Still Recovering from Tummy Tuck 09/03/10-complications with Opening Incision - Cincinnati, OH

So far i'm not sure it was a good idea......

So far i'm not sure it was a good idea... it's been a hard road, one which i wasn't prepared for..... No one told me how painful this would be, however i was unable to take pain meds... and due to headaches stopped taking even the minimum pain reliever at 3 days post op.

I am having a hard time standing up straight still...due to the huge incision opening... the dr insists it's common though i have yet to find a woman it's happened to. I've been told i will have to heal from the inside out... and we are due to go on vacation in just 2 1/2 weeks...i have a feeling I am not going to have such a great time.

Remaining positive is no longer easy for me. I am tired of being couch bound... 3 1/2 weeks is too long. AND I had to leave my drain pump in for 18 days!!!!!!!! They said it was from me over doing it the first week :( I have 4's close to impossible to NOT over do it.

When I went in for my consultations(went to three different doctors) they all said the wound opening is due to either the person was a smoker, has diabetes or healing issues. That made me feel better. I am not sure if any of that is the case with this person.
Just saw this post. I too am going to this group for a consultation next week. I have heard good things about them. Do you think your experience is unique or typical? Could you share your docs name with me? Have you heard from others who share your same experience with this group? Your story really scares me! I would never want to go through that!
Would you mink letting me know who did your tummy tuck? I am going there for a consulation next week. any information would help. Thanks a bunch!
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My incision came open around 8 days post op... it's still just getting larger. I feel like my dr keeps back tracking, they did tell me it'd get worse before better, but they tell me to stand up straight to stretch out my muscles, but it stretches open my incision :/

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