Getting Ready to Start Invisalign Dec 21st

Getting ready to start my first tray of invisalign...

Getting ready to start my first tray of invisalign aligners December 21, 2010.

I will be doing a total of 48 trays.
My bottom teeth need the most work, since there is crowding in the front teeth. I will upload some before photos soon.

Ive been doing a lot research on Invisalign, searching the net and talking to some friends who got it done. Overall what i found was, if you follow all the instructions, go to a good dentist. You will be happy with the results. It seemed perfect for me. I did not want to get traditional metal braces. I went to a great dentist within 30 minutes of my house. We sat and talked about all the teeth fixing possibilities and what my options were. I know these things are expensive, which is probably the biggest deterrent for most. My insurance is not really covering anything on them, but my dentist offered different payment plans. I decided i wanted to get the process going.

The dentist took two different sets of molds from top and bottom, and sent them off to Invisalign. About a week later i went in, sat down with the dentist and we went through a full 3D imaging thing on the computer. That showed my teeth now and what the final outcome was going to be. There was like 4 or 5 different angles they had.
On the 3D scan it showed I was going to need 4 attachments on each side of my mouth, two on the top and 2 on the bottom. I read that a lot of people were worried about these. The dentist stressed that sometimes aligners for whatever reason do not fit right(rare) in this case they will do a realignment at no extra cost, Also if in the end my teeth straightening is not up to standard, I can get more trays at no extra cost as well.

Overall this whole process is going to take a while. But i am looking forward to the outcome.

I will try and update as much as i can.

Any questions are welcome.


Good luck with your treatment. I am on tray number 11 and it's been going great so far. What a difference already. Big time diffferences. So far it's money very well spent.

Hope it works well for you and others, as it has for me thus far. If you have any questions about it, feel free.
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Just picked up my first trays today. Feels a little weird, but nothing i cant get used too. Been reading some things online about cleaning the aligners. What method worked best for you?

Thanks for your comment

thanks for sharing your Invisalign journey from the very beginning.  Would be awesome to view pics of your teeth now, so we can see your progress.  best of luck on this big investment. i'm still considering teeth straightening as a New Year's resolution.

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23 December On day two of my first aligners,...

23 December

On day two of my first aligners, took a couple tries to get used to taking them off / on. Since i have no nails (due to biting) it was a little harder. But found an excellent tool online to use till they grow back.
I will be going back in two weeks to get some attachments put on, since the trays were very tight. Dentist decided to have me get used to wearing them for a week or two.


What dentist did you go to for the invisalign? Also, how did it go, and how would you say your experience is, so far?
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