I love the new smaller more upright breasts that wasn't my concern. They don't show in shorts and a bathing suit. Have appointment with PS today so we'll see what he says.

So I went to see PS yesterday! He says that the...

So I went to see PS yesterday! He says that the lumps I feel from the lipo are normal(although he tried to tell me it was my ribs I'm like I do know what my ribs feel like considering it's lower then my ribs!) and to keep massaging now towards the back! He also says all my incision ripples are from swelling. He wants me to leave the bandages on for as long as possible (5 weeks total if possible) I had asked him about using Vit E or Bio oil on the scar and then he stated he wants me to use some sort of plastic covering (silicone?) for the next 3 to 12 months! Grrrr...... Although he explained it well in the way of the the support the plastic will give the scar so it can not pull apart or widen.

On a good note he gave me permission to start using the bike and treadmill in the house! Woo hoo. Was anyone else told they had to stay out of the sun? Although I have found out it does make me swell like a balloon.

Swelling must be going down I have lost like 5 lbs in the last 4 days. Getting expensive buying these compression garments - they keep getting loose and need to buy new ones. But I suppose that is the cheap end of this! Does everyone have to wear these for 3 or 4 months?

I forgot to add that I wanted to seriously discuss...

I forgot to add that I wanted to seriously discuss when and how much to get my thighs done and the PS is so frustrating he just blew me off again! Said when you change one thing then the rest will sometimes change! I'm like the loose skin will not just disappear! Maybe he doesn't like that surgery but won't admit it.

My name is Linda by the way! When I joined the...

My name is Linda by the way! When I joined the sight gave me the name! Then after so many posts I figured if I changed my name ppl wouldn't know who I was! Well went and seen PS at outpatients department today. He took all the plastic sheeting off my incisions finally today. He said my incisions looked really good and like I was 6 weeks post op instead of the almost 4 weeks that I am! So that was good. He is insistent that I use the Steri-strips and/or the silicone sheeting till the incision is no longer red at all! It is a support thing. If the incision has support then it will not be able to spread apart and make a thick scar. Makes since to me. But my problem is the steri-strips don't seem to be sticking to my skin very well anybody else have this issue!
So needless to say I was very excited because this was the first time that I've got to see my incision on my tummy or my breasts! So cool.

Now that the doc took that second skin off that...

Now that the doc took that second skin off that was driving me crazy I just traded it for the incision being crazy itchy now! Must be because it is drying out now and it wasn't before. The incisions on my breast are the worst at the moment. The Steri strips I'm supposed to use won't stick so got some paper tape will try that and see if that will work and actually stick. The sun and heat make me swell up like a balloon anyone else have this fun? But I wouldn't change a thing though I do not regret my decision to have this done at all!

9 weeks post op on July 4 and I have been having...

9 weeks post op on July 4 and I have been having discharge from my Belly Button for a couple weeks now. Called PS office a couple weeks ago receptionist said she'd call/email PS and get back to me. No answer so left a message on the 4th still no answer so finally called today (blocking my phone number) and got the receptionist and she did her own research but hadn't talked to the PS yet he is just to busy with other patients!!! Grrrr. Would I recommend this office to anyone NO! She thinks it may be an infection as I do but will see if she can nail down the PS today for an answer. I'm frustrated cause it's summer I have 6 kids they want to go to the beach can I go in??? We are going camping at the beach for 2 weeks at the end of the month can I do this?? They call back want me to go to out patients at the hopital - little tough with 6 kids that I'd already promised to go to the beach. So now I'm supposed to wash with soap and water and use pollysporn and because it's so long after surgery can't possibly be an infection! Not sure I'd recommend this PS. Going in on the 12 to talk about the amount of loose skin I still have on my tummy. Sorry for the vent just frustrated. I was told go to the beach enjoy the sun but stay out of the water. :0(

Belly button is good now - wish they would have...

Belly button is good now - wish they would have told me 3 weeks ago to use polly :0D
I just find it sad that I have to block my number so that the receptionist will answer the phone. Really makes me feel unimportant when I've only had 2 concerns since my surgery it's not like I was calling every day!

I do have an appt on Tues to have a chat with PS about the amount of loose skin I still have. I don't know how to broach all of it. When I look back at the pics I have lots of bruises where he did the lipo so why didn't I have any on the abdomen where it was supposed to be done (that was the decision between lipo or muscle tightening) I know I look better then where I started but I am dissappointed with how much skin I can still grab on my abdomen.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Well polly worked well to clear up my belly button...

Well polly worked well to clear up my belly button issue. Now if I didn't feel so unimportant at the PS office. Have to actually block my number for them to answer my calls that is absolutely rude considering I've only called a couple times with legitement concerns.

I do have an appt with the PS tomorrow to discuss the loose skin I still have. I also have a question about the lipo - I was supposed to have lipo of the abdomen but I had no bruising like I did everywhere else? (I had to choose between lipo or muscle tightening)

I was disappointed with my appt yesterday I didn't...

I was disappointed with my appt yesterday I didn't care for the insinuation that I do not exercise and he said it's been 6 months and I just kinda thought he should know when I had my surgery seeing he had the file in front of him! But moving on! I did not go on a fast food binge like I wanted to I came home and worked out on my abs instead! I am at peace now and will see what I feel like in the fall and maybe go to the bigger cities for a couple of second opinions. So good old hard work starts now ...... Thanks for all the support of all the ladies on this site! I know my hubby gets tired of the TT stuff ;0)
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Hey there WTE, did you ever get your revision sugery?
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head up girl... in our profession we give and give.. it is hard to remember to give to ourselves... remember who is the most important person in your life.. YOU.. each day is new each choice is ours keep going keep trying okay..
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you are the sweetest well you know I am feeling you for a month now I have been dragging my feet need to kick start this wieght loss and not sure how. Dont be so hard on your self sweetie! Just got to find a way!
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wtbt where have you been at lovely lady! I hope all is well with you!
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WTE I have been all wrapped up in myself! I can't seem to get the weightloss going again I have gained like 10 lbs this last 5 months and you know how that goes you start second guessing everything........ But I need to be grateful for all I have and all the wonderful ppl in my life. Thank you for asking!
  • Reply was your birthday ahhhh xoxoxoxo
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Thank you WTE! I hope all is well with you.
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You are so supportive and sweet! I wish we lived closer! Thank you!
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Happy Birthday Beautiful! I hope you have fantastic day! You are So Deserving and Beyond~
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WTBT, we'll both concentrate, really hard! Keep singin' "gonna lose that pound, gonna lose that pound" ! - LOL. Right there with you, well, maybe 3 staggerin' steps behind - LOL.
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Hey wtbt just checking in on you how are you doing!
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Doing okay! Actually just got all my work caught up today so I can concentrate on my weight loss.
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WTBT, one nacho with one cup fresh salsa vegies on each chip - can't be too bad if you go that route - LOL. You'll be ok, that 3 miles have to count for something! If I were there, I'd be screaming 'go girl' with each step. Can't quite join you yet - LOL.
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sIILY GURL wtbt Stay focussed. You sound like your as hungry as a hostage...heheheh
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Oh yes waiting I like nacho's LOL I don't know how to take it easy I have a real issue with all or nothing :D
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want to be thin (((((Nacho LIBRE VOICE or AL PACHINO in scare face))))) TAKE IT EASY!!!! lol let us knowif later you will be regretting it as far as being tire ok!
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You guys are awesome! I did get off my butt and do 3 miles on the treadmill this morning so maybe that is a good start!
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@ here I am hey friend how are you xoxoxox!!!!! you alright how are you feeling miss you!!!!
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@ wtbt Thats right stay focussed and dont be uspet with yourself we are our worst critict ok you ate bad dust off the potatoe chips and move forward sweetie here (((((((push)))))) hehheheh you go this!
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Hi sweetie I love it dust off the potato chips and move forward~ I think I will keep that in mind for the day~
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@ want to be thin you are so beautiful already silly .... but I am going to support you what ever you want ti do!
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Waiting you are so nice thank you! I still am striving for that flat tummy but may never get there we will see first and for most I need to fix my head and get back in the game of weight loss! I am so bad a self sabotage! I think because I'm upset about how it turned out I eat which is not cool! I go so upset with myself.
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okay so I joined sparkpeople.. like it so far but it takes alot of time loging everything... but i have done atleast 30 min a day of walking or biking and I am watching my intake and when i take my meals... no bindge drinking... oops i mean eating.. hang in there we have already done thisn lets keep going... we want to "move it, move it" ..... :) goal to ride my bike twice this weekend and a walk every night what is your for the weekend ?
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Hey Cabin_escape what is your name on Sparks mine is wanttosucceed I think :0) I have dusted off the runners and pulled my head out of my butt and started to get back on track! I want this 30 gone ASAP! Thanks
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